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I’m good, I’m fine
This life’s divine
No hate, no shame
No one to blame
You might despise
Your life with lies
I won’t chastise
Even if you think you can.

-Hater, KORN 

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I love Charles Xavier with all my heart! ♥

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supercat appreciation meme: tropes (pt. i)


Episode 06

I won’t admit to anything that isn’t true because people are watching. There’s no way you will be my mum. Wake up if you think you can use people against me.

jazzinjeans  asked:

Hey Jennnaaaa !! I hate to be one of *those* people, but will you prettttyy please give a tiny update on TSC?? I need to know if I can spend my money or I need to save it for the book <33

I’m not sure what more I can say besides what I’ve already said here. Are you looking for a progress report? I’m currently on chapters 14 and 15 of round 1 of the TSC prof edit. 

for our design workshop preliminaries. our professor wanted a ///colorful/// typographical portrait of a famous celebrity so i had chosen benedict cumberbatch as sherlock holmes from the abominable bride

illustrator cc