Who do I have to pay to have any emotion whatsoever that isn’t anger

so much has felt bad and wrong this week, but, god, spending a half hour shouting at my father that fucking yes, he is a racist and fucking yes, he is a sexist, and fucking yes, he is a xenophobe, and fucking yes, he is a homophobe, and fucking yes, he did vote against his daughters and his wife and his WoC nieces and his immigrant employees and his son’s immigrant girlfriend and the four of his seven siblings who are teachers felt really good and very right.

it is so easy to cut people out. it is so easy to avoid these conversations. but white people in general and white women in particular showed up for trump, and those of us who aren’t using our privilege and positionality to call the people who cast those votes out are complicit in this mess, too.

hold people the fuck accountable, y’all.


This was a product of second-hand anger from a YouTube video.

Someone tells y/n to stfu so she fights them. 

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(I couldn’t even think of what gif to use so I went with Maggie)

I combed my fingers through my hair as I let out a laugh. “He’s so awkward, it’s kind of adorable,” I told Maggie, who stood next to me. Her and I were standing at one of the picnic tables chopping vegetables for the Hilltop’s community dinner. Most of our group members were also here (including Daryl who was living here until Negan was taken care of). I’d been staying here in between Negan’s visits (Much to Gregory’s disappointment). I just needed to make sure Daryl was okay and I couldn’t do that from Alexandria. 

She smiled warmly at me. “I’m glad you two are good. He needs you right now.”

“I just hope I’m helping–”

The guy across from us looked up and interrupted, “could you shut the fuck up?” 

My body froze as I looked up at him. He was my age, physically fit and fairly tall. “Excuse me?” 

“You’re being loud,” he spoke to me like I was stupid. “So could you shut the fuck up?”

A scoff left my lips. “I’m not being loud. I’m talking like a normal person.”

He put down his knife and stepped around the long table, very closely to me. He leaned down a bit, lining his eyes up to mine. “Shut the fuck up.”

I don’t know what happened to me in that moment. I don’t know if it was the tone of voice or just the fact that he was so close to me, but after a momentary pause, in slow motion, I raised my hand and slapped it across his cheek. He reeled back, his cheek flaming red. 

“Don’t you dare get in my face,” I snarled. 

Now you’d imagine that’s when things would start to de-escalate, but of course it was the opposite. Another body slammed into mine, throwing it to the ground. 

“Don’t touch him!” the female assailant shrieked. She slammed me underneath her on the ground–now a crowd had formed. Her fist flew across my face, though I’d felt worse. 

Something in me went up in flames as I lifted my knees, best I could, and shoved her off of me. I sent punches against her face. I was furious. This was completely irrational but I couldn’t stop myself. All I could feel was months of pent up rage at everything coming out in this moment. I didn’t care who or what I was raging at, I just needed to freak out. 

Arms wrapped around my waist, throwing me off of the girl. The guy kicked into my stomach. 

I could see Daryl ready to run forward but I shouted out, “No!” I wanted to deal with this. I wanted to beat the shit out of this six foot tall built man. 

I launched myself up, against him. I knocked him off balance and slammed my fist into his face. “Don’t. Fucking. Touch. Me.” I sent a punch with each word. 

More arms closed around my waist. “y/n,” it was Rick’s calm voice in my ear, “stop. That’s enough.” 

“What the hell happened?” Gregory yelled as he joined the crowd. 

“That crazy bitch just freaked out!” the guy shouted, wiping the (satisfying amount) of blood from his face. “I didn’t touch her!”

“You don’t tell someone to shut the fuck up and get up in their face without realizing that there’s a chance they’ll beat the shit out of you,” I snapped. “If you’re gonna give someone shit, you stand out of arms reach dumbass.” I shoved Rick’s arms off of me. 

The guy was tending to his, currently unconscious, girlfriend. He looked up at me, his eyes narrowed. “Stupid cu–” Daryl socked him across the head from behind. He was out. 

I let out a loud laugh as Daryl said, “Dumbass.”


Okay…that’s all. This was short and kinda dumb but I was in a rage fit from watching a YT vid of someone ranting about some assholes telling her to stfu and being jerks about it (I’m just in that kind of a mood tonight). (Not exactly like this situation of course) and this was the only way I could think of to get rid of my anger and write out what I wish she could’ve done (w/o getting arrested or beat up herself)

ANYWAY, thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it. 

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“What … is the best way to handle our anger? Experts offer two suggestions. [1] First, wait. You can bring down the level of physiological arousal of anger by waiting. “It is true of the body as of arrows,” noted Carol Tavris (1982), “what goes up must come down. Any emotional arousal will simmer down if you just wait long enough.” [2] Second, deal with anger in a way that involves neither being chronically angry over every little annoyance, nor sulking and rehearsing your grievances. Ruminating inwardly about the causes of your anger serves only to increase it (Rusting & Nolen-Hoeksema, 1998). Calm yourself by exercising . . . or talking it through with a friend.

“Anger does communicate strength and competence (Tiedens, 2001). It can benefit a relationship when it expresses a grievance in ways that promote reconciliation rather than retaliation. Controlled expressions of anger are more adaptive than either hostile outbursts or pent-up angry feelings. When James Averill (1983) asked people to recall or keep careful records of their experiences with anger, they often recalled reacting assertively rather than hurtfully. Their anger frequently led them to talk things over with the offender, thereby lessening the aggravation. Civility means not only keeping silent about trivial irritations but also communicating important ones clearly and assertively. A nonaccusing statement of feeling—perhaps letting one’s housemate know that “I get irritated when the dirty dishes are left for me to clean up"—can help resolve the conflicts that cause anger.

“What if someone else’s behavior really hurts you? Research commends the age-old response of forgiveness. Without letting the offender off the hook or inviting further harm, forgiveness releases anger and calms the body. To explore the bodily effects of forgiveness, Charlotte Witvliet and her co-researchers (2001) invited college students to recall an incident where someone had hurt them. As the students mentally rehearsed forgiveness, their negative feelings—and their perspiration, blood pressure, heart rate, and facial tension—all were lower than when they rehearsed their grudges.”

Source: ‘Psychology’ (9th Edition) by David G. Myers, p. 519 (Worth Publishers)


That’s how I get too! Especially when it’s actual rage. I’m sure this sounds odd but I actually feel the most clear headed when I’m angry (productive, cold anger) - but when there’s full blown rage it usually just turns into desperation and consequent isolation. I don’t do anything harmful to myself though, unless you count being a bit of a doormat because I end not being able to tell when my anger is or isn’t justified by “normal” standards 

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makeluck As shippers, when things don’t go your way, what gives you the right to talk about people you don’t even know? These actors are not their characters. World Meets Girl, the actors were sitting up with the audience. Too many pissed off shippers who felt the need to express their anger towards production and the cast, because things did not go their way. The cast being among the fans made this too personal for them. Fans like to talk and things were murmured among the fans that were heard by the cast. This was an experimental episode. Well I think we’re seeing the results. I have never felt more sorry for an actor like I did for these children, because before being actors, they’re children and I think sometimes people forget that. If they don’t come back for a 4th season, I won’t even argue it.


On this day in music history: June 13, 1970 - “The Long And Winding Road/For You Blue” by The Beatles hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney/George Harrison, it is the twentieth and final US chart topper for the legendary rock band from Liverpool, UK. The final master version of “Road” is recorded on January 26 and 31, 1969 at Apple Studios in London, the ballad originally features just The Beatles and keyboardist Billy Preston playing on the track. When producer Phil Spector is hired to remix and compile the songs from the January 1969 sessions into a cohesive album, he takes numerous liberties with the raw tapes. Written by Paul (but credited to Lennon and McCartney), “The Long And Winding Road” is subjected to this treatment when Spector overdubs an orchestra and a choir on to the track. The extraneous post production angers McCartney, but is too late to prevent it from being released. In 2003, a remixed version of the song (without Spector’s post production) is released on the album “Let It Be… Naked”. The singles’ B-side “For You Blue”, written by George Harrison is recorded on January 25, 1969 at Apple Studios, with additional overdubs recorded on January 8, 1970 at Olympic Studios in London. The track features John Lennon playing a lap steel guitar. “Blue” receives significant airplay along side “Winding Road” and is given equal billing on the charts. The two songs are the second single to be issued from the album and film “Let It Be” on May 11, 1970, and quickly rise up the chart. Entering the Hot 100 at #35 on May 23, 1970, it will bolt to the top of the chart three weeks later. “The Long And Winding Road/For You Blue” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.  

I’ve been pretty assertive over the past couple of days and everyone noticed and I’m like lol wow I feel powerful and using my anger productively I can’t wait for debate practice tomorrow so the whites can fear me especially MRA misogynist and redhead republican and also the other irrelevant white boy 

I’m so pumped about my debate case I will polish it tonight so it’s perfect so I can yell at the whites 

I want to keep Assertive Leah. Assertive Leah is good.