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The Energy Department is standing up to Trump’s request for names of climate workers

  • Trump’s transition team requested a list of Dept. of Energy employees involved in implementing Obama’s climate agenda.
  • The energy agency is refusing to comply.
  • Trump’s transition team had submitted a 74-point questionnaire to the agency’s leadership asking for the names of those employees.
  • The team also sought to identify the professional affiliations of all DOE lab workers.
  • On Tuesday, agency spokesman Eben Burnham-Snyder told Reuters staff were “unsettled” by the request and the agency will not be complying. Read more

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Hey, fun life fact that I just discovered:

You can put one-off classes on your resume or CV. If your field is art, and you take a bookbinding class from a freelancing professional (i.e. not affiliated with an educational institution), that counts. It works for all fields of study - coding, library works, anything. As long as the class is taught by a professional and you were there, you can put it down on your resume.