2" Cell-phone clear acrylic charm

They only will available online through pre-orders, from today (2nd August) to 16th of August.
This will be my first charms ever, I can’t wait to print them ! Pre-orders will help me paying the printing, as it’s pretty expensive… I hope you will like it !!

The charms will look like THAT
With my own design, a cell-phone cord and a plug-jack attach.

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Hello friends and possible new friends too! I have something awesome and cool and also extremely important(to me) here for you. Please take a look.

Yo. I am Roman. (My blog is here) :P Okay. So if you weren’t yet aware, I am transgender, FtM. I’m pretty open about it, since I don’t really feel it’s something to hide or be ashamed of, although that doesn’t mean it’s not extremely difficult for me. It has been becoming exceedingly difficult for me to deal with, and my dysphoric panic attacks, insecurity about my body and voice, and other related issues are becoming worse and worse by the week. I was almost able to start hormones before, however my attempts were sabotaged by my parents. Due to current situations and other fairly serious issues, I am unable to work, I applied for disability but was denied, and thus am unable to get any income. However my transition is still something that is extremely important for me, more so than anything else, as is getting out of the current situation I am in. Not only do I have my transition to save up for, I also have a fair number of pets to take care of, that I really adore and honestly and seriously cannot live without. However my current and main focus right now, is earning enough money to start hormones, and to legally change my name, since that is the first step, and it is something that will help me greatly with being able to deal with the awful situation I am in, and will help me to get rid of some of my stress and help with my struggle with depression, since most of it is situational. I have a goal and a timeline planned for when I hope to have at least started this process. (I hope to have at least started this process by February 2016 if I can). 

My family is extremely unsupportive of my gender identity and pretty much everything about me (not to mention abusive and psycho-controlling), and have made it so that I am unable to drive by never allowing me to learn, keeping me almost totally reliant on them for transportation, which has also made it so that I am unable to move out of their house as well, without outside help. Despite this, I tend to do my best to be as self reliant and independent as possible, getting things done myself as much as possible. Unfortunately, with today’s economy (in the USA especially where I am), there are severe limitations on what you can do and how you can earn money for anything, and for most things, you have to HAVE money to be able gain the necessary skills to better EARN money. It’s a lose/lose situation in my case. Even more so because I have depression, autism, and PTSD on top of my psychotic controlling parents.

So this is where you come in, tumblr community. I have something to offer you, in exchange for you helping me. I have opened a shop on Zazzle called Transgenderation, and it is a store designed with unique, quirky, or witty LGBT, Anime, and Transgender themed products, as well as a few miscellaneous products here and there (including humor and other random things). For each sale of the shirts and other products in my shop, I get a percentage of it as well, which goes towards my transition and being able to afford the basic things I need (including general health care as well). I will be adding more as time goes on, so be sure to check back every so often to see what new items have been added. I will also take requests of shirts or other products you may want made or created, so if you have an idea or want something designed for you, feel free to send me an ask. Prices have also been LOWERED since I first opened the shop due to my situation becoming more desperate by the day (I lowered them literally as much as Zazzle would allow me to), so please check it out, and spread this around and reblog it and share it for and with other people who may also be looking for such things.

Here is the link to my shop (depending on when items were submitted, they may not show up for a day or so after they are submitted so please keep that in mind.) http://www.zazzle.com/transgenderation*. I also have a simple donation post floating around, which if you wish to see that (with many more details on my situation and current condition as well) you can find it here.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my shop, and I have faith in you tumblr because after all, LOVE ALWAYS WINS. #pride