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Note-taking app rec of the day: MyScript Smart Note

MyScript is well known for their innovative handwriting-recognition software and it’s no surprise that their app for handwritten notes is equally impressive. In addition to the standard PDF annotation, writing, and audio/image capabilities, you can even search your handwritten notes! Definitely a must for those of you who take a novel’s worth of notes and need to find that one fact you’re looking for.

Check it out here!

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Your iPhone/iPod/iPad is fun to play on, so it can be a really good distraction. However, it can also help you enhance your studying! Some I have installed on the iPad that my family and I share, and some I haven’t, but they seem cool (just not applicable for me). Hope they help!

Note: All apps are free except for the ones with prices in parentheses. Italicized ones indicate the ones I use!

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