Agency Tumblr Interviews: Chagrin Falls

Name/Role:  Jennifer Cheung / Patrice Dougherty

Tell us a little bit about yourself, please:

Almost a decade ago, I survived my first improv class - hot flashes and all - and after years of subjugating artistic passion to what I had disillusioningly believed to be the necessity of “success”, I quit my coveted full-time job-with-amazing-benefits, hit the fuck-it switch, lollygagged around the country, and finally came to Chicago a year and a half ago to revisit improv, which gave me permission to think big and beyond my former perception of “success”. Now I’m a full-time actor. Phew!

What are two random facts about you?

I love Swedish fish.

I have a titanium bullet in my ankle.

What are you most looking forward to with this production?

The opportunity to tell a powerful and tough story with a talented and supportive ensemble and artistic team.

Most of the action unfolds in a bar/ hotel. What is your favorite fictional bar or hotel? Why?

Kellerman’s Resort from Dirty Dancing

What’s your favorite bar in Chicago?

Galway Arms. It’s super easy for me to get to and I like their patio space. Also, it’s super easy to get to. Yea.

The Gang is deep in material research this week. We’ve broken into four departments: Envelope, Framing, Windows and Exterior Materials. Each group doing research comparing products, pricing it out, then bringing all their knowledge to the table to share with the rest of the team. There have been extensive conversations about wall systems, roof systems, insulation, window performance and the list goes on. I know we all feel much more well versed in building materials than we did on Monday morning.  We’re closing in on our first day of construction and have a lot of questions to answer before then. Like always, Team Y is stoked to bring this project to life.