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  • Person: Hey, whatcha doin' for the weekend?
  • Me: Just the usual.....
  • Me: *sitting in front of my laptop for hours*
  • Me: *wearing my one-week-unwashed hoodie*
  • Me: *bowl of cereal in my hand*
  • Me: *drowning into my fandoms more and more than I originally intended to*
  • Me: ...I'm a very busy person

*slips in through @crystalsoul16‘s door and leaves this before slipping back out*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI!!! Sorry this is a day late…but I hope you like it ^-^ Here’s to another year of fawning over our wonderful, smart and talented husbando <3

spring cleaning, pals

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- A terf, which fits into the above but I especially wanna single out

- Bad Ally Shitty (self-professed “yaoi fangirls”/other fetishizaton, “light it up blue” autism $peaks supporters, “I don’t see race/gender/etc,” AllLivesMatter, I can’t think of more examples but. yknow)

- Ship Shitty (ship incest, age gaps, abusers x their victims, etc, I really just can’t stand this shit)

- I’ll probably add onto this later but that should do the trick for now

cloudychouchou  asked:

What is Doctor Who about? I've never seen it.

*cracks knuckles* I’m so glad you asked. :)

Doctor Who is without a doubt one of the most amazing and addictive television shows ever created (and this is coming from a professed fangirl of more than a decade of watching and obsessing over a variety of show/books/movies etc.)

The Doctor is a Time Lord, an alien from the planet Gallifrey with a TARDIS (the blue Police Box phone booth) which is a machine that can travel anywhere in SPACE or TIME. I particularly like the way Donna Noble put it when she tried to explain what the Doctor does: “He saves planets, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures, and runs a lot…

“ or as the Doctor himself put it, “I’m a madman with a box!”

His race has the ability to regenerate, meaning that when he dies (by age, harm, etc) his entire body gets remade into a new form–this affects his personality and of course his looks, but it’s still the same Doctor and he has all of the same memories.  Because of this he is currently more than 2000 years old (though his age is very wibbly wobbly, a side affect of being a time traveler and constantly changing forms), is on his 13th form played by Peter Capaldi and which the fandom calls the 12th Doctor, and he carries a lot of baggage from all of his different forms: 

(The quote over each silhouette is one most often attributed to that version of the Doctor, but since they are all the same man, sometimes they get referenced in other forms.) 

It’s a show from BBC and therefore most of the characters are played by British actors–but the show has been going on for a very long time. It’s split into two parts: Classic Who and New Who. New Who is what is currently playing now, thanks to the BBC bringing the show back from a ridiculous hiatus in 2005 where it has increased in popularity like never before. The 2005 series starts with the 9th Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston (last silhouette on the right in the second row of the picture above) having survived the Time War, a terrible event that ended with the death of every other Time Lord. The Doctor, who refuses to tell anyone a name other than the Doctor (hence the title Doctor Who) is running from his memories in the war and the grief of the loss of his people. He does so by trying to help out where he can when he finds people in trouble, and by taking on companions:

These are special people who he chooses to bring with him in the TARDIS on his adventures–they help to keep him moral when he starts to loose track of how he should behave or whether or not he should care, they help the audience connect with him, and they keep bringing him back to Earth so that we recognize the setting for at least ¾ths of the episodes as on our planet (even if most of those are during a different time).

No matter which version of the Doctor you are watching at the time you can always count on him being a brilliant mind, a fabulous comedian, and a flawed character–the Doctor is not perfect. This show has it’s share of feels when it comes the time for a Doctor to regenerate or for a companion to leave (all things must end afterall), but it also has truly inspiring messages, hilarious comedy, fantastic character development, terrific monsters, and plot twists that will surprise even the most astute fangirl–the type who has seen/read so much that she can always predict the ending.

I think that’s the best intro to Doctor Who I’ve ever done, and I hope it brings you into the fandom. Series (the BBC version of a season) 1-8 is currently on Netflix so I sincerely hope you go and start watching. Please be patient if you don’t like it at first….most whovians have to watch a few episoded before they really get sucked in, and if you allow yourself to fall in love with The Doctor, the TARDIS, and all of his companions, this show will take you on a journey that you will never forget and never regret. :)

…Just for laughs, here’s another post I made about how hard it is to explain Doctor Who, though don’t expect it to make sense until after you’ve actually watched the show. Let me know how it goes!!

One year in the Troyler fandom/family!

Hello everyone, today, valentines day, it’s been one year since i saw the Boyfriend tag and fell in love with tyleroakley and troyesivan. My life changed from just a random girl to a profession fangirl in one day, oops! 

Here we are, one year later, still obsessed and a tumblr full of their pretty faces. I have almost 2000 followers here, and I’m so thankful for that. 

And this day will be the only day i will ever do a follow forever! 

First of all, three of the best people I’ve met on tumblr;

troylersnugget, I’ve been on the internet for 9 years i think, but you’re the only person i’ve ever met in person! You’re so sweet and i loved that day and i want to see you again! 

tylerslittleshit, Julija, you’re absolutely awesome! Thanks to your tinychats i’ve talked to so many people but mostly you! I loved sending you (not so) daily messages of love and I’M GONNA TRY TO DO THAT AGAIN!

troyler-ofc, i don’t talk to you that much anymore, but i love or little chats! If you’re ever bored, just text me!

And then, lots of awesome blogs on tumblr that you should follow right now:

alfpacas, ayetroyler, ayytroyler, ayeoakley, ayysivan, aslayzingtroye, adoringoakley, adoringfrentus, amazingtroyleronfire, amazingtroye, beautifultroyler, bryce-ashley, bigdaddysivan, boytoynamedtrxye, blahtroylerconsivan, danlsnotonfire, danscrotch, dil-howlter, donut-call-me-tilly, everything-oakley, fansoftyleroakley, fansoftyleroakley, frentus-wants-to-frickle-frack, fricksivan, fr3ntus, frentusmellet, fuckyeah-troyesivan, forever-troyler, fluffytroyler, flannelhowell, gladyousaidhi, glintingoakley

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And ofcouse the amazing tyleroakley and troyesivan

Thank you for an amazing year! 

xx Nele