productive day huh



10/100 days of productivity | is it weird that I like to write slanted? it’s a habit that people have tried to correct since I was younger, but it’s never gone away heh. also, back at another local coffee shop to finish off final round of college apps. let’s do this!!!! *insert mulan soundtrack here*

Sunray morning

She woke up to a vision full of questions; As the sun started to sneak into the room with delicate warmth, she met the form of Sasuke lying beside her, facing her with closed eyes and relaxed breathing.  

She had woken up to a daydream.

Not being able to help the vivacious smile glowing in her features, she cuddled closer to the warmth beside her, taking in as much of him as she could.

In all her nineteen years, never had she thought much of how the day after her first time would be, perhaps fast forward she had pinpointed that maybe it would be a not too nice morning being hungover, seeing how chaotic her life was turning over the years… but now; it was different, and better

—So much better than she thought.

Because here she was, staring at her one true love, peacefully sleeping, being just the two of them sharing an intimate morning with barriers long gone and masks long taken off, and feeling at ease and safe with each other’s company.

Daring to lean in until their bodies touched, she rested her forehead against his, emerald eyes still full of wonder, and smile full of excitement.

“Go to sleep” his hoarse voice came to sound, but still, despite his command, he circled her waist with his arm. She bit her lip at his touch.

“But I love you…” she replied lamely, her eyes still fixed in his calm expression until she shivered at the sight of his lips curving into a smile.

While she recovered from the sight and tried to fix her thoughts on whether she had really been awake or not, Sasuke lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly.

After recovering her heartbeat back to normal, and having their hands intertwined, she barely grasped his voice.

“Me too”