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“Evil can hide behind any mask, whether it be grotesque or beautiful. Sometimes, it is very hard to guess whom is pure out of the corrupt; it’s kind of like a dance, trying to see through the murks and shadows of the lies and the truths. But at the end of the day, the answer is not so simple. Beauty can be found in the most inhumane of minds, where sickness can grow in holy grounds.” 

Answers about my copy of Twist and Shout

Hi! Okay so a lot of you want to know about this. Here’s some answers so I don’t have to search thru my notes to make sure I answer all of you. I don’t want to miss anyone.

1. How did I get a copy of T and S?
My best friend is the owner of it and she committed suicide. It became mine after she died. I’m not sure where or how she got it.

2. What’s the story behind the autos?
Misha: so I’m in line to get the auto and I am having a panic attack because my best friend loved this fic..and she’s gone. So Misha’s handler comes up and takes me to the end of the line. I briefly tell him my friends story and he walks me up there. Misha says, “what’s the matter babe why are you so sad?” I tell him about my best friend and he puts his hand on top of mine, and he says, “I’m so sorry to hear that honey.” I tell him it would mean the world to me if he could write the lyrics on there and I also tell him I know he isn’t supposed too and he doesn’t have too. As soon as he started writing it I began sobbing. He finished and came out from behind the table and held me in his arms for 5 mins.

Jensen: so Misha’s handler got with Cliff and Cliff said he would personally walk me up to Jensen with me to give the quilt that my daughter and I had made for JJ. (the quilt picture is also on my tumblr page) so I go up there and my daughter hands him her professional pic collage of her and her Dean funko pop and asks him to come to her bday party. She’s 3. He had my write my Twitter handle, her name, my name, and her bday on the back of the pic. (my Twitter is @JessyJane29) then I handed him the quilt and he teared up when he saw it. My daughter asked him if she could play with JJ. And he told her that he would have to get them together for a play date sometime soon. Then I handed him the book and he asked why Misha wrote Elvis lyrics on it and I told him my best friends story and I again said he didn’t have to write it and that it would mean the world to me if he could. He started writing and I lost it..I sobbed. Then he hugged and kissed my daughter and I’s cheeks.

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Every time I want to share pieces of my daily journal, I have to blur out a ton of really personal emo shit. T_T You can see that I use this notebook for everything except drawing. It’s my diary, planner, to do list, thought dump notebook and more, so everything is kinda all over the fucking place. XD For now, I’m using a Moleskine Professional notebook with a handy index, numbered pages and surprisingly sturdy paper.