Here is my update……
I’m down 40lbs since October, 2015!
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Fox photos day 2! This guy is Gypsum, another grey fox. A reminder that I am posting these for a fundraiser for Wolf Park, the research and education facility where these guys live. My group is specifically raising money to build a new fox enclosure and we could use any help we could get! My pack is Grey Haven and you can donate here: I will continue to post fox pictures every day up to the fundraiser!


For artists interested in working for animated shows currently airing or picked up for a new series debut, you can apply for job positions within the Pre-Production and Post-Production Opportunities (Animation Production is done overseas nowadays).

Here’s a list of opportunities production team, artists, editors, animators, and others would work on for each show:

Animation/Timing Director


Art Director

Color Stylist

Technical Director

Storyboard Revisionist

Storyboard Artist

Storyboard Supervisor

Story Editor

Animation Checker

Background Designer

Background Painter

Character Designer

Prop Designer



Production Secretary

Production Assistant

Production Coordinator

Production Manager

Line Producer


[get to know me meme] 10 Youtubers (2/10): Grace Helbig 

You can call me Your Majesty

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@WGAEast Diversity Tax Credit aiming to “tangibly” increase number of women and people of color in writing and directing roles faces opposition: Thede urges public support


The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore writer and performer Robin Thede is using her platform to support the Writers Guild of America, East’s proposed amendment to the Empire State Film Production Credit. The diversity tax credit is facing opposition, despite aiming to “tangibly increase the number of women and people of color in writing and directing positions” by allotting around $5 million of New York’s $420 million credit for film and TV production to projects that hire qualified women and people of color in writing and directing roles.

She is urging people to voice their support for the WGAE’s amendment — which passed the New York State Assembly but still needs to pass through the Senate — by emailing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and two key state senators by June 16.

“I know it requires more than a retweet or just pressing the ‘like’ button, but aren’t we all craving a little more sophisticated communication these days? Your small effort can literally make TV and film better and help provide opportunities to countless qualified writers and directors. And it’s free!”

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Why did you take a political stance now I can't support your product sad sad day I found out you were sheep in sheepole clothing FYI they both suck but who would alienate half the market either way wow # lesser of two evils is still evil