products of my boredom

Talk about...
  1. The nicest thing anyone has told you
  2. First celebrity crush
  3. Celebrity crush right now 
  4. The thing that makes you feel like a horrible person
  5. The thing that makes you feel like a saint 
  6. The most beautiful thing about yourself
  7. the worst teacher you’ve ever had 
  8. the best teacher you’ve ever had
  9. The way you want to die 
  10. The last time you cried 
  11. The body modifications you would like to have done right now (piercings, tattoos, plastic surgery, ext.)
  12. The happiest moment of your life so far
  13. Your favorite songs at the moment 
  14. Your phone case 
  15. Your first crush 
  16. How you discovered your sexuality (or sexuality in general)
  17. An alternate universe you would love to be in right now 
  18. The type of person you wish you had in your life
  19. Where you see yourself in ten years 
  20. Your best friend 
  21. Put your music on shuffle, what’s the first thing that came up and what does the song mean to you?
  22. The cutest thing you’ve ever seen 
  23. The last tantrum of your childhood that you remember 
  24. The last thing you watched on Netflix 
  25. If you could have anything in the world right now, what would you want and why?
  26. What your parents be surprised to learn about you
  27. Your strangest pet peeve 
  28. The weirdest thing that has ever turned you on
  29. The last book you truly loved
  30. A piece of advice would you give your younger self
  31. A celebrity you would you trade lives with
  32. Strangest deal breaker in a relationship 
  33. The best year in your life 
  34. The worst year in your life 
  35. How you want to be remembered after you die
  36. What you want your funeral arrangements to be like
  37. If you could take back one action you have done, what would it be and why?
  38. Strangest thing you find attractive in a person 
  39. Scariest thing that has ever happened to you
  40. The thing you’re trying to improve in yourself
  41. Biggest goal at the moment 
  42. If you could get into any college, what school would you go to?
  43. Best gift you’ve ever received
  44. Best gift you’ve ever given 
  45. The weirdest story you have in your mind right now 
  46. Your ideal body type
  47. Your favorite names 
  48. The last text you received 
  49. A phrase that breaks your heart 
  50. Your favorite quote 
  51. Best joke you’ve ever heard 
  52. (any other question)

tiny yamaguchi: a manifesto

The Signs As Things My Friend Has Tweeted :
  • Aries: This vine is me
  • Taurus: sad:(
  • Gemini: I wanna go to the beach :(
  • Cancer: bless ur soul
  • Leo: boutta chef it up in the kitchen
  • Virgo: wait this is so weak wow
  • Libra: Hit it Fergie allthetimeiturnroundbrothersgatherroundalwayslookingatmeupanddownlookingatmyuhhhhh
  • Scorpio: lol
  • Sagittarius: so bored I think I'll go to bed
  • Capricorn: need to be productive today
  • Aquarius: someone pls pick me up and save me from my boredom
  • Pisces: Soming home ruins my day every time
Don’t Leave Me

So this is the product of my general boredom during English Class. I asked my friend to give me a prompt and decided to write a ROWAELIN because I’m such a trash. This is my first time writing anything in along time and also my first TOG fic. I’m sorry if it sucks. Feedbacks would totally be appreciated.

“Don’t leave me,” Aelin whined softly, her mind delirious with fever. She grabbed at the hem of Rowan’s tunic and looked at him pleadingly. 

Rowan looked at Aelin worriedly and placed his cool palm on her scorching forehead. Aelin had been suffering from a rare and terrible illness for a few days now and much to Rowan’s dismay, she didn’t seem to be getting better.

“Fireheart,” he whispered softly, as gentle as he could manage, “I am going to Fenharrow to get you a cure,”

Still, Aelin was adamant. She gripped harder at the hem of Rowan’s tunic, silently asking, begging him not to leave her alone in the castle. Aelin’s grip was not as steady as she would like it to be, as she was considerably weakened from her illness. As a result, Rowan was able to easily pry her fingers from his tunics. 

Slowly, Rowan made to leave the bedchamber. As Rowan walked away, Aelin let out a whimper. Hesitantly, Rowan turned to looks at the woman laying helplessly in-between the silken bedsheets. It pained Rowan to leave her, his carranam, his queen when she was so vulnerable.

But, alas, he had no choice. The cure to Aelin’s illness could only be found in Fenharrow and nowhere else. And he was determined to go and retrieve the cure on the pains of death.

“I’ll return soon, Fireheart,” he whispered soothingly, and climbed onto the bed then proceeded to pull her into his arms and cradled her gently. He pressed a kiss - a small peck - to her sweat soaked forehead and ran his fingers through her fine, golden locks. Aelin snuggled closer to Rowan, relaxing as she was slowly being lulled to slumber by Rowan’s tender caress. Not a moment later, she was sleeping like a baby in the fae male’s arms.

Rowan sighed softly and placed Aelin back on their bed, pulling the comforter over the sleeping queen. He got off the bed and stalked towards the door quietly, but not before placing another kiss on her forehead.

To Fenharrow, he decided quietly and closed the door to their bedchamber. To Fenharrow.