Richard Louis “Dick” Proenneke (born May 4, 1916 – April 20, 2003) was an American naturalist, who lived alone in the high mountains of Alaska. His home was a cabin built of native hardwoods and moss, Dick built the entire cabin, including the tools he needed to build the cabin in the first place.

Truly a very inspirational man.

Proenneke created a documentary of this adventure called life:

Alaska: Silence & Solitude


“In 1968, at the age of 51, Dick left a life of ranching, carpentry and heavy machine repair to retire to Twin Lakes, Alaska in what is now Lake Clark National Park. Deposited by float plane, and carrying only the simplest of tools, he set out to build a homestead and survive the winter, alone in the wilderness. Ultimately, he would spend the next 30 years living in his remote and challenging paradise.”

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This guy pretty much blows my mind. Dick Proenneke- Alone in the Wilderness.


“Alone in the Wilderness” is the story of Dick Proenneke living in the Alaska wilderness.

“I realize that men working together can perform miracles, such as sending men to walk on the surface of the moon. There is definitely a need and a place for teamwork, but there is also a need for an individual sometime in his life to forget the world of parts and pieces and put something together on his own – complete something. He has got to create.”

– Richard Proenneke, Alone in the Wilderness

I entertain a fantasy of someday living in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. If I’m feeling especially ambitious the fantasy even involves emulating one of my heros, Dick Proenneke, and building the cabin before living in it. So ever since I came across the Cabin Porn tumblr a few months ago it’s been something I’ve looked at just about every day as a sort of “moment of Zen.” I liked this one for all the usual reasons, but especially because of the African setting.


Aho! Finally, an update after three weeks of being on the Mountain.

It is an off the grid cabin, located on 500 acres, outside of Hot Springs, NC. The hike up is a killer 2.5-3 miles (I’ve already done it 10 times, both ways….). We have to hike ¼ mile to fill up our water jugs from a natural spring and I’ve spent countless hours gathering firewood for the wood stove, our heat/cooking source. All this to say, holy shit, how have I not been doing this my whole life???

We have done a ton of reorganization to prepare for the hostel’s coming year and are beginning the planning/construction phases for a greenhouse, the garden, chicken coop, farmyard fence, an outdoor shower/kitchen/humanure facility and trails - all kinds - that will go around the property. Once those projects are underway, it’s on to preparing to build a log cabin, similar to that of Dick Proenneke’s in PBS’s Alone in the Wilderness, for us to live in.

We just held on through a winter storm and, while the weather has been getting nicer, it’s still rather freezing at nights (we’re at 4900 feet). However, we are a hostel! So, if you or any others you might know are looking for the most BEAUTIFUL place on earth to stay for a few nights, it’s only $20 a night. There is also a private cabin (third picture) that may be rented, if you’d prefer your own space.

I’ll probably start queuing my photos, updates, etc, so that le tumblrMachine doesn’t die out, but my updates will be fewer and farther between, since I have to drive 45 to Asheville to use the internet. Much love to you all and happy travels!


Overland Oregon from Caleb & Shawn on Vimeo.

Took to the hills of Oregon with some buddies for a 4 day overland adventure.
Shot on Digital Bolex

Voice Over from Dick Proenneke (my hero)

so i was researching stuff about twin lakes, alaska because thats where snake retired after mg2 and i found out about this amateur naturalist named richard proenneke

he was this guy who built a log cabin by hand and hunted/gathered his own food and like. i can totally picture snake being inspired by him

but also theres apparently a big stray dog problem in alaska?

so i can definitely see snake planning on doing the whole Self Made Man survivalist kind of deal before realizing he would much rather just. rescue dogs.

i imagine a year or so after hes moved out to alaska he finds himself with a hand made log cabin, a sledding team of purebred huskies, and a fuckload of strays he rescued or were brought to cabin after word got out that there was a weird guy living alone in twin lakes who drank a lot of whiskey and was kinda mean but treated every dog like royalty