professional black women

An educated



                                                  black woman

can do yoga.  There is nothing to it but to do it. 

C: I wish people would start stressing the importance of more black/POC mental health professionals. After 7 years of battling depression my family finally decided to seek out a counselor for me. My only problem now is damn near every counselor in my area is white. Take that however you want to, but when a portion of your depression deals with your identity as a black female, racism and the struggles you experience because of it, it’s pretty hard to open up to someone who can never relate.

Over 150 young black professionals who love travel connected over the fare glitch to Dubai for Memorial Day Weekend. They chartered 3 yachts, had non-stop fun, cultural experiences became new friends and created amazing memories. That’s organization, beauty & black excellence. Check out the hashtag #150UAEvenKnowIt. Thanks for the tag @lil_ol_v! #UAE #soultravel