Yesterday at 4am, I had this random sudden urge to draw/make something related to my all time favorite book: “All the bright places”

So, I made these quick sketches and attached them to my bujo!

What is your all time favorite book that you just pick up and read anytime? :’)

“Why are you like this?” Gabriel sighed. “Do you have a death wish? Any other angel would smite you on the spot, you know that, right?”

“Yeah, but you aren’t just any angel,” Jack said in low voice. “You are my angel.”

I just realized I’ve never posted my sketch for @ratpenatu‘s amazing fic You Asked For It  for reaper76 week, day 6 “in another life” - alternate universe/timelines. Now I’ll remedy that mistake - just a sketch, because I don’t know yet when I’ll have time to colour it