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is it at all viable to try and self-teach yourself how to design and build games? is having gone to and graduated from school an absolute must? or can you still be taken seriously and considered if you've never gone to college?

Yeah, it’s totally viable to work on games without formal training. One designer I know is a former professional basketball player. Another was a marine biologist. A third was a self-taught programmer who never finished college. But what they have in common is a relentless dedication to games, a drive to internalize and learn the skills necessary to make games, and the talent to know when to use those skills and how. 

In terms of being taken seriously in the game industry, beyond the initial screening by recruiters, we honestly don’t care too much about whether you have a degree. What we care about is whether you can do the work. The degree is supposed to mean that you have some minimal amount of knowledge on the subjects. It means that you’ve at least been exposed to commonly-accepted concepts and theories. It does not, however, guarantee skill or talent. Skill and talent can only be exhibited through your decisions and experience.

We need you to convince that you can do the work. If you can’t explain to us why you can do the work, there’s no reason for us to hire you. If you don’t have a degree, you’re going to need to show us that you have the equivalent skills and understanding that one would obtain in school. That might mean teaching yourself programming, level design, or animation. That might involve building your own game levels, or mods, or even an entire game. That almost certainly means you must have something you can show us that demonstrates what you’ve done. You must also be able to talk about your work in depth. If you can’t exhibit mastery of your own project, how can we expect you to learn our stuff?

Remember, we don’t just hire the first candidate we find that passes the minimum requirements for the job. We’re looking for the best possible candidate out of the total pool of applicants. You’re going to be compared to lots of other candidates, especially if you’re applying to a popular AAA studio. Many studios get hundreds of resumes on a weekly basis. If you want the job, you’ll need to persuade us that you are the best candidate out of all of the applicants. That means you must show us that you can do the work better than all of the other candidates, including those with degrees. Not having a degree won’t necessarily stop that from happening, but it means you more to prove than someone who has one.

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Monsta X reaction to their s/o being a professional basketball athlete

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Shownu; Even before the two of you have started dating, he already knew that you were a professional basketball player who would play in the regional or even for the nationals! Knowing how busy you are with the training and stuff, whenever Shownu finishes early he’d always stop by the gym with some drinks and chicken with him to support you. Shownu would be so proud with all the things that you’ve achieved. When their world tour and your match clashed, Shownu would be utterly disappointed and sad that he wouldn’t be able to go to your match but you were totally fine with it. Upon hearing that the match was located near the stadium and was about to start right after they finished, he’d literally drag the boys to your match and cheer for you all in, surprising you to be honest.

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Wonho; Wonho would be the type to have matching jerseys with you. All your matches? He’s always there to support and cheer for you and your team. Whenever you are practicing with the team, he’d always bring a lot of energy drink for everyone and would even buy the whole team some jjajangmyeon or some ramyeon. And he’d also bring some Vitamins for everyone to take to keep everyone healthy and active, away from diseases to be exact. Whenever Wonho’s watching your game, he wouldn’t hear anything and he wouldn’t take his eyes off of you. Talk to him? The boys wouldn’t be able to hear any response from him once he sets his eyes on you. And once the game is over, he’d rush to you and pull you into a tight hug despite telling him to not hug you since you’re sweaty, and he’d tell you that you did well.

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Minhyuk; As soon as he discovered that you were part of the basketball team representing the country, he’d be so ecstatic about it. Every single practice, he’d always be there to cheer you on and even support you by bringing foods for you to replenish the loss energy from practicing. And he’d be the type of person to drag all of the boys to every single game that you have and would also make them wear the team’s jerseys to be honest. Whenever you were able to shoot a three-pointer, he’d be up on his feet, screaming his lungs out and he’d be waving that banner he made for you. And when it’s already awarding time, he’d always be ready with his phone, capturing every single moment of you receiving all the awards and he’d have it developed to be honest.

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Kihyun; There would be times when Kihyun wasn’t able to watch your game due to his packed schedule but whenever he has a free time, he’d always have your game playing on his iPad and he’d be monitoring it. He’d take down notes on where you made a mistake and where you did really well. Every after the game, he’d go to your house and prepare a hot meal for you and some cold compress for your aching limbs. He’d even massage you to be honest. And when he is able to watch your game, he’d have the same jersey jacket with you and even buy the same shoes for the both of you. From time to time, he’d also buy a lot of gears for you to wear during your practice and match. But then when he gets a call that you’ve gotten into an accident, aka getting hit on the face with the your rival’s elbow, he’d be on his way despite not finishing his schedule.

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Hyungwon; This boy would be so proud of you. He’d casually promote your team whenever they have a V-live. Whenever you have nationals, he’d literally invite all of his friends to the game and would give out the team jerseys for free. Hyungwon would always be bringing snacks for all of your team with your face and his face on it. And sometimes, paparazzis would always capture a picture of him meeting you outside of the gym, him picking you up after a long nights practice, and your duffel bag on his shoulders, his arms wrapped around your shoulders. Since every after practice, he’d bring you to a local restaurant and eat some of your favorite mom’s cooking with him. And guess what, he’d even create those banners for you and your team and all of it would be handmade. 

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Jooheon; Ever since you had your break, Jooheon would always play with you. Almost every single day, he’d bring you to the gym and the two of you would play some basketball or even at the park with the boys, only to be beaten by you. Knowing how clumsy you are sometimes during your match, he’d always have a pack of ointment, bandages and even pain relief patches. But then when your team is going for nationals, he’d be utterly happy yet worried. He’s happy that you and your teams has gone a long way now but he’s worried that you might work yourself too hard, leading to injuries ranging from minor to major. He would message you some words of encouragement from time to time and he’d even call you before the game starts, to ease you up.

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I.M; Changkyun would be the exact opposite of everyone’s expectation. Whenever you’re able to shoot a continuous three-pointer, he’d be shouting out your name and even acting cute for you, sending you hearts which would literally motivate you throughout the whole game. He’d literally have the same outfit as you do and he’d literally make it clear to the whole nation that you’re his and he’s so proud of you. He wouldn’t be making the boys to watch the game with him since he thinks that the other may be too tired but then when someone would really go with him, he’d be so happy that his mouth would not stop sprouting such proud comments about you. When the game is finally finished, he’d go to your side right away and wipe your face with the face towel that he brought with him and would make you drink some water. 

Fappening 2.0 continues: Miley Cyrus' X-rated images leaked online

The nude photo scandal, dubbed as Fappening 2.0, continues to haunt celebrities, and the latest victim is singer Miley Cyrus. Hackers have stolen X-rated photos of the singer and published them on the notorious Celeb Jihad website.

Celeb Jihad, a celebrity gossip website, has a history of posting nude images and sometimes even fake morphed photos of female celebrities. The website has earlier published nude, private photos and videos of celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Now the site is targeting the Wrecking Ball singer.

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One of the photos on the website shows the singer completely naked in a sauna, while another one shows her topless, wearing just overalls. A few other photos also show Cyrus in scanty outfits.

Cyrus is known for exposing herself during concerts and on social media, but the leak is still a complete breach of privacy. It remains to be seen whether the singer will take legal actions against the website as other celebs did.

The nude photo leak scandal or Fappening 2.0 began exactly three years back, after private photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande were leaked online. In 2014, in a major scandal, hackers stole private data of the celebrities and posted it online.

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The recent leak targeted more than 60 celebrities. It started with hackers posting private and intimate photos of Seyfried with her ex-boyfriend, followed by those of Emma Watson, Demi Lovato, WWE wrestler Paige, Holly Willoughby, Lauren Cohan, April Love, Dylan Penn, Ashley Green, Emily Ratajkowski and Danielle Moinet or Summer Rae getting leaked online.

Here is a list of celebrities who were targeted this year by the hackers:

1. Rose McGowan (actor)

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2. Katie Cassidy (actor)

3. Analeigh Tipton (US figure skater and actress)

4. Dylan Penn (model, daughter of Sean Penn)

5. Saraya-Jade Bevis a.k.a Paige (WWE Diva)

6. Emma Watson (actor)

7. Amanda Seyfried (actor)

8. Jennifer Lawrence (actor) (Most images from 2014 leaks)

9. Kate Upton (actor)

10. Abigail Spencer (actor)

11. Alison Brie (actor)

12. Ariana Grande (actor)

13. Ashley Green (actor)

14. Aubrey Plaza (actor)

15, Avril Lavigne (actor)

16. Becca Tobin (actor/singer/dancer)

17. Brie Larson (actor/singer)

18. Christina Hendricks (actor)

19. Dwayne Wade (professional basketball player)

20. Emily Ratajkowski (actor)

21. Gabrielle Union (actor)

22. Hayden Panettiere (model/actor/singer)

23. Hope Solo (US soccer goalkeeper)

24. Jennette McCurdy (actor/singer)

25. Jenny McCarthy (actor)

26. Justin Verlander (US professional baseball pitcher)

27. Kaley Cuoco (actor)

28. Kat Dennings (actor)

29. Kate Bosworth (model/actor)

30. Kim Kardashian (reality star/actor)

31. Kirsten Dunst (actor)

32. Krysten Ritter (actor/musician)

33. Lea Michele

34. Leelee Sobieski

35. Mary-Kate Olsen

36. McKayla Maroney

37. Meagan Good

38. Rihanna

39. Scarlett Johansson

40. Teresa Palmer

41. Vanessa Hudgens

42. Victoria Justice

43. Yvonne Strahovski

44. Alyssa Arce (model)

45. Rhona Mitra (actor)

46. Iliza Shlesinger (US comedian)

47. Jillian Murray (actor)

48. Kristanna Loken (actor)

49. April Love Geary (model)

50. Trieste Kelly Dunn (actor)

51. Lili Simmons (actor and model)

52. Danielle Moinet (professional wrestler, known as Summer Rae)

53. Demi Lovato (singer)

54. Holly Willoughby (model and TV presenter)

55. Celeste Bonin (former professional wrestler known as Kaitlyn)

56. Lauren Cohan (Walking Dead actor)

57. Lacey Banghard (Glamour model)

58. Jessica Nigri (US cosplayer)

59. Victoria AKA Lisa Marie Varon (WWE diva)

60. Melina Perez (WWE diva)

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If you were Ayato's wife...

* he’d be a little bit less of an asshole
* he’d never stop calling you Chichinashi
* he’d always tell everyone around that you’re his and he’d be childishly proud of this
* he’d maybe even love you more then takoyaki
* he’d be a cool dad who lets your children do stupid things (tbh they’d do stupid things together)
* his only wish towards your children would be them joining some school sport club
* he’d try to be a professional basketball player and he’d be damn good at it due to his vampire skills
* he’d cheat on you only once which would make him realize that he doesn’t want anyone else than you; he’d feel so damn sorry for doing this
* he’d never let his children near Karlheinz and for the first years he’d avoid his brothers as well
* eventually he’d agree to visit his closest brothers
* somehow he’d become Yuma’s bro
* you’d often complain at him being an asshole
* he’d once let you be dominant in bedroom since he’s curious what would you do; but he would hate your teasing and he’d never let you do this again
* if he gets jealous, he’d be even more rough in the bedroom
* he’d be rough anyway
* he wouldn’t want anyone else’s blood
* he’d always ask you where have you been when you’re back
* he’d be awfully scared if you’re ill or pregnant since he has no idea what to do with you
* he’d go to his children’s every performance and match even if he usually forgets about them and you have to remind him
* he’d forget dates, but he’d always remember the date of your marriage
* he’d like only what you cook and would always kiss you saying “thank you” after a dinner
* your children and all the children around would love him
* but their parents would hate him
* he’d always argue with his children’s teachers and doctors
* his “you’re mine” would mean the same as “I love you”
* you’d have to agree for a dog and it’d be a damn big dog
* you’d be the happiest family ever

National Finals : Lafayette x reader

Prompt : May I have a Laf x reader where the reader is a professional basketball player and laf proposes to her or like she gets hurt during the national finals? Make t super fluffy please and I love your work! Xo

BTW : I decided to go with the reader getting hurt at finals, I honestly don’t know why. But if you guys want I can also write a version where the reader doesn’t get hurt and Lafayette purposes. Also (Y/T) means your team. 


“Today is the Womens Basketball National Finals, and the (Y/T)’s are excited to host there competors today in a home game for them,” The almost monotone voice of the announcer said as you prepared for the game before stepping out onto the court, as you still had time before the game started and warmups where over. 

“(Y/N)? Oh there you are,” You heard a familliar voice say, as you turned around.

You where practicly attacked by the warm hugs and cheek kiss of your boyfriend Lafayette. He always loved to see you before games, and wish you good luck. 

“Hey Laf,” You said using your favorite nickname for him to which he rolled his eyes slightly. 

“Are you nervous, mon amour,” He questioned using a popular nickname of yours. 

“Me, nervous, never,” You sarcasticly said

“It’s alright if you are nervous, but there is no reason to be because you are going to do great, because you are great, and practiced hard for this (Y/N),” He responded. 

“You always know excatly what to say to make me feel better Laf,” You responded back pecking him on the lips. 

To this small kiss he responded by dipping you down and deepening the kiss making you blush and get the sensation of butterflies in your stomach. With the sound of the announcer you shooed Laf away and told him to go to his seat, as you had to go to the court soon. 

Honestly the game was quite uneventful, well it was. Your team was very far ahead since the begining of the game, but everyone knew that your team was going to win before you even go to the court. The other team wasn’t that good except for one girl. She was probably one and a half or two feet taller than you with a muscular stature. She was aniliating people the entire game, practicly holding the other team together, and you where no diffrent. 

You went in to score you bounced the ball twice and before you could even think the girl lunged at you, knocking you down and landing on your leg in an uncomfortable position, you yelped in pain and the ref stopped the game immediatly noticing the stature of your leg. It all happened so fast and the next clear memory you had was sitting the hospital room. Sporting a fresh new cast, and of course Laf sitting next to holding your hand very tight. Looking like he had been recently crying. You reached up and brushed your hand agianst his cheek smiling. 

“Hey mon Amour,” He said with a soft voice, “You really scared me back there,”

“I’m sorry babe, I didn’t mean to,” You responded. He leaned over and kissed your lips sofly making fireworks explode at the contact, “Um-Laf, can you stay with me,” you shly asked. He didn’t even respond he just climbed into bed with you and pulled the covers over both of you kissing your forhead. 

What Would be exo's job if they weren't idols
  • Chanyeol: photographer xD definitely
  • Kris: Professional basketball player
  • Sehun: dogs' trainer
  • Tao: He would have his own wushu school
  • Kai: a ballet dancer, I'm sure nini would have been successful in that too
  • Xiumin: professor. Why not 😏
  • Baekhyun: A comedian, he has it in him!
  • Luhan: soccer player! And a really good one
  • Chen: he looks like a writer, I say writer!
  • Kyungsoo: chef! And having his own restaurant
  • Lay: a doctor, or working on something to help people
  • Suho: a very important CEO. Maybe he would have bought SM xD

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Could you write Bodyguard AU with Kise + Momoi + Akashi, where the s/o is the bodyguard? ^^ (I really like your writing style, btw!)


Being one of the most famous models in Japan and a rising supermodel in the world, being his bodyguard wasn’t easy. Especially since you were his fiancé.

The difficult part wasn’t the secrecy, since there wasn’t any - Kise threatened to quit as a model if you couldn’t be his bodyguard - but rather the hate you’d receive from his fans.

While some of them loved you or simply were indifferent, many constantly sent you hate mail and even tried to harm you on occasions.

One particular event had ended and you were doing your job as usual, standing in front of Kise, making sure he got to his car safe and sound. While you didn’t notice it in the chaos, when you’d gotten in the car after him, your arms stung like hell.

“(Y/N)-cchi!” Kise exclaimed, grabbing your arms gently to take a closer look. His eyes filled with worry and anger.

“It’s alright, Ryouta, you know how wild your fans can get.” You said, voice shaking a little from the pain. The scratches on your arms were no ordinary nail scratches, they were those inflicted upon by a blade. But you didn’t want to mention it, hoping Kise wouldn’t realise; he did.

“It’s not alright!” His voice was raised, his eyes looked glassy.

“But it’s my job,” you replied patiently, you didn’t want him to distance himself from his fans because of this one incident. “I’m supposed to protect you.”

He pouted, eyes drifting back down to your bleeding arms. Kise’s hands still held your wrists very carefully.

You leaned forward and kissed his lips briefly, “thank you for caring.”

“It’s my job.” He smirked.


It was well established in the fan base of Aomine Daiki’s that Momoi was his best friend. And for some reason, that meant that she was a potential threat to the fans.

You didn’t really understand but when Aomine “hired” you to be Momoi’s bodyguard, you accepted with no hesitation. After all, you were already spending so much time with her, now the only difference was that you get paid to do it.

As Aomine rose to fame as a professional basketball player, his fan base grew and the number of people who were a threat to Momoi grew as well. This was extremely concerning, especially after once you were woken up by a crazed fan throwing bricks at your shared apartment’s window.

You screamed vulgarities as you burst through your front door in your pyjamas to beat the asshole up.

It was worth it though since Momoi rewarded you with a kiss.

The worst part about your job was how she had so many male fans who were basically horny perverts that stalked her everywhere.

You beat them all up as well.


The surprise in Akashi’s eyes was evident when his father introduced you as his new bodyguard.

“Do you know her already?” His father asked, curious.

“She’s my… girlfriend, the person I was going to bring for dinner tomorrow,” Akashi replied, trying hard to be formal but still failed to keep his normally stoic expression.

For a few seconds it was quiet. Everyone was speechless, and then Akashi senior began to laugh uncharacteristically.

You and your boyfriend exchanged glances as the man ended off his laugh with a small chuckle.

“Ahem, I apologise for that,” he said, still out of breath. “Well, Seijuurou, would you like me to change your new-”

“No!” He said, voice slightly raised. “I mean, no, I’m perfectly fine with (Y/N) being my bodyguard.”

“Very well then, I shall be leaving, I’ll see the two of you tonight.” And the old man left.

“Why did you take up this job?” Akashi asked, you weren’t really sure if he was angry or just curious. “You should’ve known it was me before accepting the job, why’d you do it?”

“I’ll get paid for spending time with you everyday, all day, what makes you think I wasn’t going to take the job?” You replied, all smiles.

“I don’t see why you have to worry about money,” a smirk appeared on your lover’s face, “I mean, you’re going to marry me eventually.”

“Wait what. Say that again.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“Say what you just said again.”

“Say what?”

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Ok so there's this episode of catfish and basically this man was accused of child pornography for having pics of a 17 year old girl (he thought she was 18) it comes to light that there was a woman cat fishing both the man and young woman.... but the man and girl did meet in person or whatever... anyways I'm so confused cuz this man is STILL a pedophile if he thought he was with an 18 year old girl!!! And had nude pics!! Like what the fuck is wrong with people!!! I hate this world omg

Oh wow, so I looked up this episode and it’s pretty messed up. So a 33 year old woman was talking to a 17 year old girl and a 38 year old professional basketball player (Chris Anderson). The 17 year old believed she was sending nudes to the basketball player. Anderson believed he was getting nudes from an 18 year old. And then the woman who was catfishing them both started releasing the nudes and the girl’s mom called the cops… disgusting.

I hate the idea that being 18 would in any way make this situation less gross though. A 38 year old man has no business accepting nude photos of a teenager, that is really nasty. What a creepy man. 

This episode sounds very disturbing to watch, especially as most of the first stories I saw didn’t list the player’s name… People are always willing to cover up the despicable behavior of male athletes. 

nba finals got me feeling emotional about that alternate timeline where rhett really does become a professional basketball player and link goes his separate way to become an engineer

Meet Holland Christensen.

A few months back, the Tennessee native and self-described “educated” person decided to get a tattoo inspired by her love for traveling and languages.

After some deliberation, she decided on something in Chinese. 

But in doing so, she made a big mistake: “I asked for the translation from someone on the Internet.”

Christensen ended up with the following ankle tattoo:

If you read Chinese, you know (and as Holland later found out) that translates to: Jeremy Lin.

It might surprise you to learn that Holland had no idea who “Jeremy Lin” was.

She was admittedly embarrassed by her mistake, but after some research, Holland learned Lin is a professional basketball player with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.

And that he’s a really nice guy.  Especially, after he sent her a special message in response to her video.

*Ahem* I did this for my story RIVAL on AO3 and FANFIC. But encase you haven’t read it yet, here it is:


The buzzer rang just as #5 Aomine Daiki slams the basketball into the hoop, the crowd goes wild and stands up to scream in excitement. Aomine just glared at the other team, they could have at least put up a good fight against him. Sometimes he wished that he hadn’t taken the professional basketball road, but for all his griping, he was still hoping for that one. The one that would change it all, his rival.

He walked casually over to the bench, the others knew by then that he never liked to be bothered after a game, or during, or before for that matter. In fact, he’d rather they all leave him alone, to him, they were worthless since he was the one he won the game for them. Without him, they were nothing and they knew it.

When the crowd finally settled down an announcer came on, “Helllllooo everyone! We have something special planned before you leave. For all of those who participated in the raffling you get the lucky chance to play a little one-on-one with a player of your choice. Now watch the screen for your lucky number!” Excited murmuring came from the crowd as the screen changed numbers randomly before slowly landing on the number 318.



“Hah?” He paused and looked at his friend.

“You won the raffle.” Kuroko deadpanned, a little exasperated at his friend. Usually he’d be consumed in whatever was going on but they had a new special burger that they were selling and he had been absorbed in the flavors.

“Raffle?” Just then he heard the announcer explain once again and looked down at his ticket, eyes going wide when he realized that he did win after all. “I WON!” He grinned, jumping to his feet. One of the lights flashed over to him and the man came up to the stands where he was standing to bring him down to the court. Kagami was practically vibrating with energy; he couldn’t believe that he’d been given this once in a lifetime chance.

They stopped in the middle and he flushed a little at the amount of people there. Sure, he was used to playing in front of a crowd due to his college days but it still was a bit strange. “So young man, what’s your name?”

“Ah, Kagami Taiga… sir.” He heard a couple laughs at his awkward Japanese.

“I see, I see. Now, are you happy to have this opportunity?”

Kagami shot him an incredulous look, “Of course! I can’t wait to play.”

“So you play basketball then? I guess that makes sense, you’re very tall after all.” He chuckled.

“Yea, I’ve been playing since I was small. It’s one of my passions.”

“Great! So, who do you want to play against?”

Kagami smirked, glancing over at the bench towards a dark-skinned male with a towel over his head. “Aomine Daiki.” The man paused nervously and looked at Aomine.

“Ahahah… You’re sure?”

Scoffing he stated firmly, “Definitely. I only want to play the best.” The crowd cheered at that.

“A-alright. And Kagami has chosen to play a one-on-one against the ace Aomine Daiki! Aomine, please come up!” While there was some talking by the bench Kagami started stretching just to get warmed up. He didn’t want to tear a muscle playing against his favorite professional basketball player.

“What the hell do I have to do this shit for?” Came an annoyed voice. Kagami raised an eyebrow at Aomine, who seemed to be having a fit. “I don’t fuckin’ care if it’s for charity. No one told me about this.” His teammates ignored him and the coach said something that made Aomine glare before throwing the towel down on the bench. “No, absolutely—,”

“What, think you’ll get beaten?” Kagami called out challengingly. Everything went silent almost instantly.

Aomine turned to face him slowly, “What’d you just say?”

He smirked, “I said, I think you’re afraid to get beaten.”

“You know who I am right? The only one who can beat me is me.” Aomine growled menacingly but finally stepped forward. Blue eyes raked over Kagami’s form as he kept stretching. “Tch. Probably all talk.”

The announcer almost seemed reluctant to come between them but finally got up the courage, “O-o-okay guys. You know the rules right? First to five baskets!”

“Right.” Kagami nodded and followed Aomine over to the basket. Aomine gave him the ball with a small smug grin.

“You can have the ball first, you’ll need it.”

“Che, you’re gonna wish you wouldn’t have done that.” Kagami taunted but took the ball and got into position. The bluenette got into his defensive stance, but it wasn’t the best one he could have and that pissed Kagami off. He knew the guy was a professional, but that didn’t mean he shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Blood pumping, Kagami gave him a grin, barely holding back his excitement and with a flash he was off, faking a right before spinning around Aomine, much to his surprise. Kagami could see the blue eyes widen in shock for a second before he was right next to him looking for any chance that he could steal the ball.

Due to his superior speed he was able to catch up enough that when Kagami went for the dunk he jumped too. They had jumped at the same time, but for some reason Aomine felt himself falling before Kagami. The redhead grinned down at him as the ball smashed through the hoop. His hands rested on it for a moment as he dropped and to his shock the glass backboard burst.

His feet hit the ground and he blinked in shock at his hand, which was holding the hoop. He could hear cheering burst up from everywhere around him. Kagami rubbed the back of his neck, beaming at the flabbergasted announcer. “Ahh. My bad. Do I have to pay for this?”

Aomine stared at him, for the first time in a long time that small spark of hope grew into a flame. He grinned at the fact he could finally play seriously. Grabbing the redhead’s shirt he dragged him to the other side of the court leaving others to clean it up. “If you beat me I’ll pay for it.”


“Just play, Bakagami, and don’t think you’re going to win because you’re a point ahead.” The bluenette bounced the ball slowly, grin still prominent on his face, giving him a predatory look.

Kagami shivered but got serious, he’d prove that he wasn’t some loser. “Tch. You sure are arrogant, Aho.”

“Aa, of course. Who wouldn’t if they were me?” Aomine smirked, pushing out the sound of the fans shouting their names. He just rolled his eyes at the response.

Kagami braced himself for Aomine’s movement, but wasn’t quite prepared for the burst of speed. His eyes narrowed, but the smile stayed as he twisted to block him. With a quick turn Aomine bounced the ball under his feet as he broke through Kagami’s defense, catching the ball elegantly with the pads of his fingers on the other side. Not wanting to get left behind Kagami pushed himself further. Just as he was about to snag the ball from the bluenette he did something that he had only been able to admire from the stands and TV.

Aomine bent back out of his reach and without looking at the hoop threw the ball up. If it had been anyone else it may have made it in, but then blue eyes watched in amazement as Kagami flew above him, fingers just skimming the ball and throwing it off course. They both raced to the hoop, eyes on the ball circling the rim. He made it there just before Kagami had time to recover fully and pushed it through, landing in a crouch on the ground. Kagami was growling next to him, but his skin was flushed nicely and pants came from his mouth.

It was now tied, 1-1. They kept up with the other; keeping this pace each time they made a new basket. Back and forth they went, until it was once again tied, this time at 4-4.

All they could hear was each other’s breaths, heartbeats prominent in their ears as adrenaline rushed through their bodies. With each exhale and inhale they moved, fluent and graceful, in sync with one another. Every time Aomine moved, Kagami blocked, and when Kagami jumped so did Aomine. It was a transcendental feeling for Aomine, having not felt this excitement, this passion, this… this love for basketball in such a long time. Kagami was the one he had waited for, the one he had longed for, his rival.

With a BZZZ sounding the in background, they both landed on the ground, and Aomine’s breath whooshed out of him. He was stock still, staring in amazement at the scoreboard. Aomine had lost, 4-5. He had lost, the ace of a professional team to a nobody. No… not a nobody, Aomine blinked, his rival.

“…I lost…” He murmured, staring down at his hands.

A hand slapped down on his shoulder, and he locked eyes with those gleaming ruby red eyes. Kagami’s white teeth gleamed brightly, giving him a wide, boyish smile that made Aomine inhale sharply. “This isn’t over yet, Ahomine. I’ll take you on anytime!”

Yes… he wasn’t just anyone, Aomine’s eyes narrowed as a smirk came to his face. He was something more. He grasped once more at Kagami’s shirt and pulled him forward.

“Whaa—,” Kagami’s words were cut off by a pair of soft lips against his. Behind them the entire place went wild.


BTW: I dont own the pics, just got em off google! So they’re not mine~


Savidal - Murs d'Albâtre

This house is based on Peacy’s Casa del Sol, but I only kept the exterior walls. :p

I builded this on for the Conti and Vallone Family : Anna Conti, editor in chief of a people magazine, is the lone mother of Luca, a dreamy guy, training hard to become a professional basketball player. She live in this house with her mother Barabara, a former journalist a bit to involved in her daughter emotional life, and her cousin Renato Vallone, owner of the local theater, and secretly working as a spy.

And by the way… I’m really sorry for my lack of activity, I don’t play my game that much lately, I’m busy on other projects. ^^’

My biggest "TIP" for you would be to do your research and read through the different sugar tags here on tumblr...

If you’re “too lazy” to do your research and read up on the plethora of information, advice, tips, etc. you can find here online, you honestly don’t have what it takes to be a sugar baby. 

I’ll probably get a bit of criticism for making this post, but I think it’s important that it’s said…

This is my “Tough Love” post:
It’s for the ones who undoubtly have done NO research of their own.

When girls expect me to spoon feed them absolutely everything about sugaring, without making a conscious effort on their end, I just can’t. I would be doing them a complete disservice.

  • It dramatically reduces their desire to put in any of their own effort.
    These ladies will never find themselves (AND maintain) a successful SB/SD relationship without putting in any effort. 
  • A lack of effort can create a lack of appreciation, and devalue the advice they’re receiving. 

If a fellow SB isn’t willing to help themselves by putting in a little effort and doing some research, why should I help them? 

I’m not making this post to sound condescending, but I value my time. I help a ton of other SB’s and answer dozens of asks privately, so I am in no way trying to bash new SB. 

  • It’s like if you were tutoring a kid to help them with school. If they didn’t read any of the material assigned to them and just asked you for all the answers, would you do all their homework for them? No, you’d tell them to do their reading and come back to you if they still have questions. Same concept!

I’m rooting for everyone here in the Sugar Bowl, but honestly, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone.
I don’t mean to put anyone down, but we’ve become a generation of coddlers, where everyone gets a gold star and trophy simply for participating. “You can be anything you want to be…” NO, you can’t! I will NEVER be an astronaut, or professional basketball player.  That’s a fact, so this whole, “Believe it, and you can be it” concept gets taken too far sometimes. 

You need to be realistic with yourself. If you’re too lazy to help yourself and do research, STOP. 

Stop, take a step back, and help yourself first.

💋, Kimmy