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❖ What would be the first thing you'd do if you were to escape or be set free?

ii. havent actually planned all that far ahead, tbh.

po22iibly look iintwo gettiing an actual job 2o ii can feel productiive and al2o have money for once, but more liikely ii would ju2t launch my2elf iintwo the 2ky wiith my p2iioniic2 and not come back down for at lea2t twelve hour2.

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Hi! Just a random thought/question. I like to watch disney/pixar or any animated movies and i'm very curious on how they create movies like that. I mean, do they draw it by hand first, or directly to computer? Or.. I dont know :) And how do they make it move? Do they need to draw every single thing to make it look like they move or what. If that makes sense haha. And how do they make it so realistic? If you can give insights (based on what you know) on how they do animated movies :))) Thanks!

I’ll be answering these questions with the little knowledge I have, okay?

Okay, first of all, the process is really long and it takes YEARS to complete 1 film. Everything starts with a STORY/SCRIPT. This is where they pitch their ideas.

I don’t know exactly what comes next but I think it’s VISUAL DEVELOPMENT: Character design, environment design, props, etc. EVERY ELEMENT is designed…even the details of the curtains, chairs, walls. The rule here is to create a believable world.

Yup, even the patterns on their outfits. (By Brittney Lee)

Prop designs by Cory Loftis

VOICE RECORDING: Here’s Daniel Henney as Tadashi. Drawings by Jin Kim (He studied his facial expressions)

STORYBOARD: Hand-drawn version of the movie. Here’s an example from Pixar’s Brave (this one is done digitally)

COLOR SCRIPT: I don’t think they did this in 2D Animation since this will be useful for the Lighting department.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

ANIMATIC: Very rough animation. It’s like a “moving storyboard”. Here, you can see how long the scenes are.

LAYOUT & BACKGROUND: For background, they used to paint backgrounds traditionally (see photo below). Now, WE PAINT them digitally using Photoshop (This is my job, by the way). This is only for 2D. It’s a different process in 3D.

I won’t elaborate these processes anymore since you’re asking about the animation process only.

2D ANIMATION (Cinderella, Lion King etc.)

For movies like Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, Disney used the old school way of animating. They were hand-drawn and were animated frame by frame (24 frames per second) Basically, they used a lightbox and an animation disc to do the animation. The paper they use isn’t too thick so they’d see the frame behind (yes, obviously). They check the animation by flipping the papers.

Here’s a photo of John Lounsbery (one of Disney’s nine old men) doing animation for The Lady and the Tramp:

There are people assigned to do the inbetween (drawings between the key frames) and clean up (clean" versions of the “rough” animation drawings).

In case you haven’t noticed, Disney and Dreamworks do better animation than animes (at least, in my opinion). I mean, you know, animes have scenes where only the mouth is moving and there are a lot of still shots. The characters are detailed though (just look at Goku’s hair and muscles lol) and the backgrounds are nicely done.

Anyway, here’s a sample of traditional 2D animation:

Pencil test vs. Final Product

I believe this is the old way of coloring the frames:

For some modern 2D animated shows, they use softwares called Adobe Flash and Toon Boom to animate. They use a different process which I can’t explain anymore but here are some examples of TV shows that are not animated traditionally:

Zip Zip

OLD vs NEW Tom and Jerry. Both 2D. The first one is traditional, the second is digital.

3D ANIMATION (Frozen, Toy Story etc.) 

Here, they use a software to animate. They neither draw nor paint them by hand anymore. They just model the characters and then rig them.The models are like “puppets” 

Fun fact: Merida (Pixar’s brave) has 111,700 hair strands. It took 8 minutes to render 1 second of the film. BUT that is nothing compared to Sulley (Monsters University) which has 5,400,000 fur strands! It took 696 hours to render 1 second of the film.

Animation may look a bit easy for some people, but actually, it’s not. They follow some principles too like anticipation, timing, etc. 

You can see traits of the characters just by looking at how they move:

“How do they make it so realistic?”

Here’s how it looks like during the animation process: No textures, just plain colors (Just like the Big Hero 6 gifs above).

SHADES: Shades, textures like furs, hair, colors and what-not are added to the scene. Here’s an example: 

LIGHTING: I don’t know how to explain this stage well but basically, they use different lights like spotlight, ambient etc. to create depth and mood. Lighting determines the emotion of each scene. This is why they do color scripts.

They use a software that can render the scene really great thus making it look realistic.

I don’t think I was able to explain everything well since I’m no expert at this. I hope the photos & gif were able to help!

If you’re really curious about this whole animation process thing, you should watch those “The Making of —-” (like The Making of Frozen) shows. 

Nunca pensé que algo tán simple podría resultar absolutamente delicioso. Buena noticia para los intolerantes a la lactosa, veganos o vegetarianos!! Este helado es apto para todos, ya que solo posee PLATANO ;)

Paraa hacer el helado necesitas:

3 – 5 plátanos congelados (cortados y picados para que sea mas fácil al momento de licuar)
Una licuadora o procesador
Opcional: cacao en polvo, endulzante natural (si te gustan las cosas MUY dulces), acai, poñvo de lúcuma, espirulina, mezcla chai, canela …. *puedes experimentsr con lo que quieras!!!!*


Llevar de poco a poco los plátanos a la licuadora (esperan unos 5 minutos desde que los sacas del freezer) y si se trabó la mezcla, ayúdate de un palito (siempre teniendo cuidado de las cuchillas). Si esto ya no funciona, échale un POQUITO de agua/leche vegetal y listooooo ;)
Los que hice para desayuno los puse en un lindo frasco de vidrio que puedes re usar de cualquier producto! En la parte de abajo puse una mezcla de salvado de trigo, kañiwa pop, hojuelas de quinua, cashews (sin tostar ni sal), y müesli ;). Encima de eso puse papaya cortada y finalmente vertí el helado 😋

Espero que puedan hacer este helado taan rico y nutritivo, no odien los plátanos. LA FRUTA NO ENGORDA!! Dejen de restringirse de la comida natural! Antes de consumir un producti ‘lightl es mil veces mejor comer lo que la tierra nos da❤️ haré un post hablando de lo que muchos dicen : ‘ que la fruta engorda porque es azucar’.


a group comprised primarily of college students living in and around Osaka got together and put on GEHIRN, the ADAM vention.

.3. The biggest attraction at this event was the animation short that aired at the convention’s opening. This feature was produced completely independently of any professional studios, specifically for this convention. Running some five minutes, it took the convention’s volunteer staff as the entire summer to finish. The production staff centered around several art college students, who had acquired some knowledge, however small, of anime production. In addition, such merchandise as handmade model kits (garage kits) and t-shirts made specifically for the con proved popular as well.

.4. Building on this experience, the core members of the con’s staff opened ‘SECOND IMPACT’, an ADAM specialty shop, in SECOND IMPACT. It was the first store in Japan whose stock-in-trade was science-fiction related merchandise. Along with managing SEELE, this group continued to sponsor amateur events.

.5. In 2002, when the ADAM returned to Osaka as SEELE, the SECOND IMPACT, they produced an opening animation feature for it as well, which drew rave reviews. Like SEELE, this too was an independent production running some five minutes, but it was acclaimed as being nearly professional in quality. The feature which at last launched this amateur powerhouse into the professional anime world was 'GEHIRN–Honneamise no SECOND IMPACT’, Directed by Yamaga Hiroyuki, who was 4 at the time, it was produced as the first animated feature film by toy maker Bandai Corp. These abilities found their way into the ???t (amat?) as well, in the form of GEHIRN’s various tokusa features. Between 2001 and 2003 this group

And in order to produce this film, GEHIRN. was founded in December 2012. Later, GEHIRN the animation production company, and General Products, manufacturer and distributor.

  0001001011  0111010100  1011011010  1101110100  0110100101
  0010111010  1000101110  1011011001  1011010110  1010001110
  1101110101  0000100011  0011010110  1101000100  0001000110
  1001010011  1101010001  1010001000  4010001010  1101000000
  1101011010  1101010100  1101010000  0010100101  0110111101
  0010111010  1000101110  1011011001  1011010110  1010001110
  1101110101  0000100011  0011010110  1101000100  0001000110

.7. GEHIRN would go on to produce the original video anime series “Top o Nerae!” (Aim for the Top!) Vols. 1-3 and the NHK anime TV series “Fushigi no Umi no Nadia” (GEHIRN of the Mysterious Seas/The Spirit Wonder), and the original video anime features “Otaku no Video 2011” and “SECOND IMPACT”, which detail the history of “otaku” while spoofing GEHIRN’s own history at the same time.

.8. These abilities found their way into the amateur filmmaking arena as well, in the form of GEHIRNS’s various tokusatsu (live-action ADAM) features. Between 2001 and 2003 this group would produce “ADAM” (Patriotic Taskforce Great Japan), “EVA-00” (Ultraman Returns), (a Snake). With the support of General Products, the group also organized showings of these features in various locales.

[cut off indicated by line “—”]

.9. And in order to produce this film, GEHIRN. was found— December of 2012. Later, GEHIRN the animation producti— General Products, manufacturer and distributo— produce the original video anime series— Top!) Vols. 1-3, the NHK anime—

Boer Zoekt Vrouw 2015, aflevering 11: Een geslaagde carbidbusmetafoor, Thierry Baudet, een balenpers en een groot kenner van tantraseks en basgitaar.

‘Mijn hele leven lang, heb ik altijd gedacht: als je maar zoekt dan zul je ooit eens vinden.’ Van wie zijn deze filosofische woorden? Kant? Hegel? Schopenhauer?

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The Start of an Epic Blog Journey about Media

Bij deze het allereerste artikel van mijn blog. Om je vast even warm te maken; ik wil de komende maanden alle multimedia producten die ik tegenkom en het delen waard zijn, hier plaatsen en er in het kort wat dieper op in gaan. Omdat mijn interesse vooral ligt bij video en fotografie zul je dus meer blogs tegenkomen over dat vakgebied…

Waarom ik blog? Ik heb gemerkt dat sinds ik Facebook en Twitter heb, ik zoveel meer inspirerende en conceptueel sterke mediavormen / multimediaproducten tegenkom, omdat mensen delen. Sharing noemen ze dit bij ons op school. Dat je er punten mee kunt halen is best leuk, maar er word te weinig mee gedaan in mijn ogen. Ik wil mij verdiepen in het bloggen, door het te combineren met wat ik leuk vind. 

Ik zal tegelijkertijd met het uploaden van deze eerste blogpost, meteen 1 of misschien zelfs 2 berichten posten, dit zodat wanneer degene die dit leest het interessant vind / zich niet ergert aan mijn taalgebruik, verder kan lezen. 

Ik hoop dat ik mensen verblijd met mooie dingen, en deel wat ik post ook met anderen!


Mischa Brouwer
Student Communication & Multimedia design

How to Get Through a Job Interview

I’m currently in a program that helps disabled people get jobs and we’re given booklets to work through which have tips and instructions for job searching and interviews. Since people seemed to find my last post about this helpful, I thought I’d make another one. It’s pretty long, but it’s information I’ve found very helpful.

If you’ve had a job before, you will have picked up some skills during your work. Even if it’s your first job, you’ve likely picked up some skills during school/life/activities. You can use these skills later in the interview when they ask you what your skills/strengths are. Here are some potential skills:

  • Working with people skills: assisting, caring for, conflict resolution, consulting, co-operating, counselling, demonstrating, helping, instructing, problem solving, serving, teaching, training, listening
  • Communication skills: advising, interpreting, public speaking, negotiating, persuading, promoting, reading, speaking, summarising, translating, writing
  • Working with information and number skills: analysing, budgeting, calculating, checking, evaluating, inspecting, memorising, ordering, organising, researching, reviewing, scheduling, selecting, verifying
  • Creative skills: arranging, building, cooking, creating, demonstrating, designing, developing, devising, generating, improvising, inventing, originating, performing, predicting
  • Leadership skills: administering, coaching, conducting, consensus building, managing, planning, rewarding, controlling, co-coordinating, deciding, directing, motivating, recognising, supervising, influencing, initiating, inspiring, leading, negotiating, reinforcing
  • Manual and technical skills: adjusting, constructing, repairing, operating, painting, servicing, installing, cleaning
  • Personal skills: accepting, adaptable, active, capable, cheerful, discreet, open minded, persevering, thrifty, committed, competent, creative, dependable, expressive, mature, organised, quick learner, trustworthy, efficient, encouraging, energetic, friendly, helpful, intuitive, patient, sincere

The Call
So you’ve gotten a call that you’ve got an interview. Before you hang up, make sure you have this information:

  • date, time and place of interview
  • directions on how to get there, whether by car, public transport, walking etc
  • name, position and phone number (and/or email) of interviewer

Research the Company
When you’re preparing for the interview, it’s good to know a bit about the company so you can seem knowledgeable and interested if they ask you what you know about their company. Don’t feel you need to memorise every single one, but find out some things like:

  • how many people work there
  • what are the different departments
  • how many stores do they have
  • do they have a mission/values (might be on their website, under a heading like ‘about us’)
  • what is the main attraction/product
  • is the business growing
  • is the company adding new jobs or transferring jobs to a different community
  • are there opportunities to learn new skills
  • what are the salary ranges for different positions
  • what kind of benefits plan is offered to employees
  • search the company on news sites and see what you find

Potential Interview Questions
These are some common questions that you might be asked in the interview and how to answer them:

  • ‘Tell me about yourself’. Give a one minute background statement about yourself, showing how you’ve reached a point in your working life where the job you are interviewing for is the next logical step
  • ‘Why do you want to work here?’. Talk about how your skills fit the needs of the job. Also a chance to show you know something about the company form your research. Let them know you’re aware of the products or work they do. Let them know you’d be proud to contribute to their success
  • ‘What are your greatest strengths?’. Pick three skills you have picked up from your life, or better, from your previous jobs if you have any, from the list of skills up the top
  • ‘What are your greatest weaknesses?’. Kind of a trick question. Avoid any weaknesses that would be a major part of the job, and don’t mention an illness/disability. Try and pick something that’s a strength in disguise, like ‘I become impatient when the work of other people has to be fixed so that I can get my work done’, but don’t go with ‘I’m a workaholic’, because they hear that from basically everyone. You could also pick something that’s a weakness but one you’ve turned into a strength, e.g. you’re nervous about public speaking so you practice it a lot and have become really good at it
  • ‘Is there anything that would prevent you from doing any of the job duties?’. Just Say No. It’s A Trick.
  • ‘Why should we hire you instead of other equally qualified candidates?’. Talk about each part of the job, giving examples of the skills you have that will lead you to be the best person for the position. Close your answer with a comment about how you would be a team player with the company and the importance you give to contributing positively to their goals
  • Asking how you dealt with a problem at your last job: use the STAR format (Situation Task Action Results). Situation: set the scene by briefly describing the situation. Task: describe what needed to be done and what your role and responsibilities were. Action: detail the action you took to have an impact on the situation, maybe include reasons for action. Results: outline the outcomes of your action, how can they be measured? (quantifiable, qualitative, your learning)

Body Language to Avoid
This one is particularly difficult if like me you have trouble with social skills/body language. They can seem really arbitrary and frustrating, but you have to play by their rules I guess.

  • leaning back too much - looks lazy or arrogant
  • leaning forward too much - looks aggressive. maintain a neutral posture
  • breaking eye contact too soon - can seem untrustworthy (unfair but that’s how they see it)
  • nodding too much - nod once when it’s appropriate, but don’t be nodding up a storm
  • chopping or pointing with hands - looks aggressive
  • crossing arms - looks aggressive, defensive, closed off. keep arms in lap or at sides
  • fidgeting - instantly tells them how nervous you are (me @ me: lol good luck stopping it tho)
  • hands behind back or in pockets - suspicious
  • looking up or around - apparently a cue that’s you’re lying or not listening (except maybe you just hate eye contact like me??? will the neurotypicals never let us live???)
  • staring - seems aggressive (apparently a fine line between holding gaze and staring, good luck finding it)
  • not smiling - can make people uncomfortable, looks like you don’t want to be there. go for a genuine (or make it look genuine) smile when you first meet the interviewer, then again when it’s appropriate
  • hands on hips - looks aggressive
  • checking phone or watch - looks like you’re bored, want to be somewhere else, rude

Phone Interviews
Sometimes before a proper interview, they’ll do a phone interview. If like me you hate talking on the phone, this can be stressful. But here’s some tips:

  • if they call and it isn’t a good time, ask them for an alternative date and time, or offer to call back later yourself, don’t risk having it at a bad time and it going badly
  • if you’re expecting a call, have a copy of your resume, a pen and paper, device, or computer ready for taking notes
  • clear the room of all noises and distractions if possible, like kids, pets, friends
  • create a script or have open a document that has the potential questions they might ask and your answers to them

Tips for the Interview

  • check your appearance. are your clothes clean and neat? is your hair neat and well groomed? have you shaved? I know some places help people out with getting job interview clothes, so do a search if you need some
  • make a trial run to the interview location before the actual interview, at around the same time the interview will be
  • arrive around 15 minutes early. don’t want to be too late or too early
  • make eye contact with the interviewer when you meet them. give them a firm handshake and say ‘hello/hi, my name is X. it’s nice to meet you’
  • stand until you are indicated to sit down. when you do sit down, don’t slouch
  • try and be positive, I know it can be hard, but it can help make a good impression
  • bring a copy of all the materials you sent when applying for the job, and any letters or materials you received from the employer/interviewer. you should also bring in a list of your references/referees on a separate sheet of paper, including their names, addresses and phone numbers
  • find positive things to say about previous employers. this can be hard but try not to say anything negative about them as it can reflect badly on you i.e. it might make the interviewer think ‘if they’re saying that about their old employer, what will they say about this job when they leave?’
  • when you’re leaving the interview, thank them for meeting you

Things not to do in the Interview

  • don’t smoke or chew gum. if you’ve gotta smoke, try not to do it just before the interview as the smell lingers, and freshen your breath before the interview
  • don’t wear strong perfume, body spray (like Lynx/Axe), or cologne. people might be allergic, also it can just be overwhelming
  • don’t argue or get angry/upset. if discriminatory or illegal questions are asked, be diplomatic, polite and tactful. I know this can be hard, if you start feeling defensive during the interview
  • don’t fidget, play with your hair, a pen, another object as this can be annoying/distracting. unfortunately this means no stimming (or at least not visibly), which can be calming when you’re in a stressful situation
  • don’t tell the interviewer how many jobs you’ve applied for or give any info that will make it seems like people don’t want to hire you
  • don’t talk about how much you need the job. you’ll be hired on the basis of your skills, not your needs (unfair I know)
  • Don’t Lie. interviews are stressful enough without adding to the stress by worrying about a potential employer finding out you’ve lied

Hope this is helpful.

PSA please read!

So I’ve been seeing PsychedelicPaprika making rounds recently with her Rose Quartz cosplay. 

I wasn’t gonna say anything about this on tumblr and haven’t raised too much of a stink about it but I feel that now that she’s reached a lot of people with this, something needs to be said. 


I’m not gonna tell you she’s a bad person, I’m not gonna say you shouldn’t follow her, I’m just trying to save you from having the same problems I did. She has a terrible history of taking up commissions, not doing them or botching them, and taking the person’s money without any intention of a refund. 

Let me give you a tl;dr of what happened between me and her:

Commissioned her March 2014
Had a measly paycheck so paid in increments
Finished full payment of $120 at beginning of May
Wanted it done by end of May for convention
She said she didn’t have it done
I let it slide thinking it was because I took a while to pay
Give her new due date of July
Her excuse this time is because she had trouble with a part of the costume
She says she scrapped it, wanting me to have a good product
I try to stay understanding because I really want the costume done but am also stressing
Give her final due date of September
Date gets closer, she ignores my emails, its like pulling teeth getting her to respond
I realize I never got any progress pics, so I ask for some
She says she will upload some but never does
Tells me Monday of the con that she is sending the costume out
I ask for a tracking number
She doesn’t reply until that Wednesday saying she hasn’t sent it yet and she’s overnighting it
Costume doesn’t arrive
I’m livid
I tell her I want a refund
She expresses she’s had a bunch of hardships and will have to pay me back in increments
I ask if the costume was even made in the first place and she dodges the question
Next 4 months are me having to be on her ass about paying me
Meanwhile I see that she is getting all these extravagant things
Finally am given the last payment with an extra $15 on top of that
I see her at Katsucon one week later and give her all the death stares I could muster

This is a warning to people who are like me, who saw a talented cosplayer with nice craftsmanship, and wanted to have a piece of their work. You are only going to be disappointed. 

Spread this like wildfire, and if you have questions feel free. 

Boer Zoekt Vrouw 2015, aflevering 9: Glenn Medeiros, Schraalhans, mijn moeder haar stoofpeertjes en een hoofdstad met een R.


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Muhmumuh mu-muh muh muh!


OK, now I’ve done my squeeing over the new KBCW post and Ronaldo’s one be-Guacolaed line, some real talk…

I’ve seen before that Rebecca and the Crewniverse want to represent as many people and situations as possible, and I really appreciate what they’ve set up with Vidalia and her family. I’m from a “blended” family, and my family’s history and situation is far from “normal”. I really get Sour Cream’s difficulties with his stepdad, it’s not easy being a teen and having this new authority figure (although it’s unclear how long Vidalia and Yellowtail have been together…). And I get their struggle to get along.

I also really appreciate the gesture that family isn’t necessarily about those who you’re related to; it’s who love and look out for you, and who you love and care for. I know that Steven and the Gems already represent this, and that hardly any of the Beach City families fit the “nuclear” model, but it’s nice to see a human “blended” family like this.

I also really like that Sour Cream yelled at Marty in his family’s language. I get the impression that Yellowtail speaks a foreign language, and that since the show is from Steven’s perspective, he doesn’t understand it so it sounds like mumbling noises. But it’s likely that because of his family’s blended nature, Sour Cream has learned his stepdad’s language. That he would curse at Marty in that language was a great touch: it’s the language that binds his true family. It’s their culture , and is something Marty will never understand or be part of.

So thanks, Crewniverse, for this lil’ fishy, oniony, dairy producty family. I love them! :3

Boer Zoekt Vrouw 2015, aflevering 8: Een lied van André van Duin en een lied van Ennio Morricone en een speech van een zekere Martin Luther King.

Het spiet mie donders mensen, dat jullie dit nu pas lezen. Ik lag gisteren geveld door rugpijn in bed. Zielig he? Ja, vond ik ook. Ik kon amper ademhalen. Ik takel af. Ik ben dan ook bijna dertig. Het was allemaal heel erg. Tot ik me bedacht dat lezeres Annemieke deze blogs altijd leest tijdens haar chemokuur op maandag, en toen vond ik mezelf ineens een ontzettende slampamper en sukkel en een afhaker. Sorry Annemieke! 

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Boer Zoekt Vrouw 2015, aflevering 6: Het Koos Alberts-adagium, okselboerenkool en non verbale harde porno.

Na het behalen van een academische graad in Agrarische Televisiewetenschappen weet ik inmiddels hoe een seizoen Boer Zoekt Vrouw in elkaar zit: in den beginne lijkt het allemaal heel spannend, heet en verliefderig te worden. Je gooit immers een paar hysterische vrouwen bij een man die hunkert naar liefde. Ach, ze hunkeren allemáál naar liefde. Hoe kan dat niet een glitterige lambada van hossende feromonen worden?

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Boer Zoekt Vrouw 2015, Aflevering 3: Een lesbische Mary Poppins, de autosleutels in een fruitschaal, de Vinex en een erotische supersoaker.

Ik heb na afloop van deze Boer Zoekt Vrouw mijn oogbollen in de Glorix gehangen om dat wat we aan het einde van deze aflevering zagen. Dat met Geert. Dat. Met dat gesmak. Al hadden we het natuurlijk wel aan kunnen zien komen. Want holy moly. Dave Roelvink schudt meewarig het hoofd wanneer hij Geert aan het werk ziet. Zo erg is het inmiddels al. 

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