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Bonus Request #10 

Requested by theluckykind

This was a lot of fun to do! I love dark blues with gold, it’s a match made in designer heaven (who would want any other kind of heaven?). It reminds me a little of porcelain vases with gold lining. How pretty! I need to water down the gold ink next time I use it for lettering, it’s quite thick right now. It’s water-based so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue :)

Illustrations: Watercolours, watercolour pencils and gold ink

Lettering: Gold ink - brush lettering


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you know im just so pissed at the fact of johns obvious favoritism form production the fact that john slept the whole time during the feeds but they gave him the ‘woke’ edit in the DR yet Jackie has been calling out shady behavior up front on her own eneimes and wasnt afraid of fear in the game and always spoke her mind when she needed to she even when she went awf on multiple occasions yet never got the edit she rightfully deserved compared to john and we all know who production would ask back if it was between her and john 

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Finished painting this: my tribute to the glowing and illustrious green-haired goddess ♥ ‘twas much fun…I want to develop this sort of style more in the future.

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Indigo Studs w/Lady Queen Beauty

Hello Lovelies!

I have a nail art review for you today! A couple weeks ago Lady Queen Beauty emailed me to ask if I’d like to review some of their nail art supplies, and I jumped at the chance! Their online store is very similar to Born Pretty, they have a ton of nail art supplies and polish, but they also have clothes, cutesy stationary, etc.

The studs I’m reviewing today came in a little nail art wheel full of different shapes and colors of studs. I was originally going to use a triangle stud on each nail, but my nails were too curvy for them to lay flat. I know curvy nails mean stronger nails, but they make using studs and stickers difficult! And another exciting part of today’s post, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I’ve gone to coffin nails! My almonds were starting to get a tad dull, and I’ve been drooling over coffin nails on Instagram for weeks, so I took the plunge and chopped my tips off! And I’m loving the new look~

I started these nails off with two coats of L'oreal Classic Indigo, and then I stamped the copper design with Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Copper Gold & the GoGo Only St.Merry plate. Since my base polish has a textured finish I used a tiny dab of nail glue to attach the studs; usually I reach for clear coat.

If you want to check out Lady Queen Beauty’s site, click here! And here’s a code just for you that’s good for 15% off order: MWLC15

See you later~

@xbrainflowerx hooked his client up with a Daith jewelry upgrade today! The Queen Of Hearts solid gold ring looks perfect in her piercing! Look at all the gold! 😍 We think this is a perfect fit!

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the ”right in front of you” I can let pass. Clearly he’s irritated by the showmance bullshit, so maybe he says if she weren’t so concerned with his relationship status, essentially, she’d see what was in front of her, like the dance, the partnership for what it is, not a romance. 

but the “and you know that I don’t?!” part…..that I can’t let go of.

Like, he basically said he could be seeing someone. In this secret, shady ass, out of the spotlight way. We literally have verification from the horses mouth that he’s possibly seeing someone. Now, everyone just think back to all the times you’ve been made to sideeye valdaya……