This is me probably gonna cause a flame war

I’ve been feeling a huge vibe of aggression in the vet community over at Facebook. (Surprisingly, the vets and vetlings in Tumblr are one of the most friendly bunch I’ve ever “social network” with)

When there is a content shared. And said content has less-than-ideal practice, insults start being thrown left and right.

Dear vetlings, do strife for the best practice that you have learned in school.

Dear vetlings, do not forget what the best practice is.

Dear vetlings, there will be times when the absolute best is not possible. What will you do? Will you be comfortable with doing less than best? Or will you be more comfortable to throw the client out the window? If referral isn’t an option?

When sedation is too risky, will you still take a radiograph but with less quality? Or will you just not do the radiograph at all?

When you do not have the proper equipment for a procedure, will you make your own, or will you just… You know, euthanize the animal?

All of these choices are not wrong. It depends on circumstances. Client financial limitations, client availability of home care, facility equipment, animal condition, and so on and so on.

So when you see things that are not ideal, and you notice that, congratulations! You have enough knowledge and observational eyes of a profession practitioner! You can even point those out politely if you feel the need to. Or discuss those with fellow students. But there is zero need to insult the people who did the thing with the worst curse word you can find.

You are a student. Take what you feel will benefit you. And leave the things that contradict your lessons. Or take them as bad examples. Chances are, some older vets might not update themselves for a while. Practice standard changes all the time and if you don’t read enough, you will fall behind. I graduated for only a few years and this is already happening to me.

So, as a vet who graduated two years ago, not counting my current post grad, I am learning from you as much as, if not more, the other way around.

tldr: turn down a notch on the aggression, guys.


What professions are seen as better?
>>Are they more glamorous?
>>Do they contribute more to society?
>>Are they safer?
>>Do they pay more?
>>Do they require more skills?

What professions are seen as lesser?
>>Are they seen as dirty?
>>>Morally or literally?
>>Do they pay less?
>>Do they require less skills?
>>Do they contribute less to society?
>>Are they more dangerous?

What professions are seen in a strictly neutral manner?
>>What traits of these professions are seen as good?
>>What traits of these professions are seen as bad?

Are jobs that are necessary for society to function seen as better or lesser, regardless of what traits each profession may have?

Maggie Sawyer to Alex Danvers: I hear everything you said, I get it. if you never want to talk to me again, I’ll respect that. I’ll disappear. I dont meet many people that I care about. I care about you a lot. You’ve become really important to me and um, I hope one day that you and I can be friends because I dont want to imagine my life without you in it. 

Most/Least Psychopathic Professions

The most psychopathic professions, on the left, are thought to attract psychopaths due to the power involved and the tendency to reward objective, non-emotional decision making.

Those on the right, on the other hand, offer little power and need feeling-based decisions.

(Stats gathered from

When you have a combative confused patient and the attending wants to avoid all psychotropic medications

Dementia is a devastating disease.  I agree that we should avoid psychotropic drugs because sometimes they can make the confusion worse.    

However, when a patient is agitated and de-escalation is not working, and the wife is crying because this is a rough picture to watch, in addition, she got hit by her husband- and I get hit and my tech gets kicked.  Enough is enough- you are creating torture for everyone.  I do not come to work to get physically abused by a confused patient because they don’t understand that I am cleaning them up.    I literally had a battle of wits with an attending and she ended up staying in the room for a couple hours.

I have gotten hurt before by a confused restrained patient that wouldn’t let go of my arm and all I was doing was fixing a trach collar that moved to the side and he was desaturating.  He was very strong and his fingernails were never cut because he was a nursing home patient.  I ended up having three bruises on my arm.  Luckily, this was completely healable, but that’s not the point.  A more dramatic case of not controlling the situation with an aggressive patient is in my class, there is a student who works in psych ER where a patient stabbed his coworker in the eye with a pencil.  He no longer can work as a nurse.  I think we as nurses do a great job not talking about workplace violence that we experience.  I think this reason contributes to a nurse’s burnout (sounds like a great DNP project for someone).

I hope doctors read this.  When direct care provider tells you that a patient is aggressive, you have a duty to protect not only that patient but that staff that is carrying out your orders.  

The Signs’ Perfect Professions

ARIES: Soldier/Policeman/Fireman

TAURUS: Lawyer/Judge

GEMINI: Teacher/Professor/Psychologist

CANCER: Pilot/Astronaut

LEO: Actor/Singer

VIRGO: Makeup/Hair Stylist

LIBRA: Doctor/Nurse/Biologist

SCORPIO: Cook/Waiter

SAGITTARIUS: Sportsman/Coach

CAPRICORN: Businessman/Manager/Secretary

AQUARIUS: Journalist/TV Reporter

PISCES: Photographer/Writer

The first time you observed a medical procedure
pjo theatre au

have some theatre au headcanons because it is that time of the year again and ya girl nia is in Theatre Hell™

  • Piper basically lives in the theatre ok aside from volunteering at her local animal shelter sometimes she doesn’t have a life outside of this
  • She is the Drama Queen. Head Thespian.
  • imagine every theatre stereotype you’ve ever heard. that is piper.
  • Jason is literally that kid who remembers everything. He’s memorized the script, all the blocking, all the cues. h o w
  • annabeth is SM and she’s never taken a job this seriously in her entire academic career
  • if you miss a rehearsal without informing her at least two days in advance she will make it her mission to hunt you down
  • nico absolutely hates being in the spotlight but he always volunteers to work crew for a show so annabeth promotes him to ASM
  • they’re both really intimidating so you can imagine the productions the department put on are A1
  • percy was that one swimming jock who decided to give theatre a try and ended up being crazy talented
  • he performed Sante Fe for a showcase one time and everyone was moved to tea r s
  • Leo, Rachel, and Hazel are those who like to double as techies and actors
  • honestly there would probably be no set ever if they didn’t have Leo
  • Rachel is basically #1 when it comes to publicity ok she designs all the posters and t-shirts for the productions
  • she once made everyone “I can’t, I have rehearsal.” T-shirts for the hell of it
  • but when she decides to act in a production she leaves that to Hazel because boy does she immerse herself in her characters
  • She takes method acting so seriously like when she was casted as Madea she literally started a protest outside the school over the dress code
  • piper: “i’m a thespian” someone: “did you say lesbian” piper: “that too”
  • Calypso is in charge of costuming and if she doesn’t make the most beautiful intricate well put together costumes every damn time
  • Frank usually just does run crew and honestly they wouldn’t have it any other way because he can lift set pieces that would usually take like 3 ppl
  • he also goes and gets pizza for everyone during tech week thx frank
  • everyone has seen each other half naked at one point it’s not even weird anymore
  • “nico the production is over you don’t have to wear your show blacks anymore” “what are you talking about these are my normal clothes”
  • it’s a tradition to have the entire cast go out to eat after a final performance in stage makeup and all 
  • everyone in the ihop gives them strange looks
  • the employees are used to it
  • they hate them
  • glitter. glitter everywhere.
  • Antigone. Madea. Oedipus. Trojan Women. Heracles. all sold out.
  • Greek plays are just their specialty lol no one’s sure why
  • once piper and percy convinced half the department to stand on the side of road at a busy intersection and bucket fundraise
  • they also ran around a nearby parking lot for a Wal-Mart and put their show flyers in the windshields of parked cars
  • leo almost got hit by a car twice
  • their director made them run laps when they found out but it was fcking worth it
  • a pre-show tradition they always do is to have everyone drink a cup of tea and then do the penguin dance
  • if you don’t know what the penguin dance is i’m referring to this 
  • someone once dared leo to say the M word for 20 bucks and hE DID RIP IN PEACE
  • that day during their dress rehearsal they had a stage light fall, 3 broken props, one costume malfunction, several missed cues, and their director tripped during a blackout and split their forehead open and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches
  • Annabeth wanted to kill him lol it took Nico Percy and Piper to hold her back

VIXX Dance Party
I assure you, they are all professionals