• democrats:*quietly* fuck the disabled. eugenics would be a better option... sterilize them... put them in institutions...keep them homeless or in prison... whatever... get them out of my sight.
  • them:The democrats clearly care more about disabled people than republicans.

| Разъебать | Raz-ebat’ (verb) | [raz”jebat’] | To fuck something/someone up |

So listen, this awesome letter “ъ” does not have a pronounciation. Like when you sing the alphabet out loud, when you get to the letters “ь” and “ъ”, you say “soft sign” and “hard sign”. Basically, the soft sign makes the letter that precedes it softer and the hard sign… well, it kind of separates one word into two. Like in this word. It’s one word, but when you say it, it’s like you’re separating the word into two. I know, man, Russian is a fucking hard language, but it’s so awesome.

you again? (part one)

request: “OH GOD! I forgot how to request 😅 sorry! I put it on the submit!! But i was not lying when i said i love your story! If you can! I would love you to make this! Oneshot/series/imagines - whateve you decide – Joker and reader were childhood friend but then they separate to live their life and then they met again but this time they forget each other! Their relationship slowly develops and their memories starts to regain! But Joker will still be insane ( jared ) - if you can make harley jeolous!”

note:: its not going to be exactly like this but i think you’ll like it:) btw for all of you none weed experts; loud is a good type of marijuana while reggie is shitty.

characters: joker x reader

warnings: drug dealing, marijuana, profanity, sex, batsy being cranky, mentions of rape and murder

Everyone knew who you were. They called you the banshee.You were the whisper in the wind. The goosebumps at night. The howl to the wolf. You were the sole reason Gotham was still up and running.

Sure, it wasn’t exactly legal, but any money is good money. You ran the biggest drug cartel in the world. You had weed farms all over the continents. It made people happy, and made you money.

It was shipment night for the weed in Gotham. You had truck loads to deliver and a set time to get it all delivered.

Your heels clacked around the cement building where bricks of pot were stacked up high. You took a deep breath and your eyes fluttered at the sweet smell of the intoxicating plant.

You pulled out a pre-rolled blunt and stuck the stick in between your lips. The sliver lighter in your fingers sparked and the sweet smell of the grape blunt filled your nose. You took a drag of the drug, its warm smoke filling every inch of your lungs.

The mind-numbing happiness is why you did what you did. Why was making other people happy a crime? You didn’t know why, and honestly you didn’t give a fuck to know why.

The last truck was being loaded and your goons walked around, taking a brick each for themselves as a treat. You didn’t mind, of course you were up in the clouds.

The sound of something bursting through the window caught your attention and you sat down on a bench, waiting for the masked hero to appear. “Banshee, nice to see you doing well.” Batman walked towards you slowly, you smiled putting the blunt back in your lips and taking a drag.

“You don’t look half bad yourself batsy.” You laughed and he shook his head, pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

“You know I gotta take you in.” He stated starting to advance towards you.

You held up your hand and laughed. Your hair fell in your face because you couldn’t stop laughing. Batman just sat there confused, what had he said that was so funny?

“You’re gonna arrest me?” You laughed loudly and slapped your hand on your thigh. “You’re gonna arrest me for making people happy?” Your laughter had died down a bit and you tapped the ash off the top of your blunt. Standing up, you placed the blunt back in your mouth and walked up to the caped crusader.

“Don’t your have bigger problems to worry about than drugs? You realize people are getting raped and murdered out there right? Guess what batsy, people ask for drugs. No one asks to get killed or raped.” You blew the smoke held in your lungs onto his face, then you walked your fingers up his chest and pulled him close. “You know why they call me the banshee?”

“No, why do they?” He grumbled out, feeling uncomfortable with how you had him pressed up against you.

“Because my shit is so loud, it got me moving slow-mo.” Then a huge puff of smoke exploded in batman’s face, he felt your arms leave his body, and when the smoke cleared he found himself cuffed to a pole.


Your heels clacked on the side walk as the sky opened up and rain fell in large droplets. You took a mango blunt out of your bra and stuck that between your wet lips. The flame from the lighter lit up your face as you inhaled the smoke once again.

As you kept walking, a car pulled up next to you, driving extremely slow. You turned your head to see a purple lamborghini with tinted windows. You pulled the blunt back to your lips and took another hit. The windows rolled down to reveal none other than the joker.

“Mistah J, how nice to see you.” You smiled, and continued walking as he drove next to you.

The Joker was just another bad guy in Gotham. You had run into him on occasion but it was never anything special. He was just another looney in your opinion.

“Banshee, looking stunning as usual.” He smiled, his silver set of teeth gleaming under the street light.

“Always the flatterer, aren’t ya?” You laughed, blowing smoke out of your nose.

“I found something out earlier. Why you look so damn familiar.” You stopped walking and faced him with a smile, running your tongue across your teeth.

“Oh? Do tell.”

“Lets go for a drive.”

The speeding lamborghini made your cheeks hurt with how much you were smiling. “So, Mistah J, why do I look so damn familiar?” You mocked his voice and smiled as he rolled his eyes playfully.

“We went to school together. You and me, (Y/N).” He laughed loudly and your smile dropped.

“Jack?” He leaned towards you with a smile and winked, before you smiled brightly and grabbed his face, kissing him on the cheek. “You devil! How have you been? I didn’t even reconstruction you with the green hair and bleached skin yanno’?”

“I figured out it was you when i saw the pot leaf tattoo behind your ear.” You laughed loudly and pushed your hair out of the way, revealing your tattoo.

“What the hell happened to you man? After you went to college, you just stopped talking to me. And now… Now you’re like this.” You asked, slightly saddened at the memory of J not calling you back all those times.

“Shit got complicated.” He snapped out, making you jump a little bit as his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. He noticed you get uncomfortable and he sighed, angry because he always lost his temper so quickly. Ironic, really. “What happened to you? You were just some pot head girl who wanted to change the world last time I checked.”

You smiled and looked out the window, glancing at him in the reflection. “I grew up. Obviously, I didn’t grow out of the pot thing, but the dream of changing the world is dead. The world doesn’t change unless it wants to. So I stopped trying.”

It got quiet for awhile until the car stopped, and you noticed you had arrived at what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. “You comin’ in or no?”

note: this will be three parts; the third will be smut:)

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His Kinks

#20 supernatural preference



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Dirty Talking. It’s no secret that Dean has a filthy mouth on him, but when you’d whisper something dirty into his ear, he could climax solely from that. The sound of your usually innocent voice mixed with very, very naughty words makes the blood flow to all the right places. So when he was away on a hunt, and you were craving that sweet release, all you had to do was shoot him a call and hear him practically turning into putty in your hands. He would never admit it, but he loves it when you speak dirty profanity whenever you’re out together, because he enjoys the feeling of that rush of anyone being able to catch you; but you do it anyways, just so that he would punish you when you get back to wherever the two of you were staying that night.


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Yes, daddy…. So, Sam would be pretty dominating in the bedroom. Because he would be all cute and cuddly when he’s out and about with you in public and on the day to day, but when the bedroom door closes, he doesn’t hesitate to show you exactly who you belong to. And it was one late night when you had too much too drink after celebrating a successful hunt when you were messing around with him, and jokingly said “Daddy please fuck me!” But when he tensed up you knew you hit the mark, and ever since, if you call him anything else but daddy you would be punished and teased relentlessly.
Profanity Peak wolf pack to be exterminated after cattle kills
The Profanity Wolf Pack has been sentenced to extermination after resuming attacks on cattle this week, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department announced Friday.

The Profanity Peak wolf pack has been sentenced to extermination after resuming attacks on cattle this week, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department announced Friday.

State wildlife biologists received authorization to remove the Ferry County wolf pack after investigating two calf carcasses and an injured calf in a Colville National Forest grazing area.

The injured calf was classified as the subject of a confirmed wolf attack and the dead calves as subjects of probable wolf attacks, the agency said in a release. Since mid-July, WDFW has confirmed that wolves have killed or injured six cattle and probably five others, based on staff investigations.

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Hostage ( Ksi Imagine )

Warning: Mentions death, swearing and hostage situation

Reader x Jj

Summary: You are at a YouTube meetup and during the convention three armed assailants started shooting and you are able to escape into the bathroom with Jj


Everything happened in a rush as shots were shot throughout the meet up. In the midst of the chaos you had been able to escape into the bathroom. You had simply come to meet Fangs seeing as you were a long time fan and during the meetup three armed men pulled out guns and started yelling for everyone to get down.

During the midst of confusion and panic you had been able to escape into the bathroom. As you ran into the bathroom it was empty except for a single stall that was shut. You didn’t notice and let out a string of profanities as your shaking hands locked the doors.

You could hear yelling outside and it only added to your panic as you looked around the bathroom trying to get a grip. “Of course the one chance I get to meet Fangs is fucking ruined” you muttered trying to put humor into your voice but, it came out as a grimace. “That’s a bit selfish don’t you think” you heard a man’s voice from the stall.

He walked out and you recognized it as Ksi. You hadn’t really been a fan but, you knew of him. Its hard not to know a guy with 14 million subscribers. You glared at the man in front of you. “You should be out there. Shit! They’re going to notice you not there. Fuck” you growled and ran a hand through your hair stressed.

“Your fucked if you think I’m willingly going out there” he told you. You glared at him “you can’t honestly believe I thought you’d go out there” you muttered and remembered your task ar hand, escaping. You looked around the small bathroom and saw a small window. “You got a cell phone on you?” you asked Jj.

He smirked and nodded. “Good, come here” you told him and brushed past him to the small window that would most likely be big enough for you both to escape. You could hear them yelling Ksi outside and you felt the urgency to escape rise again and you rushed to the window. Jj following closely behind you.

“Gimme a boost would you” you said and he nodded eagerly. “Once I get up I’ll pull you up” you told him and he seemed unsure. “How do I know you won’t leave me?” he asked. You glared at him for a moment “you have the phone, I can’t call 999 without you” you muttered and he bent down to give you a lift.

Putting your foot in his cupped hand you steadied yourself. “Don’t fucking drop me” you told him and he chuckle dryly. “Watch for glass” you muttered. “Wh-” you cut him off by slamming your elbow into the glass window and the loud shattering of the glass was heard throughout the building. You heard shouting getting closer to the bathroom door and soon slamming was heard against the door and you knew it would be a matter of time before it broke open.

Jj pushed you up urgently “Hurry the fuck up!” he said as you crawled through the window. The drop was but a few feet and you landed on the ledge of the second story building. “Jj, we’re on the second story” you said. “I don’t care just hold onto the ledge, there’s a dumpster not too far we can jump into” he informed you. Gripping the edge of the window, you ignored the glass shards that pierced into you skin as you held you weight against the building. Wind blew viciously and your hair blew in your fave obnoxiously.

You gripped Jj’s arm tightly as you pulled him out window. Helping him gain his balance on the ledge you started to look around for the dumpster. “Oh fuck” he mumbled behind you. You turned to him and saw his eyes shut tightlt. “You’re scared of heights, seriously now!?” you exclaimed and he gave you a sheepish look. You looked around the parking lot you saw a dumper filled with trash bags that was probably a 7ft drop. “Jj, I see the dumpster” you muttered and you gripped his hand tightly.

As you let go of the window blood seeped from the cut in your hand but, it didn’t faze knowing that at least you didn’t escape with a bullet hole. “Oh shit” he muttered and gripped you tightly. As you shuffled around the edge of the building you saw people gathering. Fans that didn’t get tickets had sat outside the building hoping to see the Youtubers afterwards stared in shock.

“Help!” you called meekly. “There’s three armed men inside the building holding everyone hostage!” you screamed out. You could make out people holding phones to their ears. “Call the police!” Jj added and you continued shuffling until you had made it to the dumpster below you. Fans gathered around the bottom unsure as to whether you would jump.

“Oh shit, I’m not fucking jumping!” you yelled out as you were paralyzed with fear. Finally you heard a crash of the bathroom door collapsing and you felt a scream escape your lips as a man looked out the window with a gun in hand. “Yes you are” Jj mumbled and you screamed as he pushed you off the ledge. You crashed onto the trash bags with a thud and sharp pain pierce at your forehead as people desperately pulled you out of the dumpster.

You felt blood trickle down your forehead from the impact but, you were relatively fine. You heard a loud gunshot as Jj cried out in pain and fell into the dumpster you had been pulled out of. People pulled him out and laid him against the pavement next to you. People began making room as Jj cried out in pain.

You turned to see he’d been shot. Blood covered his shirt and arm and gushed out. You had actually studied to become a doctor in college but, instead gave up the dream but, knew what to do.

You yelled out that you needed space and some older fans started to make room and pushing people out the way. Jj let out a string if profanities “where does it hurt Jj” you asked him and you laid him on the ground carefully. “Just my arm” he shook his head. You help his shirt off and help him sit up. He winced in pain letting out a swear. You used his shirt and told him to hold out his arm a bit. You started to apply pressure towards the bullet wound. You heard panicked whispers around you but, you ignored it. Blood stained your clothes but, you continued helping Jj. “Okay, is the police on the way!?” you called out and people spoke out saying they had called. Just as you spoke the door to the building slammed open and about a dozen people ran out, one of which you recognized as Simon. He yelled out for Jj and people dorected him to the now forming crowd. He pushed through the crowd and I could hear his breath hitch as he spotted his long known friend. He ran over and muttered under his breath. “What happened” he asked and I shook my head no. “Distract him” I told him and he paused. “How the hell am I going to distract him when he’s been shot!?” Simon cried making Jj chuckle. “Just do it you fucking sket” you swore at him making Jj giggle even more. “Okay then, how’s things been going. How are the kids? Hows the wife” Simon asked getting the hint. Jj chuckled, “uhm, wife is good, kids are graduating and I have a fucking bullet in my arm” Jj said casually. Simon looked a wreck. “Jesus, you should see your face Si. You look like a bitch” Jj muttered and before Simon could speak police sirens were heard. At the noise of the cops, more people flooded out of the building and a few Youtubers ran over seeing Jj. By the time police brought out the armed men, All of the sidemen were next to you talking to Jj. The paramedics came and took over and cleaned your cut. Afterwards, Simon came up to you. “Hey, I want to thank you. For helping Jj y'know” he said and you nodded and shook it off. “Its cool, I’m sure he’ll be alright” you told him. “Here’s my number, you can come visit him in the hospital and he can thank you himself” Simon told you and handed you a piece of paper.

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Sollux hears his lusus grumble as well. Do they grumble because they’re hungry, or has something happened to agitate them? Maybe when they get prototyped, we can find out why.

Well, we’ve already seen meteors coming down in the distance when we last saw Gamzee. Perhaps another version of the game is out there? Or did Sollux put it up on their version of bittorrent and it’s spread like a… virus?

That’s the sound of me getting shamed in Discord. :)

I guess the meteors are causing Sollux’s lusus to grumble. I could be wrong; maybe each lusus knows each other lusus, and the bicyclops is grumbling because one of them has died. In any case, does the bicyclops know something we don’t?

Also, a little trivia. The arch that the bicyclops is tied to on top of the hive stem looks like a torii, a traditional Japanese gate. It is supposed to symbolize the transition from the profane to the sacred. Heh, perhaps that’s a commentary about the Gates in the game?

… Oh, hell. AA, please don’t hurt the bicyclops.  

Summary: This is for @mrswhozeewhatsis‘s Louden Swain challenge. I chose the song Codependent. My story is kind of an AU, in which Sam is in hell. Charlie and Benny are both alive and worried about Dean and his addiction to hunting. He’s sort of transferred his codependency issues with Sam and is now dependent on hunting. Direct quotes from the song are in bold, paraphrased quotes are in italics.

Pairing: None

Characters: Dean, Benny, Charlie, Sam (mentioned)

Word Count: 800+

Warnings: Profanity and Angst

“Thanks for meeting me Benny. I’m probably overreacting, but I haven’t heard from Dean in weeks, and when you said you hadn’t either, I guess I panicked.” Charlie is standing outside the bunker, talking a mile a minute. When she’s worried she tends to babble, and being worried about Dean makes her babble twice as much.

“It’s no problem, Charlie. I’m worried about him too.” Benny replies.

They both enter the bunker. “Ugh, what is that smell?” Charlie asks, wrinkling her nose.

“Rotten food, I think. Lord, it’s terrible.” Benny says, holding his nose. “I wonder where Dean is?”

“Follow the smell, he’s probably in the middle of the source.” Charlie jokes weakly.

They continue through the bunker and finally find Dean in his room, sprawled on his bed with his laptop. Half-eaten pizzas and empty beer bottles litter the room. “Dean?” Charlie says softly.

He jumps out of bed, wielding a knife. “Oh shit, it’s just you guys. What are you doing here?”

“Did you not get my messages? I called like eight times, tried you on your cell. All your cells.”

“Me too.” Benny echoed. “What’s going on, brother?”

“Not much, just been busy. Hunting and killing stuff, you guys know how it goes.” Dean replies, picking up a beer and taking a swig. He makes a face and sets it back down. “Ugh, warm beer is disgusting.”

Charlie exchanges a glance with Benny. “Um, Dean? We came all this way because we’re a little, well, a little a worried about you. You’ve been hunting nonstop these past few weeks. I heard you took out a nest of 8 vamps all by yourself in Toledo. You could have gotten hurt.”

“What do you want me to say Charlie? That I’m fine? That I’m doing great? Cause I’m not. Sam’s gone and there ain’t nobody else here with me. I’m doing all this on my own, because I’m all I have now.” Dean snaps, running a hand through his hair.

“That’s not true, and you know it brother. Charlie and I are here for you, always have been, always will be.” Benny protests.

“You guys don’t need me. Hell, you’re better friends with each other than with me.

“Stop it, that isn’t true.” Charlie argues. “We’re your friends and we love you. We’re here for you. Talk to us.”

“Nothing to talk about. I just want to hunt. It’s all I care about now. All I can focus on. If I think about anything else, it hurts too damn much. I just follow the hunt and go where it takes me. It’s just easier that way.”

“Dean, you can’t keep going like this. It’s not healthy. You need to get some rest, to let the hunt go for a while. You’re depending on it too much, letting it replace Sam.”

Dean picks up a beer bottle and throws it across the room, shattering the glass and splattering foam all over the wall. “Nothing will replace Sam! That’s the damn problem! I’m alone and I’m no good at it! I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know how to be without him.” He falls onto his knees and heart-wrenching sobs rack his body.

Instantly, Charlie is on her knees beside him, wrapping her arms around him. Benny comes to stand behind Dean, his hand on his shoulder. They stay silent, letting him weep. His crying goes on for what seems like hours.

Finally, his tears subside and Charlie releases her grip on him. “Dean, I know we aren’t Sam, and we will never take his place, but we love you just as much. We will always be here for you. You just have to let us in; let us be here.”

“She’s right Dean. We’re your friends. After everything you’ve done for us, we owe you our lives. Just let us help you, okay?”

Dean nods. “You’re right. I can’t stay like this, obsessed with the hunt and closed off from everyone. It’s killing me.”

He stands and hugs them both. “Thanks for being here for me. I can’t find the words to say how much I appreciate you guys. It means a lot. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“Maybe you could take a shower, and Benny and I will start cleaning up this place? No offense Dean, but it smells like something died in here.”

Dean heads for the bathroom and Charlie gets the broom and trash can.

Benny bends and starts picking up pizza boxes. “I think we got through to him. Depending on the hunt to make him feel better, it was no good for him. Would have gotten him killed.”

“Yeah, but now he’s depending on us. I don’t know how we’re going to handle him.”

“I know. He’s a ticking time bomb, but do you have any better ideas?” Benny asks.

“I do.” Charlie replies, a determined expression coming across her face. “I’m going to find a way to bring Sam back.”

Thanks so much to @lucifer-in-leather for listening to my ideas and reviewing this for me. I appreciate it!

@fiftysevenacademics the article I was reading for anthro (Ritual in Human Society) was from 2010 and of a rather skeptical position. They have behavior that serves practical communication purposes but not much else, and there’s no way of sitting a chimp down and asking it what its view on the universe is. It’d just bite you.

And from a religious studies perspective (half of my academic background) the definition of religion is hard to pin down. I myself subscribe mostly to Eliade’s theory of the sacred and profane. There’s no way that chimps have a god or a concept of the sacred just because we share a good deal of traits. Animals don’t show the adaptability that humans do, which is responsible for the development of religion (hoping I don’t sound too much like Tylor and Frazer here). If chimps ever evolve to that point I will fear for my life.

Of course I don’t expect the media to understand science or religious studies.

look at this disaster.

             IN A WAY, he reminds her of getaria. getaria certainly was not loud, and certainly not as profanely rude, but she remembers the screams of children playing with each other. siblings chirping of jokes and teasing insults, always running about barefoot on the dirt roads. it’s hard to remember getaria. it’s what she was before she was PILGRIM SOLDIER, and anything before that hardly matters. children screeching in delight…where was naia?

                                                      ( she was working. )

                not that she minded. she never really knew anything different as the young orphan that worked to keep her place in jokim’s house, which was very kind of him, considering she was not a boy and thus simply another mouth to feed. but now, with this koschei’s incessant and obnoxious chatter, for the first time, naia doesn’t feel that disconnect of solitude she’s felt all her life.

                                          ‘ …you did not do half those things.

                                      if one looks closely, her cheeks would be
                                             rounded in something like a smile.