productions by johan

NOORA: I had to run, how is Even now?

ISAK: Pretty much the same. We watched a movie. He’s sleeping right now.

ESKILD: It’s my turn to look after him tomorrow, but I have to go sell krill* at Carl Johan**. Can someone change their shift with mine?

NOORA: Krill?

ESKILD: Je suis krill***

LINN: I can look after Even on Thursday
Do you think I might be bipolar as well?
I really relate to Even

NOORA: Manic Linn

ESKILD: If you’re bipolar I’m heterosexual

LINN: I might be?

ESKILD: It’s true Linn. You need to be activated. When we’re done with Project-Look-After-Even we’re gonna start Project-activate-Linn. 2017 will be your year

*Krill: Tiny fish, sold as a health product.
**Carl Johan: main shopping street in Oslo
***je suis krill: french, meaning I am krill, referencing to Je suis Charlie.