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So today when I took a walk I collected lots of tiny flowers and plants. When I got home I made tiny flower crowns with them. 

I suppose they’d be too big for like a five inch tiny but they work for bigger tinies. (they’re between 22 and 25 mm in diamenter) Here is one compared to my hand:


but until that fateful day, i’m grateful / i got a destination /  i’m runnin’ to make it home / and home’s what vanessa’s runnin’ away from (x)

featuring Joseph Morales, Manoly Farrell and Anthony Ramos Martinez @ Pioneer Theatre Company (2012)

“I Need a Hero”

Summary: Nico is a superhero and Will is super trying-his-best.

The first time they meet is a coincidence, too random to be fate, too logical to be an accident. It is October, winding sidewalks wet with rain and coated with damp leaves the color of a sunset, and Will is running. His head is down, a beanie pulled down over his ears to try and protect his hair from the humidity, his jacket soaked through on the shoulders.

He’s late to his shift at the pizza place where he works nights. (His days are spent in classes, where his professors try and jam strange, convoluted words that mean ‘finger’ and ‘blood cell’ and ‘death’ into his brain.)

He watches his feet instead of the path ahead of him, takes turns automatically, dodges the occasional stranger by instinct. But the town where he lives is quiet, unwelcoming during storms, and so he moves through deserted walkways largely uncontested, blinking raindrops out of his eyes.

He barely notices that the sidewalk has peeled away and become a street. He doesn’t notice the bus barreling towards him until the roar of the engine is all he can hear, the headlights burning into his eyes like supernovas.

I’m going to die, is all he has time to think before he’s yanked out of the way, back onto the sidewalk, into the circle of somebody’s arms.

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Dear Madhouse, or Production I.G. , or some other awesome anime studio,

I swear if you rescue Tokyo Ghoul from Pierrot and make a proper anime from the beginning of the story and stay on manga’s story like focus on Kaneki’s mental disarray and his depression and his confusion and his kindness and his beautiful perseverance to survive his tragedy, you will receive loads and loads of great feedback and oh you can ever go on with :re and people will love you forever I promise the story is pure gold.


Literally every single Tokyo Ghoul fan ever

Summer 2017 Anime Anticipation

My friends, the end of spring is upon us  yet again, summer is approaching bringing with it my first quarter-century birthday and a wave of new anime of which there are no sequels of interest for me, so the list of shows I may end up watching is unusually diverse and pretty wild. HeroAca, Virgin Soul and Re:Creators continue into the summer too, the first two being brilliant, the latter… eh. I’ll talk about it in my final review of the season

Top interest

Shokoku no Altair: Definitely my most anticipated show of the season. The manga’s been making waves all over the place and getting praised for its story and beautiful artwork and since MAPPA now has all the money in the world after Yuri on Ice became the fifth (potentially even third, time will tell) best-selling anime since 2000, I hope they’ll do something really good with it.

Ballroom e Youkoso: Production I.G. picking up another sports anime? And one based around an artistic-interpretative competitive sport? Sign me the fuck up a hundred times over! I gotta say though, that my excitement for this show has soured due to 1) the fucking giraffe necks in the concept art and 2) All the fuckboys rallying up around it saying “don’t worry, this one isn’t gay shit like Yaoi on Ice™”. But I still have high hopes for this

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan: The premise sounds so kooky and cool and fun and I’m weak okay? It’s definitely different and sounds interesting so I hope it delivers

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu: After the massive let down that was Hanamaru, my interest in this franchise has dwindled quite a bit. Since they’re doing this as a more plot-heavy historically-focused rendition of the characters, I’m hoping it’ll be more my kind of thing and that ufotable makes it look amazing.

DIVE!!: The other sports anime of the season and it’s about diving of all things! Diving is one of my favorite sports to watch, but the studio doing this is kinda new so I’m worried they won’t be able to produce the animation this kind of sport would require. Fingers crossed. Just hoping it won’t be another Battery.

High expectations

Kakegurui: Looks cool? Not a concept I’ve seen before so I think it could be very fun and unique. I literally don’t know, I’m casting a sort of wide net because there are no sequels of interest for me this season but there seems to be an abundance of “I’ve never seen an anime about this!” shows which is kind of a rare thing in the medium.

Isekai Shokudo: I’d usually pass on anything that uses ‘isekai’ on its title, but my interest for the growing trend of food-centric anime beats my zealousness against otaku isekai LN. Hopefully it’ll turn out sweet and fun

Keppeki Danshi Aoyama-kun: The concept sounds weird enough to work in the same way that Tanaka-kun, Sakamoto, Saiki Kusuo and Nozaki-kun did. I’m only crossing my fingers for a weird af comedy, I ain’t asking for much.

Who the fuck knows, could go either way

The Reflection: This has been in the works for a while and it’s actually a collab with Stan Lee so basically I have no idea of what to expect but it has 50/50 chances of being amazeballs/a train-wreck and I’m quite curious.

Centaur no Nayami: In principle I like the idea of a slice-of-life about centaurs, definitely looks like something more in my taste than raunchier monster girl shows, but since this is a Chinese coproduction and the main girl has huge tiddies I’m cautious about it.

Saiyuki Reload: I haven’t watched the original Saiyuki –I’ve meant to, but my pile of shame is so big- so I don’t even know if I’d be able to watch it, but if it turns out to be something newbies on the franchise can enjoy, I’m definitely interested in checking it out

The Fate Line aka I have no expectations whatsoever but still intend to check them out (maybe)

Fate/Apocrypha: Back when this blog was young I managed to anger the Fate otaku because UBW was shit, but as I said repeatedly back then, Fate as a concept is something I find very engaging. Do I expect this one to be good? Nope. Why am I watching it then? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean if I suffered rape-facilitator Archer in UBW I can’t imagine Apocrypha can have something that’ll make me quit… unless it’s offensively boring which can always happen

Konbini Kareshi: Everything below the Fate line I have no real expectations for, but if I have time to check this out it might turn out to be dumb and fun ala Starmyu or Dance with Devils. Who knows

Hitorijime my Hero: I mean, it can’t be worse than Super Lovers…. Right?

Netsuzou Trap: If there’s something I have even less faith in than questionable power dynamics BL it’s fetiche yuri. Still might try to watch ep 1, depending on the kind of reactions it gets

And that’s the season folks. Really lots of variety and with no sequels, pretty much everything on the list is a wildcard. Still I hope the top 5 shows won’t be a disappointment. Oh well, even if they are I’ll stillhave HeroAca and Virgin Soul.

What shows are you looking forward to for next season?

I Shouldn't Have Said That Part 1- George Weasley Imagine

Anonymous said:
I was wondering if you could do a george/twins one shot where the reader is a girl in gryffindor, who’s best friends with the twins even though she’s a year below them? But George and y/n get into a massive argument and end up shouting etc. and really insulting and hurting eachother? And they’re both really stubborn so they both continue being really nasty and dismissive toward eachother, until eventually Fred gets so sick of it and tries to get them to make up? And then fluff or something? :3

A/N: special thanks to @raeisawkward and @zbops for the argument starter-y bits!

You sat at a table in the Three Broomsticks, waiting for George. He was late. Again. Ever since you two had started dating you had met up at the Three Broomsticks every Hogsmede weekend. Last year he had made it to every date. This year, the same could not be said. By the looks of things, this would be the fifth one he’s missed. You sighed and ordered yourself a butterbeer to avoid looking pathetic. You figured George had until you finished your drink to show up, then he’d have missed your date by half an hour.

You sipped your drink slowly and thought of all the things you’d say to George once he showed up. Part of you wanted him to walk through the door right now, the other part wanted him to stay away so you could give him a piece of your mind once you got back to Hogwarts.

The bottle was half empty now, and there was no sign of him. A Hufflepuff boy stumbled through the door with a Ravenclaw girl in tow. They were laughing together and weaving through the tables hand in hand to get to a secluded booth in the back of the shop. You scowled at them as they passed your table. You took another swig of your drink. Was George out with another girl? The very thought of it made you feel sick, so you swallowed the remaining butterbeer in two gulps, stood up, and stalked out of the shop.

You marched up to the castle, thinking of all the things you’d say to your dear boyfriend once you saw him. This was the fifth date out of seven that he’s failed to show up for.


He wasn’t at the castle. You checked the common room, the dormitories, the Great Hall, the hospital wing, and the lake. Unless he was in a detention, you couldn’t think of where else he’d be. You slumped down against a tree at the water’s edge and threw pebbles into the lake. George wouldn’t sink as low as to cheat on you…would he? You were a year below him, and he did seem to pay an awful lot of attention to Katie.

You threw the next pebble extra hard.

“I’m just being stupid, he’s allowed to have friends that are girls.” You mumbled to yourself. Nevertheless, you couldn’t help but worry. You scrubbed your hands over your face and sighed. The sky was turning pink and it was almost time for dinner.

As you walked up the grassy hill, you spotted two red-headed twins making their merry way up to dinner from the Forbidden Forest. You scowled and walked over to Fred and George.

They were laughing about something. You cleared your throat.
“Oh, hey Y/N, how w-”
“George, can we talk?” You said curtly.
“Uh, sure.”
You looked pointedly at Fred, who rolled his eyes and walked on.
“Where were you today?” You asked as you crossed your arms.
“Hogsmede, and then the forest. Why do you ask?” He replied.
“So you were in Hogsmede then!”
“Huh? Of course I was.” He said slowly.
“You didn’t come to our date!”
“Actually, I did come, but you weren’t there.” George replied.
“You were over half an hour late, you jerk!”
“You can call me a lot of things, Y/N, but you can never call me late for dinner.” George laughed. You scowled. Why wasn’t he understanding!

“Is everything a joke to you?” You snapped.
“No, I just don’t see what the problem is with me being late for one date!”
“THAT’S THE FIFTH ONE YOU’VE MISSED THIS YEAR!” You shouted and balled your hands into fists by your side.
“I don’t mean to miss them Y/N, honest!” He held his hands out in a placating gesture.
“What do you do then? If you don’t mean to miss them!” You sneered.
“Well…y'know. Zonkos, Honeydukes, that type of stuff. I get distracted.” George said, scratching the back of his neck.
You scowled.

“George, be honest with me okay? Are you seeing anyone else?” You said.
George stared open-mouthed at you.
“Are you- what did you just say to me?” He stuttered.
“I asked if you were s-”
“I know what you said!” He said hotly.
“Then why’d you ask!”
“Are you serious? You actually think I’d do that to you!” He was getting madder.
“Well it wouldn’t surprise me!"and
"I can’t believe you right now! You know how I feel about you, I’d never sink that low!” He said heatedly. You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms.

“What? So now you don’t believe me!” He shouted.
“Why should I take your word for it!” You countered.
“Because I. Am. Your. Boyfriend!” He snapped.
“That’s the most pathetic reason anyone could ever come up with. It’s even pathetic by your standards!”
You had let that slip out before thinking. And now, as you saw the hurt in his eyes, you regretted it.
“Look, I didn’t m-” You began softly.
“Save it.” George spat. His arms were crossed and he was looking anywhere but you.
“I’m just mad because I feel like you’re ignoring me.” You explained.
“No. You’re mad because I have a life outside of you! Y'know, friends and stuff!”

And that was all it took for every last trace of regret for hurting him to vanish. You put your fists on your hips and took a step towards him.
“Is that so?” You said cooly. George watched you cautiously.
“Well at least I don’t live my life trying to live up to my brother’s.” You hissed.
“What the fuck do you mean, Y/N?”
“You know exactly what I mean, George Weasley. Always trying to beat them. Always trying to prove yourself. It’s pathetic!”
You knew you had struck a nerve.

George was biting the inside of his cheek. His face was red and his eyes were so full of anger, he looked like a complete stranger.
“Well you’re one to talk!” He exclaimed.
“Always tagging along with me and Fred! No one ever sees you with any other friends besides us and (your friends name)! That’s more pathetic then anything.”
Your stomach dropped. He knew full well that that was one of your biggest insecurities. You felt tears prickling at your eyes, but you refused to cry. Not here. Not in front of George. The two of you stood in silence, glaring daggers at each other for a moment. George swallowed thickly.
“I’m going up to dinner.” He hissed in passing.
“Stay the hell away from me!” You shouted after him. Out of the corner of your eye you saw him whirl around. But you didn’t look back at him, you just kept walking.