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The Capaldi Era (30/41

Smile - written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce - directed by Lawrence Gough

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In terms of TIME MANAGEMENT, the most common problem always is “I want to do that, that, that, and that - but I just don’t have enough time to get it all done.” Even though I already covered that topic in terms of how time is an illusion (read the post or watch the video), it is a fact that every day contains 24 hours and we can use this amount of time however we want to, but we can’t spend more time that we are given. In order to use the time we have to get the things we want, we need to PRIORITISE

The key to success regarding to time management therefore is, to figure out what to cross out of our to do lists and what to move to the top of it. Most of the time my to do list was so overpacked that no matter how focused I was, how effective or how quick, there was no way possible to get it all done and even though I knew about the necessity of prioritising I always had the excuse “everything I want to do, I want to do it for a reason - I can’t give it up because I have a certain motivation to do it” which is true, BUT: 

The #1 question to ask yourself in order to prioritise is: “If it would just be me in this world, would I still spend my time, money and energy on the same things?” 

By answering that question, you would be able to distinguish the actions motivated by you from the actions motivated by others. In different words: you are able to realise what you are doing just because its expected by society, family, standards, trends, common opinions etc.

How liberating would it be to just do the things you truly want to do because of YOUR opinion, YOUR standard and YOUR expectations? Wouldn’t it be the fastest and directest way to achieve your goals

In order to do so, imagine yourself in a place where the only judge, the only person you need to be okay with and the only person whose expectations you need to meet is yourself. An example I discuss in my video is BODYIMAGE & BEAUTYSTANDARDS. If there is nobody to judge your look or the numbers on your scale, would you still spend your time, money and energy on losing weight, going to the gym, and following a certain diet? If the answer is “no” - you need to liberate yourself from that need because it isn’t something you truly want. If the answer is “yes”, than it means you should keep spending time, money and energy on it because it is something that makes you happy and fulfilled no matter what others might think or say about it. 

This is a simple and easy, yet really effective way to prioritise on what to spend your time, money and energy on and at the same time to liberate yourself from things that you are just feeling pressured to do so by external influences.

As always, I hope I could inspire you and help you to get one step closer to become the best version of yourself. For more inspiration check out my Youtube Channel, it would mean the world to me to welcome you into that community. Sending lots of love, you’ll hear from me soon, xx


A week or two ago, I came across this Sonic character guide for AoStH (drawn by Pierre DeCelles), and I just love how adorable Sonic looks in these illustrations! ^^

It’s too bad he wasn’t quite as expressive in the final cartoon.


We’ve been to Dagobah a few times before, but now we return for more of Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art.

We see, among other things, a “Dark Side tree” (image 6); the eye of a Dragonsnake (image 3); an early, quite bare version of Dagobah (with Yoda), last images; and gnarltrees, gnarltrees everywhere.


Production art from what is technically the very first Mickey Mouse cartoon: Plane Crazy.

The short was given a test screening in the spring of 1928, before Steamboat Willie, but no distributor picked it up. Well, that’s just plain crazy.

By the way, that fake image of Mickey reading a book that says “How to Kill” comes from this short: the book actually says “How to Fly”.



Tbh I’d happily fork over cash for an art book with all of all these pieces (and there’s probably more)


this is the most important video


Hamlet - Behind the Scenes

From the 3-Part “The Learning Zone” series on David Tennant’s Hamlet

I think Hamlet, as a play, is clearly defined by who plays Hamlet.  It takes on the character of the actor playing Hamlet and what they bring to it.   
—-  Gregory Doran (Director)

There’s one particular thing that everyone always asks me about, is that David wears a red t-shirt with a sort-of muscle imprint on it, and that was something very much that we came up together with.  We tried all sorts of things like Superman t-shirts and things with emblems on and it was all too specific.  In a sense that’s a sort of ghost image that he’s wearing on his shirt - it’s like we’re sort of seeing through him like an x-ray.
—- Robert Jones (Set and Costume Designer)

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