final exam countdown || 24 days remaining || 10.12.16 

finally finished my hl respiration notes! taking a break from all my studying today bc that 5 hour ACT literally killed me ugh i couldnt finish the math part properly and then my writing was all over the place ew also this guy got dismissed in the middle of my math section and im like??? this is distracting af im complaining

used my lamy fountain pens in pink, blue and green for the main parts and then purple muji gel pens for my side notes!

qotd: i kinda wanna get a camera??? but like i cant decide whether i should go for a fuji or an olympus :(( 

09/12/16 || Today has been a crazy day, they cancelled my train and I got to my lesson on time thanks to some kind of miracle. I had really long and stressful lessons and when I finally got home I studied the notes from today’s lessons. My first exam is in three days and I’m kind of scared, I can’t wait for this to be over, I know I can do it but I’m quite scared that I won’t remember everything.

Hi everyone! I’m Katie, and I absolutely love taking pretty notes (which is why I decided to make a studyblur)! Foreign language absolutely fascinates me, along with biology, English, and history. I could never pick a favourite subject:) I’ll be posting pictures of my notes and general motivation

[09.12.16] some succulent doodles and art notes

{14/100 days of productivity}


Ahh stoked that i’ve hit a hundred followers in such a short span of time, i’m loving this community already! So motivating, so therapeutic, so calming. Keep workin’ hard ya’ll!