Products We Love: Cloth Diapers

Alas, diapers! As you may know, we cloth diaper and LOVE IT! But there are a couple of products that without, I probably would not love it so much.

Firstly, there are the diapers themselves. We use Bum Genius 4.0 All-in-One One-sized diapers with snaps.

Let’s break that down.

Bum Genius - Brand

4.0 - No idea honestly, the newest, latest model? Pocket diapers?

All-In-One - When you buy the diaper, you get the shell and two microfiber inserts

One-Size - This is my favorite part. The diapers adjust in both length and width. What does this mean to me? It means that you can use the diaper from newborn to potty training. That’s right. 8-35+ lbs! Sage has been wearing THE SAME diapers since he was 1 week old. Talk about a bargain!

We opted for the snaps because I didn’t want to have to replace the velcro. With exclusive cloth diapering, your diapers get a lot of wear and tear. The snaps are still holding out strongly.

Another thing I like is the pocket aspect. You put the insert inside the diaper, that way there is a “stay-dry” layer between the insert and sensitive bottoms. Let me tell you, Sage has never had a diaper rash caused by wetness (only one due to California Baby Diaper Area Spray), and also the diapers don’t leak.

Back when I was a nanny for twins, the family used disposable diapers, and we were constantly dealing with leaks. Pee out the legs and poop up the backs. Yuck! I always came prepared with at least 2 extra shirts and a pair of extra pants. With these diapers though, everything stays where it should be, IN THE DIAPER. Now, we have had a couple leaks, I’m not going to lie. But it has always been after a super long nursing session, and 3+ hours of sleep.

The down and dirty of it, poop. Just what do you do with the poop? When Sage was younger than 6 months, he was exclusively breast fed. Breast fed babies’ poop is water soluble, which means, throw it in the wash and the water breaks it up. When he started solids his bowel movements became a little more solid and I just dump them into the toilet, because that is where poop belongs, not in the garbage can. Right. Well, as you may know, sometimes things are so easy, they never are. Sometimes things don’t just dump (especially after a ton of watermelon). What to do?

Behold! The diaper sprayer! Easy (no, really) to install diaper sprayer. Adjust the water pressure, put diaper over toilet, spray the mess into the toilet, flush. Yay! A little advice, take out the insert first, otherwise it just becomes sodden with poo water and you have to fish it out. I love this thing! But also, so does Sage. I try to do diapers while he is sleeping or playing with grandparents.

You can get these wonderful gems in a couple of places, but my most favorite is

A couple of other things we use for diaper time are: Kissaluv wipes ( They come is super cute patterns and are thicker than the Bum Genius wipes. 

Planet Wise Wet/Dry diaper bag ( to put soiled diapers in. GET THE TRAVEL SIZE TOO! Once the diapers are in the bag, and the bag is zipped, you cannot smell them. Even the foulest, dirtiest, wettest diapers.

Mountain Green Diaper Detergent ( I have tried a couple of different detergents and this one is my favorite thus far. Planet detergent is SO biodegradable that after a while on the shelf it starts to smell funny. Bum Genius doesn’t have a liquid detergent and I am just not into soaking for very long. I forget about laundry frequently. Mountain Green is gentle on diapers, safe for sensitive areas, and smells good too!

Water. (no link, just turn on the faucet) I have a small squirt bottle that I had used for my tender lady bits after giving birth. I fill that up with water to wet the wipes before use. It works well, it’s free, and doesn’t smell like fake flowers. 

On the topic of drama in the fandom, I would suggest more become more familiar and comfortable with blacklisting, unfollowing, and blocking. This is not an easy hurdle to become acquainted with and I still struggle with guilt for doing any of these things, even if they make me feel better in the long run. 

This site will not tailor itself to you and only you can determine what content you see. If you disagree with someone’s portrayal in any capacity or if how they feel about an issue or what they post makes you uncomfortable to encounter, I urge you to blacklist, unfollow, or block instead of guilting them or sending hate. It does not matter how you feel on the matter. Blacklist, unfollow, block.

Do not surround yourself with hateful people. Do not compromise yourself, your morals, values, and what makes you happy for someone else’s benefit. You will never make everyone in the world happy nor should you be asked to do so. Your blog is yours. If you encounter something that upsets you, whether it be someone’s portrayal of their character’s sexuality or something else, blacklist, unfollow, block. 

Ever left the house and turned around because you weren’t sure you had turned off what you had on? Want to turn-on the welcome with a well-lit living room that turns on at sunset? Well, WeMo. It’s a switch that lets you control any appliance or electronic through an app. We plugged in our curling iron, TV and table lamps and easily had the power to turn them on and off from anywhere. Smart and stylish.

Products We Love: Food!


I love this stuff, and so does Sage. But even better, it is really, really good for our bodies. Let me just quote the NY Times on this one:

“Quinoa (pronounced keh-NO-ah or, sometimes, KEEN-wah) is a relative newcomer to the American pantry. The tiny, ancient Peruvian seed, which has a mild, nutty flavor, is related to leafy green vegetables and is often used like a grain. Quinoa is as versatile as rice but it has a protein content that is superior to that of most grains, because it contains all the essential amino acids. In particular, quinoa is high in lysine, an amino acid important for tissue growth and repair. It’s also a good source of manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and copper, and it has a high iron content.”


This is great for vegetarians (or anyone) because it is high in protein and iron.

The way I make it goes a little something like this:

1 cup quinoa + 1.5 cup water + 15 min on medium on the stove covered. Bing! done.

I usually make up a little sauce to go with it. Equal parts Lime juice, water, and olive oil. add cardamom and black pepper to taste. The limes and cardamom perfectly compliment the nuttiness of the quinoa and is ooohhh soooo good.

Make some tonight!


Showcase your design detail.  A classic architectural feature like this crown moulding adds height and balance to a room while also creating visual interest.  Highlight this decorative detail by expanding its size with trim and paint in between.  Smart way to achieve a high-style polished look for any room.


The qualities of porcelain like high thermal storage, neutrality in taste and an antiseptic surface are making the material ideal for the use in food context. The machine is attached on the wall. This helps keeping work space free and relieves the operability.The single components are seperatly affixed and completely visible. This makes the process of coffee preparation comprehensible for the user.

It’s natural to adore this nature-inspired hue. Home Decorators Collection in Sassafras Tea is a neutral launchpad that inspires your whole home. In the living areas, incorporate the tone with accessories, decor, carpet and rugs. Enliven a kitchen or bath with stunning mosaic tile. Venturing outside, planters, patio furniture and accessories (like a great market umbrella) in the color accent and enhance the natural beauty of your landscape. This color is certainly our cup of tea.

Watch on

G.O.B Tampons (Saturday Night Live)

Finally a line of feminine products made by people who understand the needs of women: the Republican Party.

Products We Love: Music

Caspar Babypants. A local artist (for me at least) from Seattle makes a fine tune for babies and children. The songs are fun, funny, and most importantly, NOT ANNOYING. You may find yourself singing about an ant in the cuff of your pants, or a bad blue jay. Sage really enjoys the song “baby cloud” from the album Sing Along! Caspar has a Youtube channel filled with videos that Sage also loves to death, again, especially Baby Cloud. You can find the music pretty much anywhere you typically buy music, but here is a link in case you don’t iTunes, Pandora, or Shazam, or any of that nonesense.

Want more? Good. Because there is. Mr. Babypant’s wife makes children’s books! Woah! And they are super cool too! Even better! Check her out on Etsy!