productive thinking

Every time someone tells me that my study will be too difficult for me, I have to laugh. They don’t know me and they don’t know what I’m capable of. I’ll surprise them. Regardless how much time I have to be working on it to succeed. I’m going to do what makes me happy. Maybe I’ll even surprise myself.

look, i love that the studyblr community is so encouraging! everyone here wants everyone else to do their best, and that’s wonderful to see. but the focus on challenges like 100 days of productivity isn’t always as productive as you think, so here are three reasons i’ve decided to stop - plus some alternatives you can try!

1. not everyone’s honest with it!

of course everything you see on this website is curated to show the “best” possible situation - i do it myself! but i’ve spoken to so many people who felt so pressured to produce something every single day that they’d just lay out all their rewritten notes at the weekend and take seven sets of photos so that they could keep up with the challenge. now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that - everyone’s entitled to post what they want on their own blog, after all. but that sets a benchmark that just isn’t realistic to follow.

instead, try: being open about your blog!

if you’re worried about spreading a false image of yourself, show people what actually goes into your posts! for example, this “aesthetic” post that i made has hundreds of notes, but in reality? it’s staged for the #studyspo look. posting things like this makes me feel less “fake” about arranging my photos. especially as someone with a lot of younger people following me, i’m working on being more honest about what goes on “behind the scenes”!

2. you need a break!

some people can work constantly for 100 days straight, and my hats go off to them. but for most of us mere mortals, working so hard for so long will lead to burnout. trying to work without any kind of break or relief for over three months just isn’t healthy - you need to let yourself be human! this goes double if you’re making the studyspo-type notes that are popular here - you can’t spend every single day of your life striving to reach an unrealistic aesthetic.

instead, try: giving yourself days off!

if you still desperately want to do 100 days, give yourself five or six days a week to work and one or two off. you’ll still get to that 100 day milestone, but you won’t have to sacrifice your mental or physical health to do it.

3. bad days happen!

sometimes you’re not in a place to work. maybe you’re going through a rough relationship, or your pet is sick, or you’re getting over an illness. either way, the 100 days mentality can make it seem like you have to work even when this happens. that’s not a healthy mindset, and you shouldn’t force yourself to do that. sometimes work can help you distract yourself from these things, but that doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea.

instead, try: 100 days of intention!

tumblr user @maryplethora came up with a fantastic alternative to the 100 days of productivity challenge, called 100 days of intention or 100 intentional things. the basic concept is doing something that will benefit you for 100 days as opposed to studying all the time. this is a far healthier way of motivating yourself, and recognises that not all of life should focus on your studies!

* of course, not everyone has this experience! however, these are the reasons that i personally found it unhelpful after a time. everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and you’re more than welcome to tag me in any responses you might have!

me, instead of doing real world productive things: thinks about how its weird that seth macfarlane voices four characters in family guy

vampire-hoe  asked:

If you were making a cube product, I think a clearly labeled non legal version of powerful cards that you can't reprint in bl;ack border as gold bordered cards would be nice? Or maybe host something like "You Make The Cube" on the website and release a product like the anthologies series with some of the results? From the Vault: Cubes would be a fun one too!

We are unwilling to reprint Reserved List cards at normal card size regardless of border or back.


After about 3.5 months, I’ve finally painted it!!
The flower in Light’s hands are asphodels! It means :my regrets follow you to the grave

Habits to get a high GPA

I’m going to talk in first person because this is my plan to reach one of my most important academic goals: to get (and maintain) a high GPA.

Note: this is based on today’s prompt for the March study challenge by @littlestudyblrblog -what do you want to achieve this month?

My university classes officially start this month, so I want to get into some habits before it’s too late, they are:

  1.  Use the library: Don’t want to be that kid that only remembers the library when exams are approaching.
  2. Study everyday or every two days: I think we already know that you retain information better if you constantly revise it.
  3. Try to do more than asked. Just because there is no homework, it doesn’t mean I can’t practice or learn more.
  4. Take classes seriously: Education is expensive, so there’s no right for me to skip for no valid reason or not paying attention.
  5. Join a study group or something similar so I can practice with other people and see if we can help each other out.

Headcanon that Viktor tried to tell Siri to call him Vitya but Siri can’t figure out how to say that so it just calls him VEET YEAH.

And Viktor has the technological literacy of a hedgehog so he can’t figure out how to make it stop.

And sometimes Viktor will look up and say, “Hey Yuuri?” and Yuuri will reply, “Yes, VEET-YEAH?”

Yuuri and Yuri refuse to change it for him.

So I just saw someone say you shouldn’t tell an author if there was something in their fic that didn’t make sense to you because that’s the way the author wants and it’s like,

That’s not really how it works.

It’s next to impossible to get a beta. It’s even more impossible to get a beta who is above or at your level and is willing to actually help you rewrite things instead of just saying ‘yeah that looks good! You just missed a comma here!’ So authors aren’t necessarily posting things as-is because that’s how they want it, but because when you read your own story fifteen times you just begin to fail to see the errors. Authors also tend to forget they know things the audience doesn’t and leave out things they should have included, and the same for authors who feel they have to overexplain.

I mean if you’re just writing for funsies and because you have two minutes to rub together, by all means. Say you don’t really want anything remarked on. But if you plan to be a writer or plan on continuing to write in general, any criticism is very rare and ignoring it isn’t going to teach you anything.