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Hi Tumblr! Long time no see!

I’m excited to share the product of my absence!  For the past year, my thesis partner and good friend Esteban Bravo and I have been developing a computer animated short film, “In a Heartbeat,” for our senior thesis project at Ringling College of Art + Design. We are launching this Kickstarter to help cover the costs of hiring a professional composer and sound designer for our film!

“In a Heartbeat” follows an insecure middle school boy who has yet to come to terms with his sexuality. When he crosses paths with the most popular boy in school, his heart pops out of his chest to go after the boy of his dreams. Please visit the Kickstarter page for more development, information, and production artwork on the project!

We are currently mid-production, about to wrap on animation and begin lighting, rendering, and compositing the film, but we need YOUR help to make this film the best that it can be!  Any contribution helps, be it a donation or simply sharing the video and spreading the word!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This film has been a true labor of love for us both and I am so excited to share the finished film with you this Spring!


Hey guys :) I’m Bea, from Exohypernova.

I wasn’t sure if I would post this because it’s my first ever printables pack and it has that overall design that is very very common in the studyblr comunity, and I didn’t want to post more of the same, but I had done this a while ago and thought maybe you guys would like it.

This pack contains:

✖      A habit tracker

✖      A life planner

✖      A month planner with productivity tracker

✖      A project management sheet

✖      A exam prep cheat sheet

✖      A book review page

✖      A book character review page

✖      A book tracker

✖      A glossary

✖      A task list

✖      A quotes sheet

✖      A formulas sheet

If you want to download all of them, you can click here to access my google drive folder. Also, if you have photoshop, you can download a totally editable version of those printables in this link (fonts included). ♡


Sun & Moon side tables by Henri Judin

Sun & Moon is a set of side tables created by the Finish design and Architecture student Henri Judin. By twisting the flat steel bars, that create the overal rectangular shape of this two tables, Henri Judin creates the illusion of a circular object in the horizontal and vertical lines.


“there were once three brothers who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight…”

Leslie Knope and Ron Swans--, Er, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman Will Be Hosting a Competitive Crafts Show on NBC
By Nellie Andreeva

Sure, they’ll be hosting as themselves and not their respective roles on Parks and Recreation.

That being said, The Handmade Project, just sounds like a sequel to the season 4 episode where Leslie and Ron had competing youth programs.

Also, Amy’s Paper Kite Productions will be handling this series, which, in addition to  makes us believe that it’ll be much different from other competitive reality shows.

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

We marked the 20th anniversary of Pathfinder’s landing on Mars this week. 

We have had an active robotic presence there ever since—in fact, no one under 20 has experienced a day without NASA at Mars—but the Pathfinder mission was the first-ever robotic rover to explore the Red Planet. Below are 10 things to know about this iconic mission as we celebrate two decades of unprecedented science and discovery.

1. A Date to Remember

Pathfinder launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Dec. 4, 1996, and landed at Mars’ Ares Vallis on July 4, 1997. The landing site, an ancient flood plain in Mars’ northern hemisphere, is among the rockiest parts of the planet. Scientists chose it because they believed it was a relatively safe surface to land on and contained a wide variety of rocks deposited during a catastrophic flood.

2. Precious Cargo 

Pathfinder delivered to Mars a tiny, 23-pound (11.5 kilogram) rover named Sojourner, which carried scientific instruments to analyze the Martian atmosphere, climate and geology. To put its small size in perspective, the mechanisms at the end of the Curiosity Rover’s robotic arm are heavier than all of Sojourner. You can check out a 360 video of Pathfinder and Sojourner here.

3. Who Named the Rover? 

The name Sojourner was chosen after a year-long, worldwide competition in which students up to 18 years old were invited to write about a historical heroine and how she would translate their accomplishments to the Martian environment. Twelve-year-old Valerie Ambroise of Bridgeport, Connecticut, submitted the winning essay on Sojourner Truth, a Civil War-era abolitionist who made it her mission to “travel up and down the land” advocating for the rights of all people to be free and participate fully in society.

4. Quite the Entrance 

Pathfinder’s landing was innovative and unprecedented. It entered the thin Martian atmosphere assisted by parachute to slow its descent and with a giant system of airbags to cushion the impact. This mission marked the first time this airbag technique was used. Spirit and Opportunity later used the same method successfully.

5. Mobile Matters 

The wireless modem between Pathfinder and Sojourner was a commercial, off-the-shelf product. The project team acquired several and stress-tested them until they found the best ones to send off to Mars.

6. It’s in the Details 

Sojourner had bumpers—actual mechanical fenders—painted with black and white stripes. It also had two forward-facing black-and-white cameras, and one rear-facing camera (all one-third of a Megapixel). And Sojourner’s tiny wheels measured just 12.5 centimeters in diameter.

7. Viral-worthy

Pathfinder was widely regarded as one of the first “internet sensations.” There was so much web traffic from around the world, the entire internet backbone of France crashed under the load.

8. We’re Getting Warmer 

Among the many scientific discoveries from Pathfinder and Sojourner: Rounded pebbles and cobbles at the landing site suggested that Mars might have had running water during a warmer past when liquid water was stable on the planet. Early morning water ice clouds also were seen in the lower atmosphere.

9. Long Live the Mission 

The lander and the rover both outlived their design lives—the lander by nearly three times, and the rover by 12 times.

10. Pathfinder’s Photo Album 

Go back in time and see historical photographs of Pathfinder’s assembly process here.



D&D inspired eyeshadow palettes

I really like the leather + gold + touches of color idea of this line, so I continued it in these eyeshadows. Colors are picked and named from spells that each class has available to them. They were selected due to name length (or how well they work as cosmetic names), if they were exclusive to the class, or if the spell fit that palette more than another. A lot of classes share spells, after all. If your fave spell isn’t on here, sorry, I really tried the best I could! There’s a LOT to potentially pick from.
These include palettes for Wizard, Warlock, Bard, Paladin, Cleric, and Druid. I may do the rest at a later point!

Colors for these palettes were selected based on the perfumes that started everything.

(This isn’t a real product, just an art project for fun.)

[6/100 Days of Productivity Project]

Made the monthly layout for March 2017 in my bullet journal! I’ve been falling in love with my grey Pilot Mildliner and my MUJI hexagon pen (in 0.38mm) all over again. TIME FOR MARCH TO BE MY MONTH OF PRODUCTIVITY!!!

(I know I’m an amateur in calligraphy, but I’m working on it!)

If you’re interested in the Mildliners, I recommend checking ‘em out here at Kawaii Pen Shop where they have the Cool set of 5 mildliners AND best of all? I have a discount code for my followers for 10% off: julesanima

I appreciate it if you use the discount code as I do receive a small commission, but if you don’t, that’s absolutely fine too! :)