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TONIGHT! My last episode of Steven Universe boarded with the wonderful @jeffliujeffliu! Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the support! It’s been a huge honor to be able to board on the show and I hope you look forward to all the great episodes yet to come! 

For the episode I made an ube roll from scratch with Christy Cohen, our amazing production coordinator and resident sugar witch. Ours wasn’t quite as good as a real Filipino ube roll (my fault) but we did pretty good for our first time I think! 

<3 you all, hope you enjoy!


I’m so excited to finally be able to post this! A few months back I was contacted by a production coordinator for Disney XD. They had seen the mug cosies I make and ended up commissioning me to make four “book sweaters” - props for a infomercial skit they did for the show Gravity Falls! Now that the infomercial has been aired, I can finally share these! See the infomercial here:

Claim harassment against me? Get fired.

This one has some moving parts, and plays out over a year or so.

At one point, I was managing a small team of business development reps at a small software company. These are the recent grads that would be phone monkeys, making cold calls trying to set-up appointments for the real sales people.

I had two reps at the time: Amy and Paul. They were young, but hungry. They listened to training, and were generally great employees. At one point, Paul and I realized that we had some mutual friends, and that helped our relationship.

Fast forward a few months from their hiring, and my boss grabs me one morning for a meeting with HR. Apparently, Amy had filed a harassment complaint against me, alleging some crazy things. She reported that my single goal was to ruin her career, and that I would make sure she was fired.

The HR meeting was a formality, as no one believed it, but they had to do the investigation. Nothing came from it, but I would never be alone in a room with Amy again. If she came to talk to me with no one around, I would go to a common area of the office or invite someone into the discussion.

A few more months, and Paul asked me to be a reference. The company was a mess, and the CEO was running it into the ground. I was more than happy to do it, as I was job hunting myself. I just asked that he keep me in the loop about interviews and offers, and I would cover his time out of the office.

Not surprisingly, he landed a job pretty quick and gave his notice to me. Also at this time, IT was doing hardware upgrades to laptops adding more RAM, allowing us to run the latest version of our product for demos.

I coordinated with IT to have both their machines done one day, and told them to take a long lunch.

Well, a little over a year before this happened, one VP had been fired. After he left, I learned it was common practice for IT to review all the Skype chat logs from the machine. Luckily, it meant me getting a small bonus because the VP was trashing the company to me, but I wasn’t, and I was vaguely praising the CEO (I’m no dummy, and don’t have those conversations over channels that can be reviewed.)

With Paul out the door, and Amy being a lying cunt, I asked IT to review their Skype logs during the upgrade, because “something seemed fishy”.

I was right. Even though Amy deleted her chat logs, Paul didn’t. There were chats in there about how they were both job searching, and Amy had gotten an admin password for our CRM. She had been pulling customer lists to take with her.

Furthermore, she had been bragging about receiving a $1,500 bonus to drop the harassment complaint against me, as the CEO was worried that any complaints or lawsuits would scare away the investors needed to keep the company going. Oh, and she chatted that “They made me sign a non-disclosure about it, but they won’t find out.”

Oh, she was toast. Director of IT and I went straight to HR and the CEO with the print outs. The decision was quick: both were to be terminated immediately. Amy for unauthorized access of data and breach of her non-disclosure, and Paul for some bullshit reason of not reporting her.

They got back from their lunch, and I immediately called them into HR. Paul was given a 2-weeks severance, but Amy needed to pay back her $1,500 “hush” bonus. Because of her gross misconduct, she wasn’t eligible for severance or unemployment, and the re-payment was deducted from her final check and quarterly bonus. Her exit check was for less than $10.

Paul had two weeks off, with the severance. We remain connected, but I love seeing Amy changing jobs on LinkedIn every 6-9 months.

Hello! I think it’s important to take care of your study space as well as the place you live in, so I created this checklist of activities. Some of them are to be done daily, some weekly and some of them just once a month or so. It’s also a good idea to do these in your study breaks, you are giving your mind a break but staying productive at the same time! 

  • write a shopping list
  • go grocery shopping
  • cook the next meal / meal prep
  • vacuum
  • dust the furniture
  • water your plants
  • take the trash our
  • do the recycling
  • change the towels in your bathroom
  • change your toothbrush
  • clean your hairbrush of hair
  • do the laundry + ironing
  • open your windows and let some fresh air in
  • change your bed sheets
  • make your bed
  • wash the dishes
  • tidy that one chair / your bed / your floor of clothes
  • organise your bookshelf
  • clean the mirrors
  • clean your shoes
  • put toilet cleaner in your toilet
  • take care of your drains
  • feed your pet!!
  • disconnect any electronics if you are not using it
  • change light bulbs
  • check the fridge for expired food
  • clean your make up products and brushes
  • colour coordinate your wardrobe
  • bin that one broken thing you’ve been meaning to
  • call the electrician / plumber if there’s a problem
  • decorate according to the season
  • cut the grass
  • sweep the balcony / terrace
  • clean the shower and the sink

Feel free to add on if I’ve missed anything. Good luck!


Welcome to My Life is now online. This is a short I art directed in 2015, created by Elizabeth Ito. We used 3d animation combined with photo bg’s. The animation was done by TeamTo in Paris. We took photos on location and then edited them, added elements or moved stuff around to make them work as backgrounds for the animation. Above is some of the art I made for it.

It was a great project to work on and I’m really proud of how it all turned out.

Here I am on the photo shoot with (on left) Riley Riggen - production coordinator, Elizabeth Ito - creator, writer, director and Rob Getzschman - photographer, editor.


John Lennon and his girlfriend May Pang at the Opening of ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club’ at Beacon Theater in New York City on November 17, 1974. 

In 1973, when John Lennon and Yoko Ono separated, Pang and Lennon had a relationship lasting over 18 months, during a time which Lennon later referred to as his “Lost Weekend.” Pang had previously worked as a personal assistant and production coordinator for Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono.

Photos by Ron Galella

Loving Vincent Painter Blog

Tiffanie Mang is one of the 125 painting animators who worked on Loving Vincent. She travelled to our Studio in Gdansk, Poland all the way from America to work on the project  and shares her experience of working on the film below. Look out for your chance to ask Tiffanie your own questions soon, at one of our special LA events!

Tiffanie Mang inside her Loving Vincent PAWS

First Steps

I applied to Loving Vincent in early 2016 after a couple friends saw an advert looking for painters and urged me to apply. I remember thinking how amazing the project looked and how cool it would be to be accepted as an artist. Of course I didn’t actually think it would happen…

I didn’t hear back for about two months, and when I did, I almost forgot what I had applied for! After Skyping with the production coordinator, they asked if I could fly to Poland to do a three day test. That would mean quitting my current job, giving up the plein air painting class I was about to teach, and possibly moving away from LA for the rest of the year. I was almost not going to go because the risk was so big - there was no guarantee I would make it on to production because I had to pass the test first.

I hastily booked a ticket and flew out to Gdansk, Poland. After a weekend of exploring the beautiful town by the Baltic Sea, I arrived at Breakthru Films’ studio to take the test. I had no idea what I was getting myself into; I majored in Animation, and this was definitely the hardest animation test I had ever done. I had never done paint on glass animation before, let alone paint on canvas in oils. It was a real challenge, and I truly didn’t think I was going to pass. When I found out I had crossed the preliminary line, I was the happiest person ever. It was such a surreal moment. I then went through two weeks of training before officially starting production and embarking on the crazy journey of working on this beautiful film alongside many other extremely talented painters, who I am so honored to have met. I would not have traded this job for anything else, for it truly was a life-changing experience. The film itself and the people I worked with made it worth every penny, risk, and sacrifice.

A few Loving Vincent Painting Animators outside our Gdansk studio with Douglas Booth

Painting Style

I worked on the film for about 5 months. I did a total of 6 shots and animated Dr. Gachet, Marguerite Gachet, Armand Roulin and Louise Chevalier. I am thankful I got to work on a variety of shots, from closeups, to wide shots, to walk cycles. It was a new experience and challenge each time, from mixing new colours to getting the right brush strokes. I also got to work with the director on creating two original key frames for a couple shots, which was really fun to do because I had to take immediate reference from Van Gogh’s work and other design paintings done by talented senior painters in order to paint the first frame.

I really enjoyed working on the shot where Dr. Gachet and Armand Roulin are chatting in his garden, and Louise Chevalier walks in briefly. I got to paint some awesome camera blur of Louise walking towards the camera and off screen. The biggest challenge was animating Dr. Gachet talking, whose head was the size of a penny. I also really enjoyed animating an extreme close up shot of Armand’s face towards the end of the film when he is contemplating everything he has heard and learned about Vincent Van Gogh. I thought I might get bored painting those subtle movements in his eyes and lips, but I actually had a lot of fun capturing the important nuances to convey the conflicted emotion! It was my last shot for the film, so that definitely added to the bittersweetness.

Louise, Armand and Dr Gachet in the garden

Van Gogh

Working on this film made me admire Vincent so much more as a painter, restless fighter, and poet of strokes and colour. I read a book about him to prepare for the animation test, and I remember resonating so much with his pain of being a struggling artist and finding his true voice, even when it meant going against society’s norms.

“Always continue loving nature, for that’s the real way to learn to understand art better and better.”

Vincent van Gogh, 1874

Since I love painting landscapes and I do find true, endless inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds us, this Vincent quote always makes me smile.

After Vincent…

I currently work at BartKresa Studio (a 3-D projection mapping studio) as a concept artist and designer. One of our latest projects was creating the stunning visuals that were used for the Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Party, where I got to meet Jerome Flynn in flesh after painting him as Dr Gachet for so many months!! I also teach classes for plein air painting, one of my lifelong passions. My never- ending profession, however, is to continue to search for and sculpt my independent voice as a true artist, which as Van Gogh stated, will be the most painstaking but rewarding path of all.

Facts about Dylan Bennet Klebold (I meant to do this awhile back. It was also requested by an anon.)

Dylan was born September 11, 1981 in Lakewood, Colorado.

Dylan was 6 ft. 2.5 in. tall.

He was born to Thomas Klebold and Susan (Yassenoff) Klebold. He was the younger brother of Bryon Klebold

Mr. Klebold was 52, Mrs. Klebold was 50, and Byron was 21 at the time the shooting occured.

Dylan attended Normandy Elementary School in 1st and 2nd grade.

He transferred to Governors Ranch Elementary School where he was part of a gifted program called CHIPS. CHIPS stood for challenging high intellectual potential students.

Dylan’s parents told investigators they believed Dylans transition from elementary school to Ken Caryl Middle school had been difficult because he was so quiet and shy. Changing from elementary school to high school is often difficult, so his parents weren’t overly concerned.

In earlier school years, Dylan played T-ball, baseball, and soccer.

He was in Cub Scouts with Brooks Brown. He had known Brown since the first grade.

Dylan met Eric Harris while attending Ken Caryl Middle in the 7th or 8th grade.

Dylan eventually introduced Brooks Brown and Nate Dykman to Eric Harris. All of the boys became good friends.

In 1995, all the boys moved up to Columbine when they went to the 9th grade. The school had just undergone a 15 million dollar makeover.

Dylans participated in school play productions as a light and sound coordinator, video productions, and the CHS Rebel’s news network.

Dylan helped out Rachel Scott when performing “Watch the Lamb.” When the music messed up, Dylan was able to provide a backup tape so the show could continue.

He was also a computer assistant at school and helped maintain the school computer server.

Dylan often played fantasy baseball. Other players said they heard him talking about the plays that would go on the week of 4-20. He had gave no hint he wouldn’t be around after that Tuesday.

Dylans locker was #837

He drove a black 1982 BMW.

Dylans parents claimed they had no idea there was anything wrong with him. Years later, Dylan’s parents admitted to looking over the facts of how unhappy he really was. They said they had not seen clues that were there the whole time.

Dylan had planned on going to the Universty of Arizona and studying computer science. On March 25, 1999 the whole family drove to Arizona to pick his dorm room.

Columbine had their prom on 4/17/199. Dylan went with his friend Robyn K. Anderson. Dylan and Robyn went to the event as friends and NOT love interested. It was reported by Nake Dykman there was no indication about what was to come and the night went “perfect.”

Robyn Anderson had been a “middleman” who had helped Eric and Dylan purchase the guns used in the shooting.

It was reported that Eric Harris had a strong influence on Dylan.

Others who knew Dylan described him as “painfully shy,” but not quick to anger. The memories of his shy manner were not reported by those who knew him best in the months before the shooting. He and Eric had got into trouble many times while working together at Blackjack Pizza. Dylan was once written up for bringing a pipebomb to work. He quit shortly after, but was rehired when Blackjack needed Employees.

After Nate Dykman had witnessed Dylan making a purchase behind Blackjack pizza, Dylan admitted to him he had bought a gun.

Weeks before the shooting, Dylan had wrote a graphically violent school report. The teacher refused to grade the paper until she talked to him about it. The teacher told his parents about the report. Eric’s explaination was “it’s just writing.” His explanation was accepted easily by his parents.

Dylans parents fully cooperated with the police following the shooting. At first they refused to release Dylans autopsy. It has been released since.

Other evidence confiscated by police includes 5 tapes the teens recorded in the basement of Eric’s home. In the video, we can see Dylan is no follower to Eric and clearly wants to hurt people on his own desire. He and Eric both rant about the “stuck up bitches” they go school with. They refer to two by name: Rachel and Jen.

There was controversy over Dylans death as he had shot himself in the left temple. At first, it was believed Dylan was right hand. Therefore, he would have shot himself in the right temple. Later it was confirmed by Dylans family he was left handed. As we see in the videos, Dylan does shoot the gun with his left hand.

The I.C. was a coordinated product from three agencies; CIA, NSA, and the FBI not all 17 components of the intelligence community. Those three under the aegis of my former office. Following an extensive intelligence reporting about many Russian efforts to collect on and influence the outcome of the presidential election, President Obama asked us to do this in early December and have it completed before the end of his term.

The two dozen or so analysts for this task were hand-picked, seasoned experts from each of the contributing agencies. They were given complete, unfettered mutual access to all sensitive raw intelligence data, and importantly, complete independence to reach their findings. They found that the Russian government pursued a multifaceted influence campaign in the run-up to the election, including aggressive use of cyber capabilities.

The Russians used cyber operations against both political parties, including hacking into servers used by the Democratic National Committee and releasing stolen data to WikiLeaks and other media outlets. Russia also collected on certain Republican Party- affiliated targets, but did not release any Republican-related data. The Intelligence Community Assessment concluded first that President Putin directed and influenced campaign to erode the faith and confidence of the American people in our presidential election process. Second, that he did so to demean Secretary Clinton, and third, that he sought to advantage Mr. Trump. These conclusions were reached based on the richness of the information gathered and analyzed and were thoroughly vetted and then approved by the directors of the three agencies and me.


Former General and Director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr., testifying with Sally Yates before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee. Full transcript of which can be found here

Title 18 Chapter 15 US Code § 2381

“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason”

This is fucking treason.

Don’t let Eugene & Cassandra’s expressions here fool you, our storyboard pitch today for my second Season 2 episode was a big success! Thank you, Ricky Roxburgh, and the rest of the writing crew, for delivering an unforgettable script filled with solid laughs and genuine heartfelt moments. And big thank you’s to Storyboard Artist Anna Lencioni & Storyboard Revisionist Amber Vucinich for making this happen, and for Production Coordinator Matt Haddon for keeping things humming along.

This episode is going to be great, believe me. It reintroduces us to some familiar faces and expands this new Tangled universe we’re setting up. Can’t wait for you all to see it!


More glorified tailor than fashion designer, Dean wins the chance of a lifetime to appear on Project Runway’s new menswear season. Pressures of competition, getting along with his fellow designers, and being filmed 24/7 are one kind of torture. But nothing compares to his horror when he realizes his growing crush on model, Castiel. The cameras don’t pick up on that stuff, right?

60,000 words | Dean/Cas AU | eventual NC-17 | work in progress

“So, uh. We’re not shooting a runway show today, are we?”

Usually the models are only around on runway days or for a couple hours in the afternoon to try on clothes. The fact that Castiel is here at all right now is unusual, and that earring is definitely not part of his normal model get-up.

“No,” Castiel says. “Otherwise I would have taken this out.” He flicks the silver hoop in his ear. “I’m here because I’m assisting with the production as well as participating in the competition. My sister is the production coordinator. She got me a place on the show.”

Visions of Becky and her too-wide grins flicker on the backs of his eyelids like a bad acid flashback. “Is she the scary blond one?”

“No. The scary brunette.”

“Oh.” The memory of soft fingers linger on his knee like a ghost touch. “I don’t know.” He shrugs and takes another drag of the cigarette. “She seems nice.”

“Yes,” Castiel agrees darkly. “She often gives that impression at first. I don’t know how.”

It sounds so much like what a younger sibling would say, like something Sam might say to one of his friends about Dean, that a laugh startles free, raw in his throat and cramping in his chest from muscles ill-used. He can’t remember the last time something made him laugh.

Read Chapter Four on AO3

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[I wish we could have seen Prinadora, Rom’s first wife and Nog’s mom.]

Editor’s Note: The 6th season episode “Change of Heart” had a B-plot written that would have featured Rom’s ex-wife/Nog’s mother Prindadora, but it was cut for time reasons before being filmed. The Ferengi Family actors (Aron Eisenberg, Max Grodenchik, Chase Masterson) used to perform said B-plot at conventions on occasion, with Grodenchik’s wife/Trek pre-production coordinator Lolita Fatjo filling the role of Prinadora.


I definetly am open to different movements when it comes to global politics. Other countries have different struggles and threats, obviously those who are victims of economic imperialism will have a way different approach, and I respect that.

As far as the US goes, we won’t go anywhere without a revolutionary party of organizing people and spreading the message. I believe in a central congress functioning as a national government and coordinating production with elected committees representing industries. Use of unions to mobilize control of the workplace also.

Antiglobalization under capitalism and environmentalism are also very important to me. I oppose what the first world has done to control the third world (military intervention, economic imperialism, etc) and don’t believe “FALC” would be a moral achievement without liberation of this oppression (besides it being, you know, pretty unrealistic currently).

So no, I’m not an ancom or ML, but I don’t waste my time arguing over superiority because ultimately we aren’t all in the same position and it’s foolish plush inefficient to think so.

So that’s a very BASIC (and somewhat vague, sorry) overview of my approach/opinions, which I thought would be worth sharing because lots of people only know me as a staunch anticapitalist and nothing else.

If you start discourse on the basis of this post I’ll kill you. And yes, this remains vague because some of y'all are a bit much when it comes to ideological purity Also if anyone unfollows me for that I’ll laugh.


comiXology Unlimited Staff Selects

Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1 @fantagraphics

Writer/Artist: Ed Piskor @edpiskor
What it’s about: A painstakingly researched and consistently entertaining history of hip-hop.  Volume one covers the mid-70′s through 1981.
How you discovered it: My friend Ben Marra (@traditionalcomics) has a pin-up in the back (plus everybody’s talking about this book)
Why you like it: Music and comics don’t seem like a natural match, but Piskor taps into something really elemental in this book.  It probably helps to know the songs a bit, but you can basically hear them coming out of the page.  Plus, the book’s energy and enthusiasm are totally contagious- if you’re not already a hip-hop fan, HHFT could make you one.  This comics just, like, vibrates.
Favorite moment: There are a few stories that weave through this first volume, but my favorite is the buildup to “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel” (I also like it when another friend of mine, Michael Holman, makes an appearance)

Recommended by Harris Smith, production coordinator/social media editor

Read Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1 and thousands of other comics with our all-you-can-read subscription service comiXology Unlimited!

Second Chances - Jeff x Reader: Chapter 15

Summary: Reader and Jeff work a project and become fast friends. The project ends and they go their separate ways, neither forgetting the other. With Hollywood being a small community, you two bump into one another either at events or projects, but there is always something keeping you apart. Will the obstacles ever end?
Chapter 15 Summary: Reader is back in Philly and gets some news and an offer

Warnings: language (as usual), fluuufffff
A/N: I have a few ideas to continue this, but it’s still developing. Please leave comments or let me know if you want to be tagged, etc
Word count: 1950(ish)
Catch up here: Masterlist

Tags: @jml509  @jasoncrouse  @yellatthetopofyourlungs  @bookchic20  @prettyepiic  @rizflo-blog  @curious-sub7  @backseat-negan

     It was only four months. You knew you could make it. If you just could get through each work week, it would be okay. You hadn’t been able to get back to LA this go around and Jeff had been busy, too. You were thinking you might have to go the whole shoot without seeing him. You talked on the phone a lot, at least once a day, but it wasn’t the same as looking next to you and seeing him with your own two eyes. Being with Jeff was bliss. Being away was torture. Thank God for work.

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anonymous asked:

As a writer of MCSM, what does your average day look like? You mentioned viewing screenings and such, but what does the collaboration process between all the members of the team look like?

I don’t really have, like, an “average” day (one of the things I actually like about the job) but an example of a day might look something like this:

6:30 - 8:30: Morning writing time. Review scenes by other writers from the previous day, give notes, write new scenes.
10:00: Arrive at office, meet with members of production team and coordinate with writing/design team about day ahead.
11:00 - 1:00: Skype in to VO session, (our actors are in LA, myself and the voice director are patched in via Skype) Help direct and eat lunch while laughing hysterically at our amazing actors.
1:00 - 2:00: Meetings with art team to look over and approve new sets, characters, etc.
2:00 - 3:00: Meeting with action scene squad to hear pitch for latest action scenes.
3:00 - 5:00: Meet with writing/design team to help develop episode/scene ideas, workshop problems, give notes, etc.
5:00 - 7:00: End of day writing block. Address notes from executives, revise old scenes, write new scenes.

Days where we do things like test screenings, table reads, etc. tend to be dominated by those things followed by meetings either celebrating or figuring out a battle plan to address issues. Additionally, if the schedule needs it I’ll have whole days where I spend 7:00a-7:00p doing nothing but writing or nothing but helping direct VO. Learning to be flexible with my schedule and effectively managing my time were some of the most interesting skills to learn on the job; especially once I became the lead writer.

anonymous asked:

Hollywood. #4 Difference. This movie is shooting in 5 countries. The logistics of moving cast & crew from all these places is going to be a feat. I feel for the Production Coordinator. Hotels, travel, meals, etc. This takes time: prep, set up, shoot, etc. Most TV, you maybe shoot on location 3 out of 7 days, rest are stage days. This all will play into their actual shooting schedule. How many days they shoot also depends on availability of the location -- when they can get into/have it to shoot.

Part 4