Current Project: An Anti-Valentine's Day Script

Why? Because I’m actually sick and tired of being left with

A) A romantic comedy

B) A romantic comedy

C) A romantic drama

D) A romantic horror film

or my favorite,

F) All three premiering on the same day.

So here’s to all the films where the guy/girl doesn’t end up with the person we all thought they’d rush off into the sunset with.

Perhaps I’m being cynical, and have seen (500) Days of Summer far too often, well, jokes on you, because I’ve only seen that film twice.

Thanks themarchfamilyletters for tagging us, lovely to see your and projectdashwood‘s beautiful faces! 

Here’s our motley crew of writers back in the very beginning! We definitely need more crew photos! Although all of us play extras/voices/hands at some point of from-mansfield-with-love 

velvetscraps who is our producer, designer and writer 

keepingoutoftrouble who directs, edits and writes 

theclockworkharlequin who writes 

artmunkee who writes 

pen-parker who writes and edits 

and kimberington who directs, runs the social media (mwhaha) and is the show runner and head writer… 

Looking forward to seeing the other literary web series crews!   

Really? You must be thinner? I mean if it’s something for your health, or one of your personal goals, then that’s fine and understandable, but if it’s because you’re insecure about your weight because of how other girls look, then you need to nip that in the bud. You’re perfect the way you are, regardless of your weight. Never doubt your beauty.

Welcome to The Director's Chair!

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  • My idea of an interesting twist:
  • Production puts together a letter for each houseguest that is made up of blog posts and comments from BB fans about what we REALLY think of them, and each house guest would read these letters privately in the DR. For instance, Austin would read about people hating him because he's a creep, Vanessa would read about people thinking her game play is messy, Shelli & Clay will read about how people don't think their showmance is cute and we actually wanna throw up, etc, etc.
  • The house guests who get the best responses from fans/the house guests who are strong enough to fight for the money despite what people outside the house think, will eventually go far. The emotional ones, however, that care way too much about if people even look at them the wrong way, will crumble and struggle.
  • It's a psychological twist that will pretty much make for a stronger player or a weaker one. This way the house guests will get a glimpse of the outside world, but it's their choice on whether or not they're gonna let it give them fuel or burn out.

I save my Surfer Magazines, and either scrapbook them by issue, or just re-read my favorites. I think my first issue I ever bought was probably back in September 2009, This is Mexico. I remember bringing it to school, and reading it with my friend, and while she went on  about all the hot guys, I was falling in love with the words on the page and the photography. That’s probably what amazes me the most; the photographers. They get into these situations where they either get into the water to get the shot, or they have a split second to capture a moment so perfect, before they lose it forever.

I’m feeling way too nostalgic at the moment. Just thought I’d share a few words.


Lo-Fi house track and videoclip I did with a friend

A big thanks to the cool kids from fatgoatproductions who nominated us in the cast and crew tag. 

We had an ever shifting crew depending on which episode we were shooting, but here are some of the regulars!

(from left to right) Bottom:

Hayley - Co-creator, producer and Ryan Gosling Enthusiast. This web series would still be a few jotted lines in a notebook if it wasn’t for her never ending dedication to the project. Shares twins power with Alyce.

Louise - Plays Em in the series, and could potentially be a bigger nerd than her character. She definitely is when it comes to The Walking Dead or Lord of the Rings.

Tiana - Plays Lex in the series. Instantly won everyone’s favour when she baked themed sparkly glitter brownies for the cast and crew during our Twilight episode (Edward Cullen Won’t Stop Stalking Me). 

Alyce - Co-creator, writer and bag watcher - the most useful she has ever been on set. Enjoyed writing ridiculous scenes and hard to find props (looking at you Edward). Elder twin of Hayley. It’s important to her that people know that.

Esther - Talented hair and make-up artist. For realz. Wait until you see our Star Wars and Harry Potter episodes!

Up the back: 

Emma - The definition of an awesome human being, Emma basically did everything and anything that needed to get done on set. She is also media manager of our twitter.

Jaryd - All around great guy, Jaryd was our first AD and, among other things, kept us on schedule. Seriously, he didn’t let us get away with anything.

Edward Cullen - moral support, although his unblinking stare could be creepy at times.

David - Sound recordist extraordinaire. Most importantly, was able to cause minimal awkwardness when getting our actresses’ lapel mics on under their shirts. 

Ramon - Director of two episodes (Edward Cullen Won’t Stop Stalking Me and Hogwarts Forgot My Letter), and kept us entertained during the days on set.

Charlie - DOP of three episodes (Book Addicts Anonymous, Hogwarts Forgot My Letter and Join the Dark Side) and Gaffer. His enthusiasm for perfect lighting cannot be matched.

We’d like to tag our internet best friends wordsfromwilde


The Majestic Theater. Theater District. The Majestic is located on 44th Street and it seats 1645 people. The theater was built in 1927 and both the interior and exterior are designated New York City landmarks (1987). The Majestic is owned by the Shubert Organization and is home to the longest running production in Broadway history: The Phantom of the Opera (since 1988). Some other productions where:

  • 1927: The Letter
  • 1937: Babes in Arms
  • 1941: Hellzapoppin
  • 1942: Porgy and Bess
  • 1945: Carousel
  • 1949: South Pacific
  • 1954: Fanny
  • 1957: The Music Man
  • 1960: Camelot
  • 1964: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
  • 1966: Funny Girl, Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • 1967: Fiddler on the Roof
  • 1972: Sugar
  • 1975: The Wiz
  • 1979: I Remember Mama
  • 1980: Grease
  • 1981: 42nd Street
  • 1988: Phantom of the Opera
Filled out my first sexual harassment report today!

Long story short, while I was at work, an old man slapped me on my ass. Yes. It happened. According to our policy I’m obligated to file a report, so that was fun. Now he just keeps hanging around my office and stopping by my desk to say “I love you, my darling.” And I’m sitting here wondering what I’m supposed to do about this. It ain’t easy being Cydne.

In that moment I fell in love. I didn’t fall in love with his face, his clothes, nor his body. No. I fell in love with his passion, his thoughts. I fell in love with the way he spoke of his dreams. The way he lived off of good memories. The depths of his heart poured out on the calmest of nights. All his doubt. All his fear. Our hearts grew closer with every syllable. I fell in love because in that moment, we were infinite.

- Excerpt from Where My Hearts Been #4 by kirstenlee-ann

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