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Hi, I'm breezy and I was wondering if it was ok to ask how self-publishing works? It's a completely foreign concept to me.

Sure! I used to self-publish but there are other popular ones like Lulu. It’s free to use but you can pay extra for professional formatting, cover creation, etc. You upload your manuscript, choose where you want to distribute it and pick the price, create your cover, and it’s done. Kindle direct publishing is also available through Amazon if you want an ebook as well as paperback. Please let me know if any of you have any questions–I would be happy to help!

My book is available now if you are interested! xx

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I am desperately trying to find a job, just graduated college with a ba in government and international politics. I am actually looking into any field but my resume is lackluster. I put down duties when everyone tells me i should put down achievements but i really can't think of any great achievements from my job as a assistant manager in an ice cream store. Any advice?

I had a similar issue towards the end of my senior year in college. It’s hard to find skills for your rez, when you haven’t had a chance to work in professional environment or do an internship. If you want to know how I did it check out my blog: Gain work experience in your field without a job or internship.

You have to search within the skills you have accumulated & put them into professional terms. When I hear assistant manager, no matter where it might be, I think responsible and hardworking. Take the tasks that you accomplish daily at work, jazz them up, add them to your resume. Things that can be reworded professionally for your resume: handle money, oversee lower level employees, answer phones, help resolve employee problems, make schedules, create daily financial reports or deal with customer complaints. It may not be easy to find skills related to your major this way, but these are valuable skills that show future employers that, not only can you manage lower level employees & problems, but you also take your job seriously.

You can also do personal projects to add to your resume. I cover that really well in this blog: How to be Productive over Spring Break. Do things for the sole purpose of adding to your resume: volunteering, learning a new skill, continued education, ect.

Here are a few other blogs we have written that I think would be helpful to your situation: 

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No Homo-The Lonely Island | Bromance- Nigahiga feat.Chester See | Friendzone-Marielle Maxwell | Never Met You-Tom Law | My Best Friend’s Hot-The Dollyrots | Tighten Up-The Black Keys | Sloppy Seconds-Watsky | Video Games- The Young Professionals(Lana Del Ray Cover) | Bright As Your Eyes-OK Go | Stupid-Brendan Maclean | Kill the Director-The Wombats | VCR-The xx | Cigarette Daydreams-Cage the Elephant | First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes | The Guy That Says Goodbye to You Is Out of His Mind-Griffin House | How do I Live Without You-Trisha Yearwood

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Favourite Genre/s: Rock, Visual Kei, Jpop, Kpop, and Classical.
Least Favourite Genre/s: Country.
Guilty Pleasure:  That’s How I Beat Shaq - Aaron Carter
Music Device of Choice: Home stereo system or her phone

Have they seen any artists in concert?: Nope

Ten tracks from their player:

  1. Vanilla  - GACKT
  2. Under My Skin - Jukebox the Ghost
  3. Red Ridinghood’s Wolf - Cordelia Cover
  4. Bye, Bye, Sayonara - Glutamine Cover
  5. Sayoko - Miku Hatsune
  6. Animal - The Cab
  7. Utahime - SID
  8. Bubblegum Bitch - Marina and the Diamonds
  9. Sleeping Beauty (English Cover) - Mikutan
  10. Professional Griefers - deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way

Do you share your muse’s sense in music?: -Kind of? I’m like 100% more weeby with my music lmfao like a ton of my music on my phone is vocaloid or game/movie OSTs orz and I love a lot of 2000′s pop and emo songs lmfao

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Warm Kisses - Jongkey Fic

Title: Warm Kisses
Pairing: Jongkey
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG
Word count: 540
Summary: “Mmm, my kisses are warm.”

A/N: Ahh this is the first fanfic I’ve ever posted, I feel so awkward ~(*-*~) but this cute scenario came into my mind and I had to create this, sorry if it sucks - I’m not a professional *hides under covers from embarrassment* idek if I picked the right genre or rating for this but I think they’re the right ones?

“Yah!” Key screeched out as Jonghyun’s freezing hands suddenly made contact with his skin. He futilely pushed at the touchy hands, shoving them out from under the t-shirt he was trying to sleep in, earning him a pout from the dinosaur and the hands hastily tried to grab at him again.

“Stop it Jong!”

“But why? I just want to cuddle you Kibum.” Jonghyun whined in response, wiggling closer.

“Because you’re freezing cold. Shit! Get off!” Key jumped as Jonghyun smushed himself up behind him, coldness from his topless torso seeping through the thin material of Key’s t-shirt and an ice cold limb attempted to twine with his legs, making him shiver.

Jonghyun chuckled and if it wasn’t for how tight he was holding onto Key, the younger boy would’ve fallen out of the other side of the bed in his hurry to get the chilly boy off him.

“Jonghyun.” Key complained but reluctantly began to give in to his needy hyung.

“Hmmm.” The older boy replied, content, softly nosing into the back of Key’s neck as he inhaled his scent.

“You’re too cold.” Key grumbled quietly to himself but twined their fingers together when Jonghyun’s arm wrapped around his waist.

Jonghyun, already drifting off, denied this, “Nuh uh.” He murmured sleepily against Key’s skin.

“…What?” Key wasn’t going to argue but he wanted to know how Jonghyun could possibly think he was warm when he felt like a damn penguin from the Antarctic.

“Mmm, my kisses are warm.” Jonghyun’s eyes were closed and a stupid smile had taken over his sleepy face.

This caught Key off guard, his breath hitching a little and before he could question how that made any sense, Jonghyun’s lips were placing gentle, and in fact warm, kisses against his skin, a small trail making their way down from his nape to the little bit of exposed skin of his shoulder where he finished it off by humming into his skin.

“See?” And Key could hear the smile in his voice.

“Ok. Point proved.” Key replied, acting unaffected. About a minute passed with neither of them saying anything, simply lying close together. Then Key shifted and (in a move that he thought was discrete) squished himself closer to Jonghyun, slowly starting to return the older boy’s cuddles.

They made eye contact in the dim light of the room, lowly illuminated by the bold numbers on the digital clock next to the bed, and from what Key could make out, Jonghyun was smirking at him like he’d achieved something amazing.

He shut that stupid smirk up by connecting his own lips to the only warm part of Jonghyun’s body, softly kissing him.

When they pulled apart Jonghyun raised an eyebrow, questioningly.

“Shut up. I was just checking.” Key muttered defensively.

“Mhmm, whatever helps you sleep at night, Kibummie.” Jonghyun replied, closing his eyes.

A couple minutes went by, and when Key thought Jonghyun had drifted into sleep he settled his head on the older boy’s chest and whispered, “You help me sleep at night, hyung.”

He felt lips pressing a kiss against the top of his head, causing him to inwardly jump but he quickly snuggled up closer and soon drifted off, much like his hyung.

I got an email from work saying something along the lines of “we recently received complaints from parents…..please remember to dress professionally, cover visible tattoos and remove facial piercings” and it was sent out to everyone but it’s SO obvious it’s directed at me bc I’m the only one who really has any tattoos or piercings and idk why they couldn’t have just spoken to me personally and I’m especially bothered by the whole “we received complaints from parents” like who the fuck is so bothered by a small nose stud and wrist tattoo to the point where they’d complain about me to the director? I’ve worked here for over a year idk why now all of a sudden it’s an issue .

Start With Your Heart by thealphatribute

“Mickey Milkovich is the best lightweight boxing champion Chicago has seen in years, but what happens when rising sports journalist Ian Gallagher starts worming his way farther into Mickey’s life than he’s ever let anyone? Will Mickey’s trust be betrayed by Ian’s career? And how hard do you get hit when you fall in love with a professional boxer? ”

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the FEMM aesthetic feat. the squad: me, reena, and kuri B)

photos by our other friend fei!

Dan Howell - Wedding Day

After minimal sleep you had admitted defeat and got out of bed at 6am, you had a right to be nervous even though it was the day you were going to be legally bonded to the one man you love more than anything else in the world. This was the biggest day of your life and that’s why you were nervous not because you had ‘cold feet’ or was thinking it was the wrong thing to do.

You can’t wait to become Mrs Daniel Howell.

You had your makeup done and luckily it was done by a professional who managed to cover the bags under your eyes that had been forming due to he lack of sleep you had the night before, you had also been tossing and turning because this was the first time in years that you had spent the night along and without Dan and that put you on edge not being able to cuddle up with him, your bed seemed unbearably big.

There seems to be a buzz around you from your number of bridesmaids, parents and other family members who are also getting ready, they are all gushing about what a perfect couple you and Dan make but you’re not listening, you just want to see Dan already.

You always did like him in a suit.

You eventually slide into your simple yet flattering dress, staring at yourself in the mirror you take a moment to yourself to reflect back on everything that has happened in your crazy relationship with Dan and you can’t help but smile.

“You coming?” Your cousin yells barging into the room, your smile falters as you turn to face her, she gasps taking your image in

“You look awesome, Dan is one lucky man!” she winks before you both start to laugh


“Sweetie you look amazing” your father says choking up, he wipes a stray tear away before linking his arm with you, your last bridesmaid has just started to walk down the isle and now the nerves are stronger than ever, everyone’s eyes are going to be on you and you aren’t exactly known for being graceful, the complete opposite so if you fell everyone would see. Being clumsy was what got you and Dan together when you tripped and fell into him spilling his coffee down his front so you offered to buy him another and it went from there.

“Ready?” he asks and all you can manage is a slight nod, you place your veil over your face and step out into the room where everyone is waiting for you, they all turn and there are mixed emotions, tears, gasps and mumbles of ‘She looks beautiful’

You can’t help but smile even though your insides are still mixed up inside your body, it is then that you finally look up and as you do Dan turns round and your eyes meet, you see his eyes fill up as he looks you up and down.

No, no stop Dan! You beg in your head as you feel tears pool in your eyes from seeing Dan crying, you suddenly forget that everyone is around you. It feels as though it is just you and him in the room even though you can see Dan’s best man and best friend Phil stood next to him.


“Daniel would you like to say your vows?” the priest asks

Dan takes a deep breath and shakily starts to talk “Y/N you are my best friend and I love you so today I give myself to you. I promise to encourage and inspire every day, to laugh with you and comfort you. I promise to love you when times are hard and when times are easy. We will grow old together and be more in love than we are today even though i don’t know how i could be more in love with you than I am now.

No amount of time will be long enough with you but lets start with forever”

As Dan finishes a stray tears falls down his cheek that you wipe away with your thumb as you look lovingly into his eyes.

You know from that moment that your relationship and marriage is going to last for a very long time.

Kry’s Original Novel Update:

So, I know there’s a bunch of people waiting for news on Shift.

Having been rejected from the last viable publisher in Australia (sobcomplainwhinegetoverit), I have decided that I just want this damn thing out there so you guys who have been waiting years can read. I am going to self-publish. Most likely through Smashwords.

What this does mean, though, is instead of money being taken from potential earnings, I need to drop a wad of cashy-money on this to get it ready for self-publishing. There’s a professional edit required, a cover commission and fees and charges (and an American tax file exemption process I need to do).

I am already having minor panic attacks and regretting everything going through this process. Having been rejected so many times really bashes at an ego.

For those of you who joined this journey since Miraculous Ladybug, a little information for you:

Shift was written before Miraculous Ladybug started. As it happens, my writing style changes the more I write and it’s my belief (and I am my own worst enemy), that Shift is not as good as what I’ve done recently. It’s also been written to be marketable so there’s absolutely no filler scene whatsoever.

But as it’s already been re-written three times and Shift is good, and I am so proud of myself and it, I’m not going to re-write it again. Book two of the series (tentatively called ‘Twist’) will be better (and written the way I want to tell the story, screw the marketability). 

I am going to release the first chapter to you in a couple of weeks most likely, to tease and taste and all that.

But what I need right now, is definite numbers. If I’m going to do this as professionally as I can, I really want to know for sure how many people are definitely going to buy the story. I’m probably going to charge about $5 for the novel, which means, to break even, I need at least 200 of you to say ‘yes’ and then actually do it. 

So please, hit me with a like or a reblog if you will definitely by my book.

Here’s a tentative blurb:

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