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Bacteria Art

This bacteria art developed by Prof. Eshel Ben-Jacob, The Maguy-Glass Professor, in Physics of Complex Systems, School of Physics and Astronomy at Tel Aviv University

The structures and forms bacteria can take when multiplying in a petri dish can be quite psychedelic. This fractal looking - “could be album cover” was created by introducing environmental stress onto a colony of bacteria.

Gosho aoyama's interview in SDB60+

Interview - WIP
(Status: 55/71)
1. I want to see Yukiko sing “いないいないばあ”  to Conan! [TL note: 『いないいないばあっ!』is a famous NHK programme]
A: You do? (laugh)
2. Why does Akai always wear cap? 
A: Because it’s his trademark.
3. We haven’t learned about Takagi’s private life and past yet! Please tell me something.
A. I’ll draw that after some times.
4. From which volume does the scene showing Kazuha practicing at the Aikido Club come from?
A: In that file with the charm (please see Vol. 66).
5. Are Chianti and Korn dating?
A: No.
6. Is it problematic that Conan can usually hear private information and the like while wearing eavesdropping devices?
A. Very problematic! (laugh)
7. Does Jodie pretend that she enjoys Japanese games?
A: You can tell from her looks that she truly enjoy them.
8. Why did Chiba never tie a tie?
A: Because he can’t tie? (laugh)
9. When is Ran’s birthday? When will you write about it?
A: I really want to write it.
10. Please tell me Sonoko’s birthday.
A: I’ll probably write about that in the future.
11. The characters use different first person pronouns like “オレ” (ore - katakana), “俺" (ore - kanji), "わたし” (watashi - hiragana), “私” (watashi - kanji). Is there any special meaning behind this?
A: Because the hiragana usage of “watashi” is really cute. I learned to make high school students use “ore” from Adachi-sensei  [TL note: Adachi Mitsuru]
12. Will there be any more shrunken victim of APTX4869?
A: Ha ha ha… (laugh)
13. Why must APTX4869 be in the form of capsules, but not tablets or powder?
A: Because “AKIRA” feels cool. [TL note: I don’t know what he’s talking about] [BD note: I don’t get it either]
14. Does Kudo Shinichi’s “Shinichi” come from the science fiction writer Hoshi Shinichi?
A: (It actually does) Surprise?! (laugh) [BD note: Not sure about this one]
15. Why has the shop owner of Poirot never appeared before?
A: How to say this… (laugh)
16. Will anyone on Conan’s side die in the end?
A: Maybe. Maybe not. Please wait in joy! That wouldn’t be joyful, would it? (laugh)
17. How did Shinichi come across the Holmes novels? How old was he?
A: He read them when he was still a child.  
18. I want to see Shiho riding a Harley. Are you planning to draw something like that?
A: I really want to.
19. I want to see Ran wearing uniform swimsuit. [BD note: Is that the term?]
A: I want to see it too. (laugh)
20. Are Agasa’s inventions increasing in number?
A: They are, I’ll introduce them when necessary. [BD note: Not sure about this one]
21. Will there be any development with Prof. Agasa’s love story?
A: That would be quite interesting.
22. If Sonoko marries Makoto, will he become a live-in son-in-law of the Suzuki family?
A: How to say this… (laugh)
23. Is Okiya even going to the academy? Why does he always seem to have so much leisure at home?
A: Ahahaha… (laugh)
24. If Haibara’s mother is still alive, would she have accepted the FBI’s WPP and went somewhere else to research APTX?
A: Oh you’re good (laugh). (No, [she] wouldn’t)
25. I really like Haibara! Please tell me her bust size when she was Shiho!
A: I’d like to know too. (laugh)
26. It is said that those with bad visual acuity will also have bad dynamic visual acuity. [BD note: Not sure about the terms] So Makoto, who could dodge bullets, has bad vision? Or is he wearing Date glasses?
A: No. He’s just that good.
27. Is Makoto’s younger sister gonna appear?
A: I want to introduce her… How should it be…?
28. I want to know the story when the Kudo couple began to fall in love with one another. When can I read it?
A: There will be probably.
29. Doesn’t Takagi have any childhood story?
A: I’ll probably draw that.
30. What were Heiji and Sonoko’s records on [BD note: Not sure how to translate this, seems to be some kind of sport activity]?
A: Heiji would be pretty good, but that’s not the case with Sonoko! (laugh)
31. Will Yumi and Shuukichi reunite?
A: I’m planning to draw about it in the near future. [BD note: He probably did with the recent Shogi case]
32. I extremely like Ran. I want to become someone like her, how can I do it?
A: First make your hair look like a pointy horn… That’s impossible right? (laugh)
33. How did Ran and Sonoko become close friends?
A: I definitely want to write that story.
34. Will there be a story involving the police academy?
A: I’ll probably write it in the future.
35: The DB won’t have any new member? I want new member(s).
A: If there was it would be quite troublesome to draw. (laugh)
36. In the mermaid case, the name “Shiho Miyano” was shown among the guest list, then Conan thought to himself “That guy doesn’t look like the type to pursue eternal life and youth.” Was that some kind of foreshadowing?
A: It was.
37. Was Date’s accident related to the BO?
A: No.
38. Is there a connection between BO and Tottori Prefecture?
A: No. (big laugh)
39. Since when has the BO existed?
A: Wasn’t it a pretty long time ago?
40. When the showdown with the BO comes, just in case, will Sato die in the line of duty?
A: Can’t say.
41. When will we know the truth about Itakura’s program?
A: Had you understood it after reading, you’d already have figured it out at that time. [BD note: I’m not sure when did he mean by “that time”]
42. If you could become a Conan character in one day, who would you want to be, what would you do?
A: I want to be Ran and go have a bath ♥
43. Let me ask this straight, have you already come up with the ending for Conan?
A: Of course!!
44. What’s your opinion about Sato?
A: I want to meet her in person.
45. Who is the Boss?
A: It’s… that one… That one!!
46. Do you sometimes wish to see yourself in the manga?
A: I appeared in every volume’s cover. Although I have to face some major crises every time. (sweating)
47. Which code was the hardest to create?
A: The one with the Sun, the Moon, and the stars (Vol. 12).
48. Do you watch every TV episode of Conan?
A: Of course!!
49. Have Ran found out about Conan’s identity or not?
A: How to say this… She will gradually.
50. Which is your most favorite character of Conan Doyle’s?
A: Holmes.
51. Should we call Yukiko-oneesan or obasan?
A: If it was me I would call “oneesan”. (uses shivering voice)
52. What would you do if you had a long time to rest?
A: Travel! Also watch WC in Brazil!!
53. You come up with new materials when recover your mental strength, right? Also, when do you recover your mental strength?
A: When I sleep! Also when I wake up from sleep after working, or have a doze after returning from the toilet. (laugh)
54. In which order do you come up with a character’s appearance and personality?
A: Personality then appearance.
55. Do you come up with the characters’ clothes alone?
A: I also took a look at my friends’ clothes.
(Note: Not part of the interview above but presumably also comes from SDB60+)
Inside the Org., there is a boss who is called “That person”. This person hasn’t appeared in front of Conan. Their name and gender are still mysteries. The only known information is “dialing the Boss’ email address will create the sound of ‘Nanatsu no Ko’”.

i have a meeting with a ‘panel’ of bio profs to get my senior thesis ‘approved’ tomorrow and everyone in the bio department thinks im an idiot unless they are someone who taught a class on fish or wetlands. like all the cell bio/physiology/development/microbio profs that i’ve had think im an idiot. and honestly? cant wait for them to smell what’s cookin’ in my thesis pot. i walk in. they laugh to themselves and raise their eyebrows. i wow them with my knowledge of 1 genus of subtropical livebearers