The end is in sight

Does anyone else have the sense that hiatus is winding down? Or at the very least, that we’re at the beginning of an increasing momentum of material to keep us busy?

Right now, right now, somewhere in the UK, they’re playing the music that is going to rip our hearts apart about 7 months from now

The episode is thisclose to being a finished product

In the next few months we’re going to start getting more

Promo pictures


The press tour is going to start winding up

More teasers on twitter

And at the same time they’re going to be gearing up for S4

They’re writing S4 right now

And then we’re going to start getting teasers for that

And by the time the special airs we are going to be at the cusp of S4 setlock

We’re not going to be kept idle, the east wind is coming, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts