production pic


getting ready for another year of graphic design studies more like preparing for a funeral (but black is such a happy color indeed)


last week in my passion planner !!! i’m really not a fan of the cold but the doodles that came out of this freezing weather make me happy :-) [photos taken from my studygram @hermionegoals]

song i’ve been listening to lately: 붐붐 boomboom - seventeen (세븐틴)


❝we don’t want to be green day. we don’t want to be blink-182. we want to be 5 seconds of summer, and be remembered for being 5 seconds of summer.❞


Theatre Challenge →1/8 Shows


If you ever get the chance to see a production of Ragtime, I could not further urge you to go. I am shocked by how poignant the story remains to everyday life after quite a few years since its original incarnation. It must be one of the most well-written shows of all time, if not the number one smartest piece of theatre.

“It was the music of something beginning, an era exploding, a century spinning in riches and rags, and in rhythm and rhyme.

The people called it Ragtime“