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There will be nine types of Star Wars fans coming out of the movie theatre on December 15th...

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^Type One- the lucky ones, whose predictions came true (driving home with those that doubted them for two years)

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^Type Two- the gracious in defeat ones, whose predictions were proven wrong but they understand the thats how it is and it doesn’t have an effect on the quality of the film

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^Type Three- the furious ones, whose predictions were ALL wrong, they feel betrayed by Rian Johnson, will boycott every star wars and Disney product, they race home to angrily spread the word of their disgust online at what star wars has become  (after a week and multiple viewers they will cool down and rethink some things)

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^Type Four- the innocent unspoiled ones, those that stayed away from every teaser, leak, rumour, and piece of promotion for the film. Not sure what to expect they enter the theatre and are the loudest to exclaim at every twist and emotional scene they HAD NOT PREPARED FOR (that was me for TFA)

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^Type five- the living in denial ones, this isn’t what they wanted at all! they cannot accept what they just saw and will live on like it never happened. They will not view TLJ as canon and may leave fandom for a while. As reality sets in they may slowly come to terms with things (much to the anger to other fans they will continue to have the same beliefs they had after TFAs release and find it difficult to move on)

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^Type Six- the indifferent ones, whose only thought after the credits roll are    “meh”. Maybe they are disappointed, maybe they just expected more after the two year hype train. They just don’t get what everyone else is losing their minds about around them. Over time they may grow fonder of the film

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^Type seven- the broken ones, those that stay seated as everyone leaves. They are emotionally destroyed after the inevitable cliff hanger,  they are coming to terms with the fact that disney owns their soul for yet another two years, the movie hasn’t answered all their questions in fact it has only raised more. They will be hit the hardest by the sorrows our characters will face in TLJ and will weep silently into their empty popcorn boxes as the theatre staff mutter about who should go check whether you are alright

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^Type Eight- the riding high ones, those that are blown away by this masterpiece of a film, regardless of their predictions or thoughts prior to seeing it they will rant and rave about its perfection to all their friends and will not hear any criticism 

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^Type Nine - the speculative ones, they watched the screen like a hawk taking in every detail, adjusting their predictions as the plot developed and will be walking out in a daze as they speculate further and try to put the pieces together in order to determine what Episode IX has in store for us all (this no doubt will be me)

Davey Jacobs (Musical) is Probably on the Autism Spectrum and These are Just a Handful of Reasons Why
  • The handshake issue: Davey refuses to spit shake at first then later does it but is uncomfortable (most other characters seem fine with it). This can be related to a sensory issue regarding feeling and texture and/or related to black and white thinking about germs
  • Davey vs. Les: Davey is shy and quiet while his little brother is clearly extroverted, louder, and very good at navigating social situations. Though of course siblings are usually not exactly, the same such a big difference, and in these specific areas, can be a sign of neurodivergence
  • Davey and Les: though at first Davey seems to not want anything to do with the newsies he seems very attached to his brother beyond the "well I have to look out for this kid" reasoning we usually see with siblings in media. People on the spectrum often have very very strong loyalties to those they are attached to. We also see in other lines that Davey seems to be attached to the rest of his family as well.
  • Distrust of strangers: when Davey meets jack and the other newsies he wants to know why jack would want to team up with him (I feel the average person who was more sociable or just shy would jump at the chance to have someone who knew the ropes show them around) he also seems distrustful of Katherine and other characters upon first meeting. This can be evidence of issues with social skills and a history of being bullied or often tricked which are common occurrences for those on the spectrum because people notice them as easy targets
  • Race and Davey: this is less so in the filmed version, more so in the obc production but, when race has his "look they got a mudda" line Les seems to automatically realize that this jabbing is just how the newsies talk and calls back to race. Meanwhile Davey seems much more offended, not realizing this is just a newsie thing. This seems like a problem in his ability to read social situations
  • Logic: Davey seems to be by far the most logical of the newsies with his questioning of the strike plan and trying to stop the newsies from beating up scabs and really a lot of instances in the show. Thank goodness they have him.
  • "My father taught us not to lie": Davey does not see the upside of lying about the paper's contents, he sees "lying is wrong= don't lie". This relates to the black and white thinking often found in those with ASD
  • Over explanation: when Davey and Les show up late Davey explains that they were helping their mom with something even though no one really cared. This shows he doesn't understand what would be expected of him in that social climate if he was late
  • -
  • Of course Davey develops over the course of the show but I think it's mostly that he is finally in a group that sees his value and because of that he becomes more comfortable with the newsies and himself
Bloom Ch. 2 (biadore)- Taurus's Splattered C*nt

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I just want to put it out there that our group chat gives me life. I have learned so far that Taurus and I are going to get married and move in with C*nt and Mrs. C*nt to mooch off of them. Also, Taurus is a ninja spy and has a really hot voice, and both of them are really freaking pretty and it’s not fair because I’m a toe (YOU ARE NOT A TOE YOU ARE AN ETHREAL GODDESS OF THE OCEAN -C*nt [She’s lying. I’m a toe. -Splatt]). That is all. Love you two ladies! That’s all. Hope you all enjoy! (C*nt and Taurus didn’t know what to put for an author’s note so I got to write it! Yay!)

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As a result of their communication being so heavily gesture-based, Fae theatre and performance resembles Japanese kabuki. Actors display emotion and characterization throughout the show by using specific, exaggerated poses and choreography, as well as makeup that enhances their expressions or elaborate yet lightweight costumes that highlight their movements. While Fae actors performing in ‘mixed-race’ production companies are still rare due to their need to learn to vocally emote like most other dragons, those that do pick up the skill often enhance their roles with these sorts of techniques.

I’m going to quickly post that this is honestly why being biracial is one of the most exhausting and isolating things.

You constantly have people questioning the legitimacy of your fucking existence. Questioning if you truly belong because they’ve created a check list of what is acceptable to be considered Asian, Black, Indigenous, etc.

And they’ll look for the smallest things to not pick you into their little special cluster. Perhaps your hair doesn’t look a certain way or hell perhaps you’re too tall.

And they just love to forget that you’re biracial! “Well you don’t look black.”

I know amor, it’s because I’m also half white. Like the biracial fucking implies I am the product of two different races.


1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ | Known simply as Alfa Romeo TZ | Tubolare Zagato | Tubular Zagato | The TZ2 was built only for racing | The production of TZ cars was stopped at the end of 1965 to make room for new GTA racing program. Only 12 TZ2’s were ever made

You wanna know what my favorite thing about Thomas & Friends is in recent years (besides the upgrade in story writing and everyone back in character)? The animation by Arc Productions (now known as Jam Filled Toronto). Good fucking god, since they took over the animation production in King of the Railway (2013), it just keeps getting better and better! In the KotR, it seemed questionable as they were still getting used to animating talking trains…

But by the following year with “Tale of the Brave” (2014), they really stepped up their game.

However, nothing, NOTHING compares to what they accomplished in the 2015 special, “Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure”. JUST LOOK AT SOME OF THESE SHOTS!!!



I will say though that the animation with this year’s film “The Great Race”, probably not as spectacular looking as “Lost Treasure”, and that’s understandable give that shortly before the film was released, Arc went through a bankruptcy, but thankfully Jam Filled stepped in and saved the day. We’ll have to see what they can accomplish next year. 

Comparing the animation by Arc to the previous animation studio, Nitrogen Studios, the differences are severely striking. 

Here is Brendam Docks animated by Nitrogen. 

And here is the same location animated by Arc. 

Look at how much more detailed the Arc image is compared to the Nitrogen one. The Nitrogen one looks so flat and dull. I feel bad for the people at Nitrogen because they could’ve done a lot of great things, but remember this was the era where HiT just flat out didn’t give a damn about anything but selling toys. Thank goodness that Mattel bought them out and pretty much gave the entire franchise a massive overhaul, because they knew the iconic history the series has and they wanted the series from just being something to keep your toddler quiet for an hour and turned it into an almost Disney-like experience.