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I have to hand it to Holland. She is so strong. I mean, the fact that she can withstand 6 years of filming 95 percent of her scenes with Dylan without leaving the studio emotionally wrecked is a major accomplishment to me. That’s 6 years of Dylan staring into her soul with nothing but love and affection on his face. 6 years of having Dylan come to her character’s rescue. They’ve kissed- more than once. He’s said he loves her in the most achingly beautiful way. Even their hugs radiate intimate affection. I can’t even handle Dylan and his acting from my TV screen in my room thousands of miles away from anything even remotely Dylan O'brien or Teen Wolf related. Holland is my queen.


Nathan Adrian, Natalie Coughlin, and Ryan Lochte all posed for The Vanity Fair portfolio of Team USA, photographed by Sam Jones. The portfolio shows why The Olympics maintain a hold on the nation’s heart.

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tell us a wee bit more about yourself! 😶

Let’s see … 

- I have essentially two snacks of choice when I’m being desperately unhealthy: jalapeño kettle chips or (OR, not and - this is important) sour Haribo gummy bears. Though I recently discovered Tangfastics and man I tell you what, those fucked me right up. Gourmet™

- I just returned from a trip to England and Scotland (during which time Mr Blake brought a backpack LADEN WITH BOOKS during a hike/actual mountain climbing activity because, as he says, “I am a professional endurance athlete, babe, and you’re a person who runs a few miles a week” to which I naturally responded “what I am is HORRIBLY INSULTED you undiluted monster”)

- I wrote Youth for my best friend, whose favorite characters are Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore (I know, I KNOW, what even)

- I will occasionally write my own qualities/preferences into my story characters. For example, Hermione consistently enjoys Earl Grey with lemon in the afternoon, while Remus abhors olives

- My physical well being is often tied quite closely to my mental state. In times of severe emotional turbulence, I have been known to give myself ulcers, lockjaw, and hives (separate occasions, thank god)

- I have my best story inceptions whilst exercising (which is a thing I deFINITELY DO despite Mr Blake’s lack of confidence) but if I get stuck the quickest way to sort it out is to take a shower

- In my nightmares I am usually late for something 

- So, I am technically a Ravenclaw, but I can argue with you all day about why I’m not really a Ravenclaw (I absolutely detest authority and will fight you at any given moment, and if anything I value knowledge mostly for the purpose of emotional/psychological manipulation, sooo???), which I’ve come to realize might be what makes me a Ravenclaw but *SIGHS LOUDLY* I don’t know I’m not convinced

- I’m still incredibly jet lagged. I should be sleeping, tbh, so apologies if this is a disaster

Beach Bound: The new Leila Hurst Collection has arrived.


Laura Tobin: Meteorologist. Physics & Meteorology Graduate, Reading University. Joined Met Office in 2003. 

Sally Nugent: Journalist. BA in Communication Arts and French, University of Huddersfield. 

Carol Kirkwood: Weather presenter. BA in Commerce, Napier College, Edinburgh. 

Kate Williams: Author, historian and TV presenter. BA and DPhil, Oxford. MAs from Queen Mary University, London and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Steph McGovern: Business journalist. Winner of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. Won “Young Engineer for Britain” award. Studied Science Communications and Policy, University College London.