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Good morning! What a productive morning. My first class starts at 11:35, but I was able to be at 9 am in the library of my university. I decided to go meet an advisor because I had some questions about my internship. I have been studying all morning for my two quizzes for tomorrow. I have two study sessions with my tutorial. Let’s go. Seriously, if I can do it, you too. 

7-28-17 | 97/100 Days of Productivity

some notes for ap world history’s summer assignment ;v;“

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5/100 days of productivity ❇️ today’s been a terrible day, plus I made fridays my procrastination days. Still - managed to get through all the classes and complete a physic’s observation project. But it’s okay to have some rest from time to time :)


Theatre Challenge →1/8 Shows


If you ever get the chance to see a production of Ragtime, I could not further urge you to go. I am shocked by how poignant the story remains to everyday life after quite a few years since its original incarnation. It must be one of the most well-written shows of all time, if not the number one smartest piece of theatre.

“It was the music of something beginning, an era exploding, a century spinning in riches and rags, and in rhythm and rhyme.

The people called it Ragtime“