profesor layton vs ace attorney


Carrying on from last week’s issue, Famitsu has an article describing more of the Witch Trial Phoenix takes part in, as well as some new art and screenshots.

Phoenix regains his memories at Mahoney’s trial, but without knowing the laws of the world, there’s no way he can defend her.  Luckily, Layton arrives to deliver the “Complete Works on Witches”, the book he found during his portion of the game.

Using the book, Phoenix is able to start questioning on Mahoney’s alleged use of spells.  In particular, he learns the staff she supposedly used takes special stones that correspond to particular spells.  And while there’s a stone for the spell she’s accused of using to kill her attackers, there’s another one set in it as well.

What’s more, as there’s of course no such thing as photography in Labyrinth City, Phoenix is forced to rely on sketches based on the witness’ testimony to serve as a way to consider the crime scene.  Is it possible there are contradictions within these sketches as well?

The rest of the article describes the Mob Trial system, as we’ve seen before.

Hit up the source link for more screens.  And it seems hard to believe, but the game is out in Japan in just two weeks!


With just about a week until Japanese release, we’ve got a whole bunch of new Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney info coming your way!

First off, the video above is the two new TV commercials for the game that start airing today.  You can catch some new puzzles and the like if you look closely, and in the first one you can hear Phoenix saying “Your honor! This puzzle is contradictory!” Sounds like we may get puzzles in the courtroom after all.

Next up, the Japanese gaming magazines are digging into PLvsAA with gusto.  We’ll hopefully have scans or photos in the next few days, but for now you’ll just have to settle for text, I’m afraid. 

The game scored 9/9/9/8 in Famitsu (which uses 4 reviews with a 10-point scale) for a total of 35/40. For reference, Ace Attorney Investigations 2 scored 8/8/8/8.

Meanwhile, in Nintendo Dream, there was a lengthy article and interviews with various members of the staff.  A user on 2ch gives us a digest:

Layton and Luke’s illustrations were also done by [Kazuya] Nuri. [A Capcom character designer.]

Akihiro Hino [Head of Level-5] felt that Takumi was really able to make Layton feel like Layton in his writing.

The reason Luke’s clothes changed from the initial trailer was because they were still deciding whether or not to include Emmy [a main character in the prequel Layton games] in the game. Once they decided Layton and Luke were fine on their own, they changed Luke’s costume so it wasn’t the one from the Layton prequel trilogy.

The court sections are said to match a Layton game in general difficulty, with a max of only 8 pieces of evidence in the Court Record at any given time.

Two years sure flew by fast, eh?