good times

bughead fanfiction - unbeta’d - oneshot


“Important encounters are planned
by the souls long before the bodies
see each other.”
—Paulo Coelho

Jughead Jones has a specific spot at his local diner.

He has a routine every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He wakes up, goes to his morning class, spends the next three hours at a 50’s themed diner named ‘Good Times’, goes back to campus for his final two classes before retiring back to his dorm for an evening of video games, studying or Netflix binging.

He’s been a regular for the past two years since moving to Atlanta, Georgia.

The owner of the restaurant knows him by name. The employees know his order by heart and they take no offense to his poor socializing skills—or rather, lack thereof. And while he has no literal claim to the small booth by the restaurant’s main window facing the city, Jughead knows that most people who frequent the establishment know that table is his.

So it’s a bit of a surprise when, on a regular Monday morning, Jughead discovers someone’s sitting in his booth.

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