prof rowan

real talk though:

sinnoh remakes??? or……….sinnoh sequels

So about Moon being from a family of scholars… Looking back at the DP arc, Prof Rowan says (in both English and in Japanese versions) that Platinum was the only daughter of Sir Berlitz. So… even if Moon is related to the Berlitz family, she’s not going to be Platinum’s sister. … Unless Platinum’s parents had another daughter shortly after DPPt. Given the estimated time gap between DP and SM, it’s certainly possible. And the time gap isn’t enough for Moon to be Platinum’s daughter. … Unless SM is a LOT further down the timeline than expected.

Pokemon Challenge

Okay. Missed yesterday ‘cause I was at a party… it was a … fun… party XD

Right on with the thingy…Day 19/30 - Favorite Elite 4 member/Champion.-

Steve I guess XD Use my favourite pokemon and THRASH him with like one move. Axel [Blaziken] ftw. XD BUUUTT…. Cynthia or Lance is are more fun. Lance was difficult with his freaking dragons… but fun :)

Aaaand…. Day  20/30 - Favorite Pokemon Professor.

Rowan was my favourite! :3 but Oak is okay :) this comic of Oak always makes me laugh XD