Witch Tea: Productivi-Tea

a simple tea for aiding in being productive and creative with your work. or help with mental fatigue and to boost your mental capacity on a stressful day when you have tones of work to do.


  • 3 parts Black Tea
  • 1 part Rosemary
  • 1 part Basil
  • 1 part Peppermint  

Place all herbs in a tea ball,

put in your favorite mug, and add boiling water.

Steep this brew for about 10 minutes.

Remove tea ball and sweeten to taste  ( i like to use raw local honey, supporting bees is always good) 


Special Precautions & Warnings:

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Want to get a lot done today, so I made @honeycoyote ‘s Productivi-Tea andI also made @witchy-woman ‘s “I Can Do This!” motivation bottle, adding some extra kinds of peppers in there as well cause I need allllllll the energy, and sealing with orange wax for endurance, vitality, passion, and strength (it also smells like mangos, so double awesome). I feel great and am on my way to getting lots done!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you happen to have any spells/charms/etc for increasing productivity, focus and the like or decreasing procastination? :)

Productivity / Motivation:



Also, [Sigils for Motivation and Productivity].

I hope that helps you! :D


I never made my bed, but at least I got out of it. 

Today I started a 5K training program, started a 30 day squat challenge, and started a 30 day plank challenge. I also gave a tour of the college to 18 people at once, which was nerve wracking but hey I made it.