productivity spell


Simple productivity spell
What you’ll need
1 yellow birthday candle (or whatever color you think would work for productivity)
1 blue birthday candle (or whatever color you think would work for calmness)
2 empty tin tea candle holders
White wax
A lighter
A small stone for productivity (I used tigers eye, but garnet would work)
Procedure: place the 2 empty tea candle tins bottom to bottom, using the white wax to seal them both to each other so that they stick.
Place each candle inside the top tin, besides each other, melting and sticking the bottom of each candle so that they are steady and stuck.
Place your stone of your choice under the bottom tin, so that the bottom tin completely covers the stone.
Light the candles.
The idea is that as the candles burn, they charge the crystal and the colors of the candles will help the intended use of the stone even more.
I’m sure this could be a quick little thing to do for actually any intent. Just use the corresponding colors and crystals and there ya go.

Am I witch-ing right?

๐ŸŒธWitchy Tip

(or just a general thing for more productivity and calmness)

Find yourself a scented candle you really like and light it every time you’re feeling good and relaxed or when you’re productive and getting shit done. With time your brain will get into said state everytime you smell the scent ~

Simple productivity spell

I do this every time I have work to do and it’s not a big deal. It’s basically for me to be able to do work uninterrupted by distractions.

You’ll need:
- Two yellow candles.
- Clove incense.
- A marker.
- A sigil of productivity of your choice. I used this one by sigilwitch.
- Something to light the candles and incense obviously.

What to do:
- First of all take a shower. It’s not a requirement but it works for me ‘cause when I’m sleepy I feel wide awake after a shower. Focus on the water washing away your negativity and stress.
- Light both candles and the incense.
- Write the sigil on you and charge it using your own energy: I put my hand over the sigil and visualize my energy flowing over it. When I feel it’s enough I state my intent “I charge this sigil with the intent of being productive and getting things done” as I glance at the candles.

Warning: this often makes me hyperproductive, I end up full of energy and do more stuff than I was meant to. Idk if this is a good thing for you but be warned.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you happen to have any spells/charms/etc for increasing productivity, focus and the like or decreasing procastination? :)

Productivity / Motivation:



Also, [Sigils for Motivation and Productivity].

I hope that helps you! :D

Herbs for Productivity

To halt procrastination:

  • Mullein [burned]: halts bad habits
  • Catnip + Dragon’s Blood [resin] combined: halts bad habits

To create confidence, courage, personal capability, and excitement to do the work:

  • Black pepper: courage, banishing of negative emotions
  • Tea: inspire courage/strength, perhaps energy
  • Tobacco: peace/confidence/personal strength
  • Cinnamon: success, power, strength, prosperity
  • Ginger: personal confidence

To inspire mental clarity/free the mind of distractions and create the ability to clearly see the tasks that need to be done:

  • Clove: commanding herb— but also clears the mind
  • Vanilla: strengthens mental abilities
  • Sage: mental clarity, wisdom— pushes stuff out of the way, shows you the path
  • Benzoin: prosperity, dispelling anger and negativity, relieves stress and anxiety, promotes concentration, promotes generosity, success in intellectual matters
  • Amber: mental clarity/focus, transmutes negative energy into positive energy

To complete tasks:

  • Rosemary: improves memory, complete tasks
  • Mint: energy, communication, vitality
  • Basil: productivity, especially in business
  • Frankincense: successful ventures, self-will, self-control

[image descriptions: The first of two photos shows a row of herbs on a counter top next to a box of instant macaroni and cheese. They all sit in front of a microwave. The second photo is a close up of a bowl of mac and cheese with the herbs sprinkled on top.]

Work Hard, Get Paid! - A Simple Food Spell to Strengthen Your Productivity

Doing magick on a low budget and even lower energy can be tricky. But that should never dissuade the disabled witch! Powerful ingredients abound in a house even on a tight budget. And right now, my budget is pretty damn tight, and I decided I could use a spell to help channel my energies towards a little financial gain.

So I turned to one of the best places to make a spell for the practical witch–the kitchen!

I designed this spell with two ideas in mind: 1) Invigorating my work ethic to bring in some dough, and 2) not wasting any of my precious spoons in the process.

What You’ll Need:

  • Parsley – for prosperity, financial increase, and luck (as a bonus parsley also renews a sense of well-being and can strengthen one when used in a spell after surgery or illness–as someone with chronic illness, I had to chuckle at the “after” when I researched into these herb correspondences)
  • Black Pepper – to banish negative energy and vibrations, and for courage
  • Oregano–for joy, strength, vitality, and added energy for both yourself and any spell it’s added to!
  • Something Yummy to Mix the Herbs Into! – I used my instant mac as it’s something that can always use extra flavor, and doesn’t cost me half a day’s spoons to make (in fact, I only use one spoon to mix it all together ;P)

Spell Directions:

  1. Make your food. This is something that needs to be stirred, so I recommend either making something on the stove and mixing in your herbs while you cook, or adding them to your dish after the cooking is done. DON’T add additional herbs or spices (though salt is fine) – I know that this isn’t the most flavorful combination, but adding additional herbs could confuse intent and potency.
  2. Add the parsley first, followed by the black pepper, and then the oregano. I’m of the opinion that exact amounts aren’t as important as ingredients and intent. Stir counterclockwise as you add each herb. 
  3. Focus on your intent. Cooking is a very meditative activity, even if you’re making something as simple as instant mac ‘n cheese. Keep yourself focused on the process while meditating on the strength and energy your body will receive when you eat this food. If there’s a specific goal you’re working towards regarding your finances, keep that in mind as well.
  4. Optional. Chant while cooking and stirring: “Grant me the power to reap all I sow / and bring me luck wherever I go!” You can also recite this (or your own incantation) right before you eat as a prayer.

The thing about this spell, is that it’s not done when you finish your meal; in order to reap what you sow, you have to be sowing! Keep working at finding that job, staying on top of tasks at work, etc. This food and this spell is meant to help you keep at it and maybe catch a lucky break. But you can’t sit back at hope, or this spell doesn’t really do much, does it?

Please note: Do not consume any herb you are allergic to or may may cause a negative reaction due to any physical condition or medication. Always research into this first before ingesting any herb suggested in a spell. 

You’re free to change up the exact herbs used in this spell with others that have similar properties. 

So there you have it! A spell made up of herbs kept in my kitchen, and conserving my valuable energy! I hope you find this spell and your dish to your liking, and I’d love to hear how it turns out!


“i will do everything i wanted to do today”

a sigil for procrastinators/lazies/afraid-to-go-outs like myself. get to it!

charge by visualizing yourself getting everything done happily & efficiently. then blow on it three times. (careful not to blow him away!) carry it with you so you can keep feeling its power urging you on. you can do it! you’re a productivity machine!

love, bunnycrumbs ♡

Personal Productivity Spell

This spell is designed to increase personal productivity! Perform this spell when you find yourself needing a little boost to finish your tasks and get stuff done!


  • Hematite
  • Clear quartz
  • Orange calcite (can be substituted with citrine)
  • Small basket or container


  • Place the hematite in the container and enchant it by saying:

Ground and heal, magnetic one
Bring clarity ‘til the day is done.

  • Now add the quartz crystal:

Bring boundless energy my way,
And let it last all through the day.

  • Lastly add the orange calcite:

Stone of joy and yellow light,
Help me sort through workday plight.

Place the container of stones on your desk or in your work space and say:

Help me work ‘til I am done,
Bring inspiration on the run,
So that when the day is through,
I have nothing left to do.