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what exactly are you looking for in a "from eden" au?

oh my GO SH im glad u asked !! if you’ve seen “from eden” vid it’s basically katie mchot, lil fella, and hozey mgcee they’re all like out on the road robbing gas stations n mess, breaking into places, and laughing like it’s all FINE . even though they’re wanted criminals and lil fella ( the kid, he’s not biologically theirs they found him in some old run down lol shack and apparently he’d been abused + abandoned ), so basically, if this was a supercorp au I’d like to think the ‘kid’ they’d take in would def b clark ( as kara was supposed to take care of him canonically and here she could fulfill that ) also specifically i used clips from melissa in that movie ‘band of robbers’ cause she’s a cop that gets roped into helping the ’ robbers ’ with their lil charade without realizing it. so what i’m thinking is this kinda vibe with kara having been a cop and lena a criminal and lena basically seduces her gay ass so kara “believes in her” and frees her from her cell . then they go on the run and visit dingy diners, sketchy motels, and all kinds of road stops . sex under the stars at like 3am lmao . anyways they find clark and become his mommies and settle down OR alternate ending and lena gets arrested so kara busts into prison to free her and they raise their kid together cuteee. all the while kara struggles w the morality of it but comes to terms w stealing etc because she really does believe in lena… but then lena comes to the side of good cause she loves their kid and kara so much . this badass au ends with lena being a soccer mom lmfaooo

this kinda vibe u feel: 

What really happened at Jungkook’s graduation

That moment when jungkook locks eyes with a girl for the first time in 3 years since he attended that school, but he low key ended up staring at her neck instead, like :

“ Girl? What Products do you use to keep that good skin hydrated ? Cause I’m a man and I shave my face and my neck at times so it makes it dry , but you know ,  I gotta figure out the beauty secrets to keep it softer than yours, cause there can be only one Beyoncé in this school and it’s me… * silent moment * Why you staring? ‘’

A few seconds later  

‘’ You won’t tell me the good secrets ? Okay, forget it.Whatever *hairflip* These girls ain’t got nothing on me #sassy jungshook. THAT’S WHY I NEVER TALK TO GIRLS. Y’ALL WON’T SHARE THE GOODS WITH ME.’’


       Mama, wenn ich älter werde, such mir k e i n e n Mann

       alles was mich glüklich macht kann ich a l l e i n

Pia Douwes & Maya Hakvoort in the Original Vienna Production of Elisabeth

A quick doodle since I thought it would be a funny idea if PJ actually grew up with Palette as half brothers o-o

Just goodness PJ would NOT like to be a sibling at ALL. And really when I was drawing this I would think that whoever would hand baby Palette to Pj (most likely Ink so I will use that) would be like

Ink: “…PJ… make sure he doesn’t slip through your arms like when you hold other things…ok?”
PJ: “But what if I don’t like him?”
Ink: “….still… don’t. He’s a living being!”
PJ: *after holding him for a minute* “I don’t like him - can we return him and get no refunds?”
Ink: “…ಠ_ಠ. No PJ. No…….. no watercolor cakes for you.”

So yeah… Small break from finals now complete! ^^
Time to actually be productive again. 

PJ by Me
Palette by @angexci

also tagging @nekophy cause yeah got inspired to draw this due to them o-o

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Can I just say that I like the way you draw Raditz? Best fuzzy jackass!

Our lovable fuzzy jackass :’D

 Thanks so much man! Hes always gonna be one of my top fav babs ;; i gotta draw him more often//

If you have maladaptive daydreaming and feel like it’s:
- stopping you enjoying life
- distancing you from friends and family
- warping your sense of identity
- wasting hours of time every day for months or even years
- impossible to explain or get help for
- making you miss people and places that aren’t real
- causing violent/sad/frightening daydreams (and maybe guilt)
- stopping you being productive
- causing dissociation or depression or apathy

I just want to say I think you’re a really fucking strong person.

Howl’s Moving Castle

So I was watching Howl’s Moving Castle in the car and I couldn’t get a Yuri!!! On Ice AU out of my head so here’s what I came up with:

  • Yuuri would definitely be Sophie
    • They’re both confident and shy at the start but slowly learn to love themselves after finding someone that makes them feel good ;) 
    • But hear me out okay
    • We can’t have two characters with silver hair by the end so how about instead of ‘brown hair into silver’ our boy just stays chubby
  • Vikor would be Howl hands down
    • They’re both beautiful and mysterious 
    • Viktor’s hair is long and pretty, always changing styles
    • That is until Yuuri screws up his hair products while cleaning, causing his hair to be shorter
    • Just like Howl he learns to love it
  • Yurio is their smol son, Markl
    • Just picture Markl but angry
    • The scene where Markl said that Howl and Sophie were his family jsfnajfna
    • My heart melted
    • Yurio is definalty like Viktor and Yuuri’s son
  • I feel like JJ would be the Witch of the Waste
    • Both go through character developments that make them go from hella intimidating to not so intimidating 
    • Idk but picturing JJ in outrageous, black feather outfits seems amazing
  • Phichit is Turnip Head/ the missing prince
    • They both brought the couples together ?? The ultimate matchmakers ((I mean Phichit didn’t bring them together but the whole “My friends are getting married!!”))
    • Plus Phichit is actually a prince wowy this boy need more love tbh
  • Makkachin is Suliman’s dog
    • the dog is dog
  • Yakov is Suliman
    • The whole “Howl get back here” and “Viktor get back here is too strong to not to do it
  • Christophe is Calcifer
    • Just Calcifer but more flirty
    • The fire does not come

Feel free to add on!! 

((It’s been years since I read the book but in the original, Sophie has two sisters. One of them being in love with Markl (or Michael if we’re talking about the book spelling), so Otabek could be one of the sisters. I can’t remember their name but yeah.))

おやこ  |  あだみ

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