So I’m not sure if many of you know, but I make YouTube videos too. I’m a screenplay writing major and use the channel to advertise my work while also hosting talk shows like this and sometimes skits.

It’s a production we’re going for. We have people working in all departments, including all original music, but I’m the head of it all. Hopefully you enjoy, if not then fuck it. Right?

And we don’t have a following at all, we just do it for fun

Just finished my first Gumroad tutorial, a 2hr video on Character Rendering for Animation Production. I cover my process for taking a line drawing and painting it to look like a 3d render, or a “Look of Picture” image. Included with the video are the brushes I used and layered PSDs. Hope you guys enjoy!

you can check it out here:

Tapping the blast furnace #6 at Novolipetsk steel plant. The furnace had been put into operation in 1978. It produces 3.1 million tons of hot iron a year.


Sampling Based Scene-Space Video Processing 

Paper from Disney Research explores various visual effects which can be employed in video recording using a 3D depth camera:

Many compelling video processing effects can be achieved if per-pixel depth information and 3D camera calibrations are known. However, the success of such methods is highly dependent on the accuracy of this “scene-space” information. We present a novel, sampling-based framework for processing video that enables high-quality scene-space video effects in the presence of inevitable errors in depth and camera pose estimation …

… Our generic scene-space formulation is able to comprehensively describe a multitude of video processing applications such as denoising, deblurring, super resolution, object removal, computational shutter functions, and other scene-space camera effects. We present results for various casually captured, hand-held, moving, compressed, monocular videos depicting challenging scenes recorded in uncontrolled environments.

There currently is no embeddable video at time of posting, but a video you can watch can be found here

You can find out more about the work at Disney Research here

[Post updated 7 August 2015 with embedded video]


Guess who was just gifted a fuck ton of high-res DD production stills? ;) (Many of which I don’t think most of us have seen before?)

There are more, I’ll probably post them in batches. But I couldn’t wait to share theeeeese

(working on getting JJ stills, too…)

(© Barry Wetcher/Netflix)