I know this seems really obvious, but it just struck me how much studyblr is making our lives easier. It’s distracting at times, yes, but imagine how many of our future selves will look back on it positively. It helps us build relationships, good habits, and skills we need. I barely had any friends online before, and now I have dozens. Taking pretty or simple notes will make exam revision so easy. I used to struggle to read my own handwriting and now my biology diagrams are, according to my teacher, worthy of a science book. I never had time to study my languages, and now I make time. We take it for granted because we love to learn, but we’re benefiting ourselves in tiny ways with each productive day we have. I love that this blog is chronicling my path.

Does anyone here print or do handmade products? We’d love to get in touch with you. We need some information help with some stuff.
Update on Sense8

Ok so I just called up Netflix and I talked to this really nice guy and he was saying that Netflix is listening to our concerns but the production company that makes sense8 has decided to discontinue it for unknown reasons but Netflix is trying to send them all of the requests that we’re sending so they understand not to cancel it. Right now all that Netflix can really do is send the production company all of our complaints so that means we have to make sure we keep calling and we keep sending in requests and that kind of thing because that will really make a difference and it will show the production company that we really love this show. So don’t stop calling and sending requests because it IS making a difference

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Fanfic - Lazy Sunday - 1/1

Summary: Barry and Iris spend a lazy (and romantic) Sunday in bed together all day. 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1721

A/N: This has been sitting in my drafts for months so decided to share with everyone. 

Barry can hear birds chirping outside his window when he opens his eyes. The sky outside his window is swirls of soft pink and purple as the sun began to wash away the night. He turned his gaze away from the coming dawn to look across the bed to where Iris was sleeping.

To Barry there wasn’t a moment when he didn’t think Iris wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world. She always took his breath whether she wore her old sweats or silk dresses. But right now she never looked more beautiful to him.

The white sheets twisted around her petite body giving him glimpses of her naked body underneath. Her brown skin looking soft to the touch in the early light of morning. Her face relaxed in sleep with her full lips slightly parted. Looking at her made something ache in Barry’s chest. He couldn’t help inching closer to her. An invisible pull that always existed between them. His hand reached out to gently curl around her cheek. His head tilting to brush his lips against hers.

Iris shifted closer to his touch. A smile pulling at her lips when Barry leaned in to press another kiss.

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anonymous asked:

Do you still believe Swanfire was always the plan for OUAT - until they changed for the 'hotter' guy for viewership? I always saw the symmetry and beauty of Swanfire as the plan - but of course have started to doubt myself after over a year of CSers and A&E jeering 'NOPE, you're ridiculous'. I don't know at this point if I'm just being stubborn but, given the lazy writing and how they've handled established true loves on the show, maybe they was a plan that actually made sense.

Let’s discuss this for a moment, because you’re right–A&E are trying their damndest to say that Captain Swan was always the intention.  Which makes sense when you think about it from their perspective–every writer wants to make you believe they had everything planned from the getgo–that they are just that good.  A&E are no exception.  

But let’s consider the first season’s central characters.  Emma Swan, Henry Mills, Rumplestiltskin, Regina, Prince Charming, and Snow White.  We had episodes that centered on other characters, but the core characters were the above listed.  Each had their own specific plot that intertwined towards the show’s theme.

Emma Swan:  Emma’s intersected with a lot of characters but overall, she was driven by her relationship with Henry.  Throughout the course of the season, we see Emma Swan’s hard exterior melt as she lets Henry into her life and comes to love him.  When we’re introduced to her, we as the audience learn that she is the only daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, the product of true love.  We learn that only she can break the curse cast by Regina and created by Rumplestiltsklin.  We also learn that Emma is tough, hardened by a rough life, wounded from her parents abandoning her–and later, from a betrayal by Henry’s father.  Her comment “His father was no hero” in “True North” indicates to the audience that she was hurt very badly by this man.  We also see that from the pilot episode, Emma is driven by a desire to find her family.  “Finding people is what I do.”

Henry Mills:  Henry’s journey through the first season was driven by his ardent desire to break the town’s curse and find his true family.  This is not a slam against adoptive parents–however, Regina’s behavior towards Henry in the first season was abusive.  Gaslighting him and isolating him from the people he loves is not motherly love.  (Which is probably why Lana requested the relationship between her and Henry change in season two)  In any case–breaking the curse and finding his family is Henry’s motivation in season one.

Rumplestiltskin:  In season one, Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold is an enigmatic character whose motivations are unclear.  In the beginning, we know he created the curse, but we don’t know why.  As the season progresses, we learn how he became the Dark One–out of a desire to protect his young son.  Even further down the road, we see Rumplestiltskin struggle with his power and protecting his son, culminating in the eventual separation–Rumplestiltskin abandons his son.  While Snow and Charming abandoned their daughter for “the greater good”, to save everyone, Rumplestiltskin abandoned his son out of fear of losing his power.  His regret is immediate and he spends the rest of his life creating a plan to reunite with his son.  Thus the curse was created.  To find Baelfire.  To find Neal.  To find his family.

Prince Charming & Snow White:  Charming/David and Snow/Mary Margaret’s main arcs centered around them finding each other–in both the Enchanted Forest and in Storybrooke.  From their bumpy first meeting to falling in love, to the various obstacles that separated them…to David’s amnesia, to his cursed self being married to Kathryn, to Mary Margaret being publicly shamed by the town as a homewrecker.  While their reunion is about restoring romantic love, they’re still family to each other, and their arc is about finding their family in each other.

Regina:  Regina’s primary motivation in season one is thwarting Emma and protecting her curse–which can essentially be read as keeping her family together.  This is of course out of a selfish desire to keep Henry to herself, but nevertheless, considering Regina’s immediate family is A.) Dead because of her and B.) Murdered her true love out of a desire to better her daughter’s standing and is therefore trapped in another world, it makes sense that Regina wants to keep the only person she loves close to her.

So you tell me.  As Emma’s eventual love interest, who makes more sense?  Which seems more planned?  A character who is the son of Rumplestiltskin, fitting in with the “finding your family” theme, a character who is the father of Henry, also fitting in with the “finding your family”, a character who directly contributes to Emma’s issues with vulnerability, a character who was also abandoned just like her, a character whose own abandonment cultivates a desire to be the best father he can be, a complicated character who fears magic and doesn’t forgive his father right away–just as Emma didn’t forgive Snow and Charming right away, a character whose entire concept was the catalyst for creating the curse in the first place…

Or a Jack Sparrow ripoff from Neverland who has literally no connections to anyone in the first season lead characters except Rumplestiltskin, was never foreshadowed in season one, and has had spotty sloppy character development with literally no leadup or buildup.  

You tell me.             

At first the work was taken quite seriously and 11 o'clock on his appointed morning saw the poet entering the dingy portals of “the Yard”, but after a few months his arrival became later and his departure earlier, until at times his visit was little more than a call. After a very short time in my association with him I could tell by the sound of his approach along the resounding corridor whether the necessary work to be done would be met cheerfully or postponed to a more congenial period. In the latter case he would sink with a sigh into his chair, carelessly glance at his letters, give a perfunctory look at proofs or make-up, ask “Is it necessary to settle anything today?”, put on his hat and, with a sad “Good-morning”, depart again.
On his cheerful days, however, everything was different. These were fairly constant in the spring days of the year: there would be a smiling entrance, letters would be answered with epigrammatic brightness, there would be a cheery interval of talk when the work was accomplished, and the dull room would brighten under the influence of his great personality.

Arthur Fish, Wilde’s assistant editor at The Woman’s World, on Oscar’s working habits during his time there.

In other words, Oscar is as blasé and capricious at work as at anything else. Not very productive, but we love you, Oscar.

Love Kome TV Anime Turns Rice Crops Into Schoolboys

Tochigi TV’s anime song event “Tochi Ani! Special Stage” announced an original television anime production titled Love Kome -We Love Rice- on Sunday. The April 2017 project anthropomorphizes rice (kome in Japanese) into schoolboys.

The “heartwarming ‘kome'dy with laughs and passion” promises to let audiences rediscover the virtues of rice (“Japan’s soul food”). It follows five handsome rice-inspired boys as they shine at the “Harvest Show” live event at the Kokuritsu Inahō Gakuen (“Rice Ear Academy,” a wordplay on national schools).

Mark Ishii will voice the main character Hikari Hino:

Chiharu Sawashiro (younger brother of voice actress Miyuki Sawashiro) will play Nishiki Sasa. (Both character names are wordplays on types of Japanese rice.)

Yuuki Takabayashi is credited with the original concept and series script supervision. Graphinica’s Takashi Horiuchi (Boku wa Ō-sama) is directing at Encourage Films, and Levin Aoi designed the characters. NOB-C is the art director, and Yaoyorozu’s Yoshitada Fukuhara is serving as general producer.


@linmanuel  I , Brenna Hudson collaborated with a friend of mine, named Jade McCarthy, and my sister Alexa Hudson also was a huge help. We decided to dedicate this project to you and your musical, as we are huge fans, and wish to see the production in the future! We love you, Hamilton! #RiseUp

bookblackbird  asked:

Hey! In a response to some ask, you said that Aphrodite mostly gets daughters, less sons. I remember noticing it when I read the book, but do you know why? Actually, I thought it was kind of sexist. Mostly girls for 'love and beauty'. What do you think?

I suppose so, but I haven’t known Rick to be very sexist actually like there are equal girls and boys in the stories and many actually break stereotypes and fit stereotypes and you see such a wide variety of boys and girls in the books. I’d like to think that Aphrodite, even though she has loads of sons, and some who actually don’t even fit the stereotype like Michael Kahale, prefers to have daughters for a few reasons.

  • Girls have always been underestimated because of their more “feminine” characteristics and Aphrodite being a woman herself, refuses to have more sons because she believes her daughters are just as capable, if not more than the other male demigods.
  • Aphrodite gives each of her children the ability to look into a person’s soul and see exactly what they need. Let Artemis have her physically capable huntresses, let Athena have her intellectually capable sons and daughters, Aphrodite will have emotionally intuitive children.
  • Her daughters, being so historically “invisible” and underestimated, use their emotional cunning to grow in power. 
  • While petty in reason, Aphrodite might have more daughters so that they can be the ones who are in charge for a change, breaking the hearts of heroes who only love them for their exterior beauty, showing them that they deserve more!
  • Some of them might be quite vain, like Drew is, but why is a girl being vain so horrifying? Children of Ares can be violent and unpredictable, children of Apollo arrogant, children of Athena condescending, why is beauty such a horrible quality? Why is it okay to be proud of your talents and your strength and your brains, but not your looks? Aphrodite doesn’t care for such hypocrisy! Let her daughters love themselves, gods only know the others love them for the shallowest reasons.
  • She has daughters because they’re shaped in her image, she’s the personification of love and beauty, why is so wrong for her daughters to be too?
  • Aphrodite is the oldest Olympian. She is even underestimated by the rest of the Council for being vapid and shallow. Psh…. she’s just a pretty girl going on about love?? Percy had the right measure of her, Aphrodite is MUCH scarier than any of the other gods. Love is a very powerful and strong emotion, revenge and jealousy are usually the biggest by-products of love. And we all know what kind of horrors those two can bring about.
  • Demeter and Aphrodite sometimes have discussions about why Athena and Artemis are so derisive towards them for being kind, gentle and loving. Why they think that women should always be strong and independent. There’s no such thing as the “right kind of woman”.
  • Her sons are already expected to fight, sons always have been. But no one expects her daughters to amount to anything much I mean they must be just like her right….. (sarcasm)
  • So Aphrodite deliberately has more daughters just SO they possess the powers of love, the power to understand and manipulate the exhilaration, the fear, the strength of the emotion, the power to look into someone’s inner psyche and pinpoint exactly what they desire, the power to grant those desires, or take them away. People have always taken love for granted, women for granted, emotions for granted.
  • Aphrodite has more daughters just to show that they should NOT be taken lightly, and neither should she. “Love and beauty is feminine?” You wish you were as badass as her girls are. 
  • Never underestimate the emotional and intellectual acuity of someone who understands the strength of love, it’s not rational like intellectual attraction, it’s not protective like parental and familial love, it’s not pleasing like love of materials and abstract things. The love for a person, whether platonic or romantic is so underrated, just like Aphrodite is, just like her daughters always are.

Obviously there are always outliers, exceptions are more like she might have more emotionally intuitive sons, or vapid children, or fighter daughters who couldn’t give a centaur’s ass about people’s feelings, but I’d like to think Aphrodite is doing it on purpose just to show everyone what her babies are capable of.

anonymous asked:

No. You're honestly one of the sweetest bloggers I've ever had the chance to follow, and though I may not read every single one of your works, it's plain as day that you have talent. Honestly, I thrive to be as productive as you. As a fanfiction writer myself, I really can't seem to stop myself from procrastinating all the time, but then I see your posts that say you're about to work on commissions and I instantly feel inclined to go be productive myself. We all love you, so don't worry!

Thank you, dear! Honestly my day has just been bleh from the get go (other than my boss calling me and telling me that I have the day off tomorrow–that was my one light in my day), so getting a message like this helped.

Sometimes my brain likes to be really negative on me and all I can do is fire insults at it for the next couple hours until I get exhausted. Next time I go into the psychiatrist I may talk to her about dysthymia, which I have a hunch that I may have. A lot of people with ADHD/anxiety have it, and I have both of those. My SAD is starting to creep up on me as well as it is starting to turn into fall, and I get really sad during those times in general.

I’ll be quiet now and let you know that you are a sweetheart, and I hope you have a lovely day. You made my heart so happy when you sent me that message ❤️

Every Cloud say:  "..we love reading fan fiction; we appreciate all the support of the fans"

A few weeks ago I wrote to Every Cloud Productions to tell them of the inaccurate publicity attached to an online seller’s promotion of the 2017 Calendar which basically said that S4 and the film would be released in 2016. I also asked about the current situation and also said how grateful we were to Nathan for supporting official events and flying the flag for the series.

This is their reply:

Hi Pam

Thank you for your email. We’ve followed up on the link and asked them to revise their incorrect copy to promote the series and the 2017 calendar. While we’re working towards a feature film and series 4, as you know there is no confirmation on this and release date for these projects. 

Thanks for your feedback on Series 4. As a fan of the series we understand it must be frustrating to not have any further information on where the series is headed. We would dearly like to be able to give you an update but unfortunately we’re still in the same position with no news being good news  - we’re still working on it! Yes Essie has lived in London for many years, however her and her family are now more permanently based there as opposed to in the past. The other actors have had other commitments over this period and are working in both film, TV and theatre.

In the meantime we’re keeping the brand alive and current by promoting our travelling costume exhibition across Australia, our online shop with Miss Fisher designed and curated accessory range, more Miss Fisher merchandise to be released over the next few weeks, and the Miss Fisher Gamebook due to be released later this year. We also appreciate the efforts of our fans, like you, to keep promoting and supporting the series even though it’s not currently in production. We love getting fan feedback, reading fan fiction and contributing to the discussion. 

In and amongst all that we greatly appreciate Nathan’s efforts to promote and support the series. He’s such a fabulous contributor to the series and the popularity of the show and we love to see him involved in activities and events to do with the series. We will certainly pass on your gratitude to him for his work flying the flag for the series. 

Lastly we wanted to say a huge thank you to you and all the fans who promoted and encouraged everyone to vote for the series in the 2016 Logie Awards. We’ll find out about the nominations at the start of next month. We would be so proud to see Essie, Nathan or Ashleigh receive recognition for their acting talent and the series at this year’s Logies, and a huge part of this would be thanks to the phenomenal Miss Fisher fans who support the series with so much dedication and care. Our actors, and the production company, very much appreciate the effort and the support that you continue to show for the series”

Thank you Every Cloud Productions for your reply.