professional 160

Every episode of Pawn Stars
  • Costumer: I have this weird thing I found in my grandpas basement. I want like 50 bucks for it
  • Rick: This is really cool. Do you have time to stick around? Can I have my buddy come in and look at this?
  • Costumer: Sure
  • Buddy: Yep this is 100% authentic this is worth anywhere from 75 thousand to 160 thousand dollars
  • Rick: Okay cool. I'll give you 200 bucks
  • Costumer: But the professional said it's worth 160 thousand
  • Rick: Yeah but I have to make a profit no one is gonna buy this it's gonna be sitting on the shelf for centuries there just isn't a big market for this thing
  • Costumer: But it's worth so much more than that
  • Rick: Alright. 250 but that's as high as I can go
  • Costumer: You can't do 300?
  • Rick: 275
  • Costumer: Well, okay. That's more than I was asking for when I came in so I'll take it
  • Rick: Great. Chum, ring them up