production value!

i get that camp star’s performance had a higher production value in regards to costume, special effects, choreography, etc. but camp rock’s performance had heart and soul!! they were able to capture the essence of camp rock in that performance alone and for that they should have fucking won the final jam i’m still fuming


how the fuck is the production value on this video so high do THAT MANY people watch her mukbangs & 20-minute meltdowns

Our understanding of human nature directly influences what we expect of people. If humans are naturally selfish and competitive, we cannot expect to live in a cooperative society. When we see how differently other cultures have characterized human nature, we can recognize human nature as a cultural value, an idealized and normative mythology that justifies the way a society is organized. Western civilization devotes an immense amount of resources to social control, policing, and cultural production reinforcing capitalist values. The Western idea of human nature functions as a part of this social control, discouraging rebellion against authority. We are taught from childhood that without authority human life would descend into chaos.
—  Peter Gederloos, Anarchy Works

Monsta x is really one of the most well rounded groups I’ve ever stanned. They literally do not have a single weak link. All of them can dance, their vocal line is incredible, their rap line is by far one of the best, they’re all visuals, their music video production value is always top notch and they have some of the best songs out there right now. They literally do not lack anything!!!! So your actually missing out on perfection by not stanning them.

There are a few answers in the new Ghost interview in Metal Hammer this month that I thought were intriguing….

What kind of style should we expect from our new Papa, in contrast to other Ghost leaders we’ve seen?

The next album will be set in a much darker and God-fearing point of time. Where Meliora was in a futuristic setting - the Brave New World has very little fear of God - this new record will be set in a point of time where there’s an immense fear of deities. So there will definitely be a Papa around that has very little humour. That alone won’t make a show - there’ll be a surprise for everyone!

I read that the next album will be more medieval-themed. Will your masks and outfits reflect that also?

Yes! Where I think we took the theatricality a few steps forward on this album cycle, hopefully we’re gonna take it five more steps on the next one.

What can we expect to hear in the next Ghost record?

It will build on Meliora, production-value wise. There are a few things i’m really keen on exploring further; one difference is that it might be more of a sonically conceptual record. As opposed to 10 different songs it might be like one song that starts in the beginning and goes through to the end, seamlessly. Even though it’s gonna be an A and B side - because I always think in vinyl, so there will be two acts - and even though there will be eight or so tracks, when you listen through them it’s supposed to sit together. Even though lyrically it won’t be a story, there will be several stories that loosely sit together in front of a backdrop of a certain theme and a certain environment. I can’t really go into depth about it because it’s conceptual right now - we’re still writing it. But you’ll hear it…eventually.

When will Papa IV be revealed?

I can’t really say! There’s a slight twist to this, so Papa IV might take some time, let’s leave it at that.

Reasons for quitting academia:

  • Consistently have to apologize to white men who are themselves assholes and in the wrong
  • White men are expected to do less service or teaching, and get rewarded when they jump the gun or behave inappropriately
  • Women must be twice as good to get the same opportunities as men, and this is particularly true of people of color
  • Women and people of color in positions of power buy into the system and do not do the work to protect people low on the hierarchy, pushing the burden of success and safety onto them
  • Faculty participate in diversity initiatives supposedly to improve diversity in the field, but then continue to behave in unjust ways
  • Endless push to get more underrepresented groups and women into the field, but without fixing the conditions that make them quit in the first place
  • Academia values productivity, measured as number of publications, at the expense of quality and depth
  • Faculty positions require teaching, administrative duties, student mentoring, and research for promotions and tenure, but the dearth of faculty positions and the dwindling amount of grant money means that junior faculty are pushed into overwork (60-80 hours per week) to meet the basic expectations of university administrations
  • Overproduction of PhDs means that getting a PhD only qualifies you for more training, requiring multiple moves and extended periods of instability
  • Overproduction of PhDs also means that extremely qualified academics end up going to ‘low-tier’ schools to teach, pushing research expectations up everywhere regardless of course-load or financial support
  • Academic work is undervalued so that both postdoctoral work and the majority of faculty positions are severely underpaid, especially as they require much more than 40 hours a week to fulfill all expectations
  • Postdoctoral trainees are often considered little more than indentured servants, and are treated neither as employees nor as students
  • Most academic positions are in geographical locations that are undesirable for most academics
  • Getting a job, getting tenure, and getting promotions depends as much on politics as on your quality as a researcher or teacher
  • Pervasive belief that academia, more than a job, is a vocation, to which you must sacrifice everything or be considered unworthy or undeserving, to the extent that looking for better opportunities is considered immoral or questionable

3/5(??) refsheets complete- I tried to film this but the lighting is horrid and I dunno how to edit it so that people wouldn’t just ignore the thumbnail of a poorly lit video with no production value ._.

4 benderrific Legend of Korra fan films

The world of Avatar has inspired countless fanworks for over ten years now. Let’s take a look at some Legend of Korra fan films!

A New Beginning

Art School Dropouts absolutely nailed Korra and Asami’s characters here, and we dare you to count the punches!

Battle for Republic City

Ryan Glass has created a short film with crazy production values-choreography-visual effects, showing the fight that lead to the founding of Republic City.

5 Everyday Uses of Firebending

Mako’s scarf makes a comeback in this fun short by Cameron Sun– and be sure to check out his numerous other bending videos!

Little Air

Probending practice takes an adorably badass turn in this hilarious scene from eatalllot featuring a girl channeling young Korra, and you gotta deal with it!

What do you think?

Ok but have we considered that like - Shadowhunters is kinda garbage? Like - overdramatic background music and cheesy lines and a purposefully campy production value, and campy fight sequences and cliche cliffhangers and of course the remnants of CC’s garbage plot lines and just SO MUCH of the best kinda cringe like dramatic one liners while walking away to a crescendo of violin music kind of cringe and just GARBAGE

So for all intents and purposes, Shadowhunters should be bad right? But it’s NOT!! its beautiful and relatable and it moves us in such a way we dedicate our SOULS to these teenage supernatural fuckers - and why? because of the CHARACTERS

like we are here for the malec and saphael and clizzy and sizzy and clace and any and all relationships between these characters because the actors KILL IT with portraying these beautiful complex multidimensioned relationships - so even though they should come off as campy and cliche THEY DONT because the cast is 10/10 and honest to god Matthew Daddario/Harry Shum Jr. deserve a couple of fucking Oscars for getting through that “we’re just too different/come from different worlds” cliche with a straight face because I COULDNT holy shit the cheese had me DEAD

TL;DR god bless this cast bc Shadowhunters is trash but its our trash

Why Supernatural Fans Need to Watch Timeless, From Misha Collins Himself

PS: Recently, Eric posted a long letter to fans about how Timeless has been deemed a “bubble show,” meaning that a season two renewal isn’t guaranteed. While the cast has been working hard to get more people to watch, in your own words, what do you think people should tune? What do you think sets Timeless apart from other shows on TV?

MC: It just amazing to me that Timeless is a bubble show, that it’s just not solidly in the renew column. I think that would only happen today when we’re in this golden era of television, where there’s so much to watch, it’s just hard to capture an audience in the first place. 

But this show is absolutely epic. I simply can’t believe the production value for the episodes. Each episode is creating a new world. I just can’t think of another television show that trumps the Hindenburg to the 1970s week to week. And then there’s just a real synergy between the cast and the writing is smart. 

I hope that it continues to grow its audience and that people find the show. I honestly think that the only problem is that people haven’t found it yet. It’s a great show, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. 




hello! I’m back again to let you guys know my friend and I have added Bangtan’s ‘Spring Day’ MV to their top 10 music videos of February along with a mention of ‘Not Today’. Like the previous comeback for Blood, Sweat & Tears and Top 10 Best BTS Music Videos though we do not have complete control over the videos (they sometimes rewrite things that we’re like??? what?? we didn’t say that??)
we do this in attempts to get mainstream media to notice and appreciate the insane level of talent and production value of their work and others like it. We have also done the same for Zico’s Bermuda Triangle

so far there has been a really good response to adding these in from the fanbase but also people discovering new music. we hope to continue doing this but need your help to reblog/comment/stream/share. the more they see that it something people enjoy and want more of the more control we will have and the bigger the projects we have planned will become! :)

thanks for all the support!

nier automata does beat out any game of its scope and scale and production value for lesbians per hour (the lph ratio), and thats worth something. if you want more lesbians you gotta go to indie stuff and vns and that’s cool and good but sometimes you want other flavors