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Today in the car on the way to my sister’s place, Landen said (out of the blue): “I don’t understand…firefighters get paid so little and risk their lives all the time, and professional basketball players get paid millions of dollars just for playing a sport.” I responded by agreeing of course, and using his observation to explain that being a lopsided aspect of our current societal system of inequality.

I love my son.

Kris Wu: Living For Myself


Entering the industry at age 17, debuting at 22, and returning to China at 24 to further develop his career. After two years, Kris Wu is standing once again at another juncture of his life. Going forth, taking on the vast road ahead; looking back, he does not seem as clueless as he was in the beginning, like a blank canvas.

He has always said that, the first triumph in his life, was when he was one step away from being a professional basketball player; and the first defeat in his life, was when he knew that his dreams of continuing a professional basketball career were dashed. The harshness of competitive sports had resulted in him landing in the entertainment industry, taking on challenges, changing, confronting difficulties, and similarly, it was necessary for him to face them as well.

Whether he was popular or not, it was not uncommon. Be it good or bad, maintaining status quo until losses were faced. “In this industry, the passive competition is rather excessive,” Kris Wu said, “People should live for themselves.”

Kris Wu had given himself a long vacation. Along with his best friend outside the entertainment industry, Kevin, he made a trip to Los Angeles, for an entire 15 days. He found out that there was a new change in the city - Passers-by all had their heads lowered, focused on their mobile phones, totally immersed in a certain mobile game.

He drove to the Los Angeles beachside, where there were rollercoasters and ferris wheels, with plans to host a lively party. Just as he stopped the car, a group of people frantically rushed past them towards the beach. Kris initially thought that a superstar had suddenly appeared, but in the end found out that it was because a rare Pokemon had suddenly appeared. Recalling this incident, it was hard for Kris Wu to conceal his excitement. “When I witnessed this in person, it genuinely shocked me, I even used my phone to record the moment on video.”

Kris Wu felt that this kind of game was a type of “phenomenon” in society, whereby within a short span of time, everyone and everything would be unable to shake it. He then excitedly recounted an incident. Justin Bieber was also an avid player of this game, and one day when he was outside, it just so happened that there were rare Pokemon in the area, and with a burst of energy he immediately sped towards the crowd, battling alongside a group of strangers. The people around were oblivious to him, but only after catching the Pokemon did they asked out loud as an afterthought, “Was that person Justin Bieber?”

Thinking back on this trip, Kris Wu evaluated that it was happy, relaxing and satisfying. In his opinion, with passers-by all around completely immersed in the game, led to him having an unimpeded trip, as there were very few instances he encountered the “famous people problem” of fans recognising him. Going unnoticed in day to day life, this popular celebrity repeatedly expressed that this was his genuine wish, he looks forward to having such moments of freedom where he can walk on the streets and not be eyed, and hopes that in the later days to come there could be more of these.

“Not having freedom is extremely terrifying”

After a day of shooting for GQ, Kris Wu immediately changed into his most comfortable, loose-fitting T-shirt, got into the back of the car, his tall frame leaning backwards into a comfortable position, as he stretched out his long legs and rested them on the back of the seat in front, getting into the most comfortable position. He pulled his collar open, pinning the recording device at a spot next to his collarbones, and patted the seat next to him, turned towards the reporter and said, “Let’s start.”

He has always said that his personality is “one that finds it hard to bear a moment without freedom.” Therefore, no matter how nervous he is during work, he absolutely has to have a music player by his side, to use music to change the working environment. The many years of living abroad has led him to be enamoured with hip hop culture. At the press of a button, as the music starts up, each muscle immediately moves to the beat, a complete change to the working attitude he has maintained all day.

After having returned to China for over two years, the biggest change that has happened to this 26-year-old is – Initiative. “Only when you treat the movie crew as your family, will you then be able to act well.” This was what a director had told Kris Wu previously, and it has imperceptibly become his belief at work. The same goes for interviews, it is as if he is receiving a guest in his own living room, and as the host, taking the initiative to bring up topics, express feedback, and control the entire flow.

From 2014 to 2016, he took on 8 films non stop. As with other top artistes, every minute counts. His time is counted by the hour, fuelled by efficiency, he moves on swiftly from one job to another. The day before shooting for GQ, he was in Shanghai for an event for an alcoholic product, and after completing a shoot for another magazine in the middle of the night, still had to rush down for another movie character costume fitting. There were close to twenty sets of outfits, and he practically did not sleep the entire night. The next day was yet another day packed full with magazine shooting. Before the camera, he appeared glowing, but it was only upon being seated in the car, did he allow traces of his exhaustion to show. Despite this, he maintained a professional attitude, answering speedily without delay.

“What is it like to be busy?”

Kris Wu paused, and answered unexpectedly: “Numb, I just feel numb towards the perception of time.”

As a result, this sparked a conversation on how to manage life as a busy artiste who works round the clock. “After working in this industry for so long, it’s still rather saddening, I don’t have much friends. Slowly, I’m getting farther and farther away from real life, more and more distant.”

After having returned to China for two years, he is warmly welcomed and many are drawn towards him. Naturally, his number of friends in the entertainment industry has increased. Friends that he had heard so much about yet not met up with, after the initial meeting would warmly arrange to meet up again for a chat, but the truth of the matter was that, this would usually happen a year later. In the entertainment industry, “See you next time” has gradually held the meaning of never seeing one again, not even having an opportunity to pass by each other at the airport.

“It is not that I wish to enjoy and have a good time, it’s just that the timeframe which I wanted that the most, has long since passed.” Kris Wu said, when he was eighteen, just as his friends were becoming of age and enjoying the joys of life, he was alone in Korea, practicing long and hard for the chance to debut as an idol group member.

The Kris right now, is even more in need of a peaceful mind. “Stop, and wait for the right time.”

But, who is able to stop first?

“Whoever is first to escape this, to complete this task, whoever is first to say that, I won’t do this anymore, I’ll have a break, I want to settle down, I want to relax, I want to experience life, I want to learn… But who will be able to? It’s hard, extremely hard. This one thing, if it was simple and profitable, everyone would have done it. But, the competition in the entertainment industry is incredibly stiff, whether you think about it or not, there will always be various voices of comparison and competition.” He admitted that in his heart, there was also a sense of anxiety that was spreading. “This is a very real problem, no one would know how the next day would turn out to be, so, everyone will rather act on the present, instead of looking at the future.” During the time of this interview, Kris Wu’s new film <Sweet Sixteen> was screening in cinemas. He had planned to watch it in cinemas in secret, but after consideration, eventually gave up – at a height of 1.9m, even in the dark cinema theatre, it would be hard not to attract attention. He would rather opt to stay at home and play online games.

“Freedom is what people long for the most, not having freedom is extremely terrifying.” From this perspective, he feels that his life has nothing to be envious of. However, he admits that to a certain degree, this is fair, as when there are gains there will be losses. “Since I have already chosen this path, I ought to bear responsibility, I can’t be a certain way one day, and then want to have it my way the next, then something must be wrong, right? How can it be? Isn’t that so? Then it would be better if I had not started out at all.”

“What I’m most afraid of, is that my life will be totally consumed by work, afraid that I will continue to exist but not know my reason to live.” On the highway, the car continued to drive on, not too fast nor too slow. Kris Wu also went on unhurriedly, “So that’s why right now, I have an increasing desire to regain what I felt when I started out at the beginning, the feeling of playing basketball with friends, gaming together, traveling together.”

"Only when my works are truly good, would I have the right to speak.”

At an indoor basketball court of a university in Shanghai, Kris Wu completed a special cover shoot for GQ: 1 basketball court, 21 basketballs, 46 third, fourth grade children also appearing in the shoot.

These young children knew who Kris Wu was, thus making the shooting process harder, and more complicated – While waiting, the kids lined up in a row, standing at the viewing section on the second floor, shouting clearly in their childlike voices, totally not shy in the slightest, to Kris Wu who was in the court. “Kris Wu, throw your ball up here!”

While the lighting was being fixed, the children all “clung” onto him, some grabbing his ears, holding onto his clothes. Like a parent, Kris Wu constantly kept on a coddling smile, and during the break, wore loose fitting trousers and played basketball with the little boys.

Kris Wu saw his younger self in the little boys. Eleven, twelve year old Kris, living in Guangzhou, after which, migrating to Canada with his mother. At that time he had just started playing basketball, heading upright, ever dreaming, even dreaming to grow taller – but with his young, untrained hands, lacking in skill, no matter how he threw, was unable to make any baskets.

Basketball was Kris Wu’s first dream, till this day, he wears a proud expression when talking about all his victories on court, but ending off with some humbling words. “Of course, if today’s photoshoot will enable the kids to start liking basketball, that would mean a lot to me.”

What kind of person is Kris Wu? All those who have worked with him before have praises for him – very clear on what he wants, professional.

What kind of actor is Kris Wu? – This is a question for which the answer is still in progress.

“When you ask me to rate my acting, I feel that it is incredibly hard to answer. I have always told myself, acting is a profession for a lifetime, if I were to speak about this now, it would be too early. I still have a very long way to go before becoming a good actor.” He said.

After having returned to China for two years, be it satisfaction or disappointment towards his film works, Kris Wu has experienced it all.

Changing the topic, he began to elaborate on himself: “Whoever’s work it is, they should be the one to bear (the results).” “You cannot guarantee that every piece of work will be that outstanding. At the very least, I can say with a clear conscience, that I have done my best in every work. I will always place my works at the top place of utmost importance, this you can believe, I will never change in this aspect, because without works, everything else is just nonsense. Only when your works are good, do you have the right to speak.”

“I’m really used to accepting that there will be positive and negative evaluations.” Having different reactions towards a movie is just something minor which is not out of the ordinary. “Society is so harsh, it is required of you to perform to the absolute best standard. If you are unable to do so, you will forever have to continue climbing upwards.”

During our conversation, Kris shared that as much as possible, he would use acting theories to improve his performance. He was willing to admit that being an actor who did not receive professional training, his acting relied on his intuition instead of experience.

In the ending of <Sweet Sixteen>, when male lead Xiamu was standing behind prison bars as he confessed to his beloved, he never gave an over-elaborated description of how much time he took to get into character, because from what he remembered, after reading the script, he stayed up the entire night, not even shaving, before going straight off to act. “I just felt that, the moment the director yelled "Action”, I was immediately Xiamu, the moment the director yelled “Action”, I was immediately Cheng Zheng, that’s all.“

When it comes to music, Kris Wu would point blank tell anyone collaborating with him, who planned to give him suggestions, "I’m sorry, this is my music, it has to go according to my plan.” When it comes to fashion, he is a “self-willed kid”, whichever piece of clothing looks good, the way it was to be matched, all along it would be decided based on his sole decision. However, just except for movies, “I would have to learn with an open mind”.

Not being confident in this field, Kris Wu decided to leave the choice to the director, because films are a director’s individual art. Even if the audience does not think that the character should be like that, but at the very least, as an actor, I have already given the director what he wants.“

Due to his self reliance, this has caused Kris Wu to feel that as an actor, the anxiety and feeling of not having much "artistic development”, has caused him to be an actor to get in and out of character quickly. “Because I feel that, when the acting for this role has wrapped up, I have to do something, I can’t let myself stay in one character for too long. I know that I am not that person, I am myself, I have a very strong sense of self-awareness, and I feel that I would be able to clearly differentiate each and every character from Kris Wu myself.”

So, be it self-contained Xiamu in <Sweet Sixteen>, sunny Cheng Zheng in <Never Gone>, ashen faced Tang Sen in <Journey to the West: Demon Chapter>, or the DJ in <xXx: Return of Xander Cage> who is able to use various objects as weapons, they are all him, and also not him. Every script is chosen by him, and as long as it was a repeat of a previous character, he would immediately turn it down, but he felt that this kind of refusal was not because he especially wanted to do something different. “When one leads a fulfilling life, a really good life, then it is being accountable for oneself.”

“Losing popularity is a very normal thing”

In the darkness of the night, the interviews and photoshoot have already come to an end. Kris Wu’s driver already got off the highway, into Shanghai city.

Outside the window, The Bund’s neon lights, and the outline of the Oriental Pearl Tower, all seem so close within reach, and yet their destination is still far away. At this point, he took the initiative to speak. “You can ask any question, I wouldn’t want the staff to have any regrets.”

“Any question?”

“Yes, any question.”

“What do you think of fans leaving you?”

“It’s a fast food era now, even more so for the entertainment industry. Today you like someone, tomorrow you’ll like another person, this is really common. Especially when the person you like is someone very far away, actually you have a protective layer, and you are in control of this situation. There will always be fans who leave, and there will also always be regular people who turn into fans. People are constantly changing in various degrees, and I will never be able to suit everyone.”

"Then will you be afraid that there will be a day when you are not popular anymore?” The question was posed suddenly.

“Why should I be afraid that there will be a day when I am no longer popular?” The reply came equally fast.

In his eyes, in his own life, he has already once experienced missing the peak of his basketball career, which he regards as his highest achievement personally. “Upon losing something, there is nothing more to it but two emotions. "I previously had it, how could I have lost it”, or, “It’s gone, this is very normal”… I would be willing to choose to be the latter.”

Basketball used to be where Kris got his highest level of accomplishment from. Since starting to play basketball at age 11, every day for 24 hours, he could not wait to hug his basketball to sleep. He would not do any other sport, he wholeheartedly put his all into his dreams of playing basketball professionally.

“Times have changed.“ This is what Kris Wu constantly says. He recalls that for his mother’s generation, consumer demands were still very shallow. At that time the national idol was Andy Lau, at most, fans would buy a ticket to watch his concert, and it even had to held in their city for them to attend it, as it would be inconvenient to travel by train to other cities.

And as for his childhood years, an era when computers and mobile phones had yet to be popular, the only form of entertainment was to go to gaming centers and play street fighter games. None of his relatives were interested in the entertainment industry, and he himself had never liked any celebrity before – His life only consisted of basketball.

But as for the post-1995, post-2000 generation, their family conditions were getting better and better, practically being able to use iPads and mobile phones at birth. With the prevalence of consumerism, this led to fans’ power being further propelled to the very forefront, together with the development of the internet, this resulted in the distance between artistes and fans being shortened. He knows that he has benefitted as a result of the favourable changes. "The economy has all along depended on its sources, and when fans’ buying power increases, fans’ market will naturally become a huge force of support for the person(s) they like.

Kris Wu turned out to benefit from this new era’s star-making system. But this does not mean that he would compromise on his position as an "idol”. In fact, step by step, in the process of understanding his own place in the industry, Kris Wu has become his own greatest opponent.

“I’m no longer young right now, up till there comes a day when I am no longer like what I am now, when I am no longer popular, it will be really normal.” He said.

“Kobe Bryant too has his peak period, after losing it, how would it be? That would mean a loss, a loss forever. So, if there comes a day when I am no longer popular, if I say that I would not think back to the days when I was popular, that would not be possible. But, after thinking back, then what? I’d be pained, and do everything that I can to become popular again? If that is the case, right now I would still be playing basketball non stop, without sense of day or night.”

In his eyes, people would do different things at every stage in life. For example, during their youth they may do some crazy stuff, intensely liking someone, or an idol. When he was young, he liked Kobe Bryant, till the point where he wanted to watch one of his matches. His greatest dream was for Kobe Bryant to sign a basketball for him, and he hoped that one day, he could become like Kobe Bryant. However, this fondness that he possessed when he was young, would change as he grew older.

“10 years later, I would be 36 years old. My fans would also be 10 years older than they are now, and would  get married and settle down, have children. At that time – Would they even do the things they do now? Perhaps, the answer may be no. Therefore, even if one day I am no longer popular, I will still be living, and will be living for myself.” His answer, as always, was short and simple; and on his face, an unassailable expression.

translation: @wu_yi_fan

What Would be exo's job if they weren't idols
  • Chanyeol: photographer xD definitely
  • Kris: Professional basketball player
  • Sehun: dogs' trainer
  • Tao: He would have his own wushu school
  • Kai: a ballet dancer, I'm sure nini would have been successful in that too
  • Xiumin: professor. Why not 😏
  • Baekhyun: A comedian, he has it in him!
  • Luhan: soccer player! And a really good one
  • Chen: he looks like a writer, I say writer!
  • Kyungsoo: chef! And having his own restaurant
  • Lay: a doctor, or working on something to help people
  • Suho: a very important CEO. Maybe he would have bought SM xD
Eyes Filled With Fire | Ao3

Summary: Kagami Taiga was content with his adult life; he had a career he loved, he still played basketball, and he had friends. But one day he met someone he hadn’t talked to in years, and it caused new feelings in him to grow.

For Kagami Taiga, life as an adult was not what he expected it to be. Honestly, he was planning to become a professional basketball player, but that all went down the drain after an unfortunate visit to the doctor. Turns out that continuous strenuous activity on his legs could result in permanent damage, and Kagami could not risk that. So, in the end, he turned towards his second biggest passion.


It’s not like he regretted the decision, in fact, he was happy he made it. He worked as a chef of a rather lovely restaurant, one with a nice boss and friendly staff. And it didn’t mean that Kagami couldn’t play basketball anymore—which he does when he’s free, usually with Kuroko, Tatsuya or old teammates that he still kept in contact with—he just doesn’t play it regularly so his legs would keep in good shape.

Kagami would rather play basketball leisurely than not at all, it was as simple as that.

Ever since he finished high school, Kagami hadn’t kept in contact with many people. Only Kuroko—obviously, since he was Kagami’s best friend—and Tatsuya, as well as his old teammates that he was closer to in the basketball club. Surprisingly, Kise still kept in contact with him, but Kagami shouldn’t be that surprised since Kise talked to everyone.

But even so, Kise was the only member of the Generation of Miracles—except for Kuroko, but did he even count?—that continued to keep in contact with Kagami.

That was to be expected though, because they each had their own lives to lead and live and there was nothing wrong with that.

So, Kagami merely continued with his life, either at the restaurant, or at the local basketball court, or at home, and talked to the same people as he did throughout his adult life.

Well, not until that day.

“Oi, Kagami, is that you?” Kagami heard from behind him when he was shooting hoops at the local basketball court. The voice was eerily familiar, and so he turned around to the origin of the yell. “It is you, long time, no see.”

It was Aomine Daiki. What were the chances?

“Aomine?” Kagami managed to let out during his shock, because it had been years since he saw his high school rival, and Kagami didn’t expect to be interrupted by someone he hadn’t seen in years.

And, wow, the years have really been kind to Aomine. That’s surprising.

“Ha, yeah. It’s me. Surprised to see you here.” Aomine said and he walked closer to Kagami.

“I should say that to you,” Kagami said, his basketball held lightly in his hands. “I’ve been coming here for years and this is the first time I saw you.”

“Yeah, well, I moved in somewhere nearby, and I decided to check out the area a few times.” Aomine informed, and then grinned. “What are you doing here, anyway? I was surprised I haven’t seen you on TV playing a major game or something.”

“Well,” Kagami let out a dry laugh. “You would’ve, but my legs can’t take a lot of strenuous activity, so I can only play every now and then.”

“That’s a shame.” Aomine said, sounding genuine. “Hey, you wanna grab lunch somewhere and catch up, or are you doing anything later?”

“Nah, I’m free. I know a good place that’s five minutes away from here. What do you think?” Kagami asked.

“Lead the way.” Aomine grinned.

“So, you’re a chef now?” Aomine asked.

“Yeah, it’s actually really great. I love what I’m doing now.” Kagami grinned, and took a bite out of his food. “What do you do?”

“I’m a cop. I recently moved precincts—that’s why I moved here—and, honestly, it’s not that bad.” Aomine said.

“That’s good. But I never imagined you as a cop.” Kagami laughed. “You didn’t seem like the type for law enforcement.”

“Maybe, but I took an interest in it, so I don’t look back.” Aomine said with a small smile. There was a small moment of silence between them, before Aomine broke it. “So, are you with anyone, or…”

“Argh,” Kagami groaned. “Don’t even get me started.”

“That bad, huh?” Aomine teased.

“Yes!” Really, Kagami’s love life had been hit or miss over the years. Mostly miss, and that had caused Kagami to slowly give up the prospect of finding a good boyfriend. “Honestly, most of the time they’re either jealous pricks or sexist assholes.”

“Really? Why?” Aomine asked, his voice filled with curiosity.

“See this?” Kagami asked as he took out a necklace from under his shirt which held a small, silver ring. “People are jealous that I’m close with a guy who I consider my brother. Honestly, it’s like they can’t comprehend that I can love a guy as a brother and another as a lover.”

“Really? Wow. But I guess I kinda know how it feels, y'know, with me and Satsuki.” Aomine said, and scratched the back of his head.

“Yeah, kinda. How is she, anyway?” Kagami asked.

“Doing well, she works at some high-end place and she’s happy. Don’t think she’ll be going anywhere else soon.” Aomine said and then smirked. “So, you haven’t explained the ‘sexist assholes’ part yet.”

“Really?” Kagami groaned once more. “You just love getting under my skin, don’t you? That part of you hasn’t changed.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t be me without it. Now, story time.” Aomine smirked again.

“You’re a goddamn prick,” Kagami said light-heartedly, and chuckled. “It’s as simple as guys calling me 'the wife’ or something stupid like that. Honestly, just because I can cook doesn’t mean I appreciate being called that. It’s annoying. They think it’s all a joke, but really it’s insulting to me, as a gay man. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve been slowly giving up on relationships.”

“Kagami,” Aomine sighed. “You’ve been through many jackasses in your life. But the world is your oyster, and all you gotta do is find your pearl.”

Kagami stared at the man in front of him. He expected Aomine to laugh at him or mock him, but instead he tried to make him feel better. It was nice, Kagami had to admit, but…

“I can’t believe you just said that. Who know Aomine Daiki could be so cheesy?” Kagami grinned.

“Hey, Satsuki told it to me, I thought it was good advice.” Aomine argued.

“It’s cute.” Kagami laughed.

“Shut up!” Aomine scowled, but Kagami could see the mirth in his eyes.


“Yeah?” Kagami urged his friend to continue as he placed a glass of water in front of Kuroko before he sat down in front of him.

“Have you, perhaps, gained certain feelings for Aomine-kun.” Kuroko said before talking a sip of water.

“Elaborate.” Kagami said, looking at Kuroko with a raised eyebrow.

“From what you had told me, it seems that you have grown romantic feelings for Aomine-kun.” Kuroko said.

“Tell me how you came to that conclusion.” Kagami asked, leaning against the back of his chair, arms crossed.

“You were smiling when you were talking about him, you have expressed to me that you are excited for when you next meet, you have even admitted that he is good-looking—”

“—Hey, I’m gay, not blind. I can admit when I see someone who I think is hot—” Kagami interrupted.

“—Nevertheless, Kagami-kun, to me, it seems that you do, indeed, have feeling for Aomine-kun.” Kuroko finished, and took another sip of water.

Kagami looked up to the ceiling. Well, Kuroko was right when he said he was smiling when he was talking about Aomine, and that, yes, he was excited for when they next meet—in three days, to be precise, as Aomine had given Kagami his number so they can talk with each other more easily—and Kagami did admit that Aomine was hot, but he would be lying if he said otherwise.

Well, Kuroko thinking that Kagami had developed feelings for Aomine wasn’t an insane idea. He wasn’t as annoying as he was in high school—in fact, he had matured quite a bit—and he wasn’t as egotistic as before. Kagami can admit he quite liked talking to Aomine the day before, it was nice, and he wouldn’t be complaining if they did it again. Perhaps they could do it more often, just the two of them and no one else. And—

“Okay, you were right. Maybe I have some feelings for Aomine.” Kagami admitted, not even bothered denying it.

“Of course I am.” Kuroko said, letting out a small, almost unnoticeable smile.

“Yo, Kagami!”

Kagami heard Aomine called from the basketball court. He ran over there, and quickly threw his bag down and caught the ball that Aomine tossed at him.

“Time for some one-on-one.” Aomine said with an enthusiastic grin.

“God, yes. I have to admit I missed our one-on-ones.” Kagami said, as he threw back the ball and returned the grin.

“Yeah, but we’re making up for lost time now.” Aomine said as he started to bounce the ball. “You think you can still keep up with me?”

“Don’t underestimate me, of course I can.” Kagami retorted.

They then proceeded to spend the next hour by one another, revelling in the excitement, pleasure and nostalgia the more they played. They loved it, and won’t deny it.

It was the greatest either of them felt in a while.

“Hey, Aomine.” Kagami said, as both he and Aomine sat on the ground by the shady area of the court, drinking water out of their bottles.

“Yeah?” Aomine responded.

“You wanna go on a date with me?” Kagami asked, looking straight in front of him and didn’t turn to look at the man next to him.

“Like a date-date?” Aomine inquired as he turned towards Kagami.

“What other kind of date is there?” Kagami asked.

“Dunno,” Aomine answered. “But I guess a date would be nice, with you, anyway.”

“Really?” Kagami turned to look at Aomine and grinned.

“Yeah, dating you wouldn’t be so bad.” Aomine said, and returned the grin.

“Glad to hear that.” Kagami chuckled.

After that, there was silence, but the silence wasn’t uncomfortable, and so they were content with it. They stayed sitting there, and pretended they didn’t notice that their hands moved towards one another’s welcoming hold.

The sun started to set, but they continued to sit there, content in each other’s presence. They didn’t want to be anywhere else, and they were fine with that. Completely.


Savidal - Murs d'Albâtre

This house is based on Peacy’s Casa del Sol, but I only kept the exterior walls. :p

I builded this on for the Conti and Vallone Family : Anna Conti, editor in chief of a people magazine, is the lone mother of Luca, a dreamy guy, training hard to become a professional basketball player. She live in this house with her mother Barabara, a former journalist a bit to involved in her daughter emotional life, and her cousin Renato Vallone, owner of the local theater, and secretly working as a spy.

And by the way… I’m really sorry for my lack of activity, I don’t play my game that much lately, I’m busy on other projects. ^^’

anonymous asked:

(The askbox say it's open, but I'm not 100%sure...) This may be specific, but may I request a scenario where SO and Aomine are high school lovers and SO turns out to be pregnant, but SO doesn't want to limit Aomine's future so SO decides to break up with him without telling the truth and raise the child herself. Years pass and Aomine ends up being a very famous professional basketball player, and somehow the truth spills out....

This screams angst but I love AHOmine angst so I’mma just go with it. SPECIFIC IS 100% OKAY. It makes it easier for me to write! :-) 

You almost laughed as you unwrapped the pregnancy test from its pristine white wrapper. Your period hadn’t been coming for its third month now, and although you were extremely bad with keeping up with periods, it was hard to ignore the nagging feeling in the back of your mind. “Maybe you should get a pregnancy test,” your best friend advised you. You closed your eyes and peed on it. 

Two lines appeared. Positive. Fuck. 

Suddenly, your phone vibrated and you recognized the caller ID as your boyfriend, Aomine Daiki. “Hello?” you whispered breathlessly into the phone. “Babe!” This was the most he’s ever sounded so energetic. His voice was raspy and low, but the enthusiasm persisted. “Babe, I got scouted. Babe I got fucking scouted!” Your stomach heaved and you forced yourself to keep a positive bubbly tone of voice. “Hey, let’s go eat tomorrow, yeah?” he asked, before you hung up. 

He appeared at your doorstep with flowers and a button up. If it was any other situation, you’d have been so impressed with him for any attempt in dressing up. You sniffed the red roses and were reminded of the two red lines. Dinner was a quiet affair, but you were quieter than normal and Aomine struggled to maintain the gaps in conversation. He was so excited for the vast, unimaginable future before him, filled with challenging players with sky-high stats. It was a future he endlessly deserved, yet you felt the knot in your stomach grow tighter. “Babe, you okay tonight?” Your fork clattered onto your plate. 

“Dai,” you said shakily, your right hand grabbing his left. “I’m so so happy for you. You deserve this so much.” His eyes were tenderly focused on yours and you felt your throat contract before the tears welled up. Shit. “Dai, we can’t keep this up. We can’t be together anymore.” You tore your hand away from his and raced outside the restaurant. The waterfall of tears were coming and he can’t find out. He can’t ever find out. 

“Babe, is it me? Babe,” he caught up to you as you slumped down on the side of the store. “No, we just CAN’T,” you snapped at his efforts to calm you down. “Don’t you get it? We’re going two completely separate ways and you don’t fit into this part of my life anymore! I’m going to uni and you’re going to America and we shouldn’t even try because we already know how it’s going to end.” You closed your eyes and sniffed up your tears after the tirade. You just played a dangerous card and you could sense his reaction. “If you really think so low of me, I don’t see why I should stick around.” 

You glanced at his receding figure, lit by the ghastly streetlamps. The last time you saw him was at graduation, where he was surrounded by sports press and annoying paparazzi, and just like that - he vanished. He vanished into the professional world of basketball that you closed your eyes and ears to every time you turned on the TV or browsed the Internet. It already hurt to look at Daichi, who resembled Daiki in every way except the tanned skin. You heard the whisperings of your parents on late nights, of how successful Aomine Daiki is, of how much little Daichi would be like him. But the secret bit into your heart. No one except your parents must ever know. 

It’s been six years since he left and strangely, your life felt full - not complete, but full. You dyed your hair a dark blue black to match your son’s, and you were still not used to the compliments on how cute your “little brother” was. Daichi wasn’t used to it either. You were pushing him in a shopping cart down one of the largest supermarkets in town, as he asked, “Why don’t they think you’re my mom, Oka-san?” He was absentmindedly playing with a small squishy basketball in the front seat of the cart while you were looking for his favorite Pocky flavor. “I dunno, Dai,” you said, trying to remove the chocolate Pocky box from the top shelf. A muscled, dark arm grabbed it before you. 

Your heart nearly stopped as you recognized the figure in front of you. From the look on his face, his nearly did too. You futilely tried to block Daichi from the older Aomine’s line of vision, but Daichi gasped aloud, “Woah mom, he looks like me!” You mentally facepalmed yourself as Daiki continued to stare at you and your son. “You never told me I was a dad,” he hollowly said. You tried to speak, but you could only open your mouth and close it as no sound came out. Tears soon followed. You were lost in your river of tears, drowning, as Daichi removed himself from the cart and stepped forward to hug your leg, pulling you close. “Don’t cry, Oka-san,” he said sympathetically. With a grunt, you felt a larger pair of arms embrace you where the smaller ones couldn’t, and for the first time - as your were drowning in your tears, you felt full and complete. 

Meet Holland Christensen.

A few months back, the Tennessee native and self-described “educated” person decided to get a tattoo inspired by her love for traveling and languages.

After some deliberation, she decided on something in Chinese. 

But in doing so, she made a big mistake: “I asked for the translation from someone on the Internet.”

Christensen ended up with the following ankle tattoo:

If you read Chinese, you know (and as Holland later found out) that translates to: Jeremy Lin.

It might surprise you to learn that Holland had no idea who “Jeremy Lin” was.

She was admittedly embarrassed by her mistake, but after some research, Holland learned Lin is a professional basketball player with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.

And that he’s a really nice guy.  Especially, after he sent her a special message in response to her video.

My name’s Daniel O’Brien, and I went to college. Everybody watch this commercial for a Nike sport shoe. There might be other commercials you want to watch, but if you watch them instead of the one I’m suggesting you’ll be doing the wrong thing.

If you’re at a place where you can’t watch videos, I’ll explain it. Marvin The Martian flies down to Earth to threaten professional basketball player Blakegriffin The Human’s life (Blake’s crime was performing a dunk that was so sick it was described by at least one doctor as “earth-shattering,” and Marvin is furious because “earth-shattering” falls under his jurisdiction, and if you know anything about space law you know he has a pretty solid case).

As Cracked’s foremost Space Jam Authority and Occasional Wearer Of Shoes, I obviously have a lot of issues.

F#@% Blake Griffin: How Nike Just Ruined Space Jam

AU where Kagami is a firefighter and goes into a burning building to save a trapped person. That person turns out to be Aomine, the professional basketball player. Kagami carries him out just in time and makes sure he’s awake by talking to him until the ambulance gets there. Aomine never forgets his firefighter and is determined to find him to thank him.

Rick Fox 

Height: 6′7″

Most Famous For: Canadian film and television actor and retired professional basketball player who last played for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 2004; Played Clyde ‘Sweetfeet’ Livingston in “Holes,” Councilman Blackmon in “Dope,” and Chick Deagan in “He Got Game”

Suggestion Credit: hairfiend

anonymous asked:

hey there, can i request something? aomine's girlfriend reunited with him after two years not meeting him because of his job as a professional basketball player. thank you, you and your blog is awesome! <3 c:

no, thank you cutie<33

Two years. Twenty-four months. 

No matter which way said the past two years without seeing your boyfriend, Aomine Daiki, felt long. 

Finally that time was up and now you were just waiting his plane to arrive. He had been spending these past two years in America due to his basketball career. You supported and cheered him on always, but really you were happy the team was returning so you could be with him again. 


You jumped a bit from the sudden vibration of your phone but quickly pulled it out and read the new message. 

“Daiki: Look behind you,” you read on the small screen of your phone beginning to turn around. 

A small gasp left your mouth as you began to dash over to your boyfriend, who was standing with his suitcases with his arms wide open. When you reached him, you tightly wrapped your arms around his strong figure. You never wanted to let go, and he never did either. 

“It’s been so long ____,” he smiled as he pulled you closer to him. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“It really hasn’t been that long if you think about it, just two years.”

“Two years, too many.”

“True,” you laughed. “I love you, Daiki.”

“I love you too, ____.”

After two years of Skype chats, phone calls, and texting, Aomine couldn’t agree more that having you in his arms while smiling and laughing is the best thing this world could give him in that moment. 

It always felt great to be home. Home sweet home to him is with you. 


NBA star gives up his entire career to support pregnant wife is diagnosed with brain tumor

Marriage can really show a person’s most beautiful side. The vows “in sickness and in health” can not be anymore true for NBA star guard, Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelicans. When his wife Lauren, former U.S women’s soccer star became pregnant earlier this year the family also discovered a devastating brain tumor.

Being pregnant at 8 months meant that the family had to wait until she gave birth before they started tackling the tumor. Upon hearing this Jrue Holiday told the NBA that he needed to immediately leave and take care of his wife.

The professional basketball player valued his wife’s health with the utmost importance. More important than a career he has been pursuing his whole life. Wow. This just shows us what type of man Holiday truly is.

On September 4th, 2016 the New Orleans Pelicans officially announced that Jrue was leaving the team indefinitely to take care of Lauren.

For Jrue, the decision to care for his wife was a no brainer. He says, “My family comes before basketball.” A true gentlemen who puts his family before anything else.

Lauren is scheduled to have surgery six weeks after she gives labor to their baby girl in October. Although the couple may have to induce an early labor they hope for the best results for the mother and child.

At the moment the couple are keeping their privacy and are not disclosing anything about the situation. Right now, the Holiday family just wants to focus on Lauren and baby’s health while keeping everything else out of their concern. 

UPDATE 24st September - Lauren gave birth to a healthy baby girl

Listen, I know we’d all really like to think that on the ten year anniversary of Troy and Gabriella meeting that they’d still be together and that the emcee who introduced them DJ’d their wedding but I’m gonna level with you. Troy Bolton probably has the same YOLO tattoo that Zac Efron does and is living on Chad and Taylor’s couch (God knows that his white, 5 foot 8 inch self didn’t make it as a professional basketball player) while Gabriella is getting her law degree or a masters in bad nail bed jokes or whatever.