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I just think it is inherently antifeminist to minimize my struggle to feel happy and healthy in my own body to something that is a product of internalized fatphobia and self-hatred. Weight loss in many cases is a SIDE EFFECT of positive behaviors like managing an eating disorder or exercising. Instead of criminalizing women who have lost weight and feel they have improved their lives as a result, do you think it would be more productive to support ALL women in the complex path towards wellbeing?

“When people who buy into a weight loss paradigm insist that they should get to use every fat positive space (especially those that have made it clear that they are fat positive spaces where weight loss talk is not welcome) to talk about weight loss, or the idea that a smaller body is better, that is an act of oppression. It is a victimization of a systemically oppressed group of people who have chosen to be in that space so that they can experience a few moments without messages that their bodies are wrong. 

“There is endless support in our sizeist culture for the idea that fat is bad. There is endless support for people who want to try to become less fat or not fat. Fat people are incessantly pummeled from every direction with the message that being fat is the problem (no matter what the problem actually is) and becoming thin(ner) is the answer. I think that’s bullshit (profitable bullshit, if you’re the diet industry, but bullshit nonetheless) and I create spaces where people get to have a moment’s respite from that, and I don’t apologize for it.”

— Ragen Chastain, Our Spaces, Our Rules

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Is PDH an actual format? I don't know anyone who plays it...

That is an excellent question @lifesalitbook!

If a format is only a format when it is openly supported and products are released for it, then hell naw, PDH is not an actual format. Honestly, they could make the very best tricked out PDH Decks and they would still likely be valued at less than an intro deck is now. 

But, if a format is just a style of play to allow people to have fun, then hell yes PDH is an actual format! I played it with my playgroup back in NJ, and I’ve started to gain interest in it here in Idaho. 

I mean, really, when you can build a baller deck with the scraps laying around in boxes, or obtain any missing pieces for ridiculously cheap, and have fun with it, why not get into PDH?

It very much reminds me of how EDH/Commander felt when I first started playing. Very few people were bringing OP decks to the table because the format hadn’t really been figured out too much, and games lasted what felt like an appropriate amount of time.

Honestly, it’s a format I both enjoy and can afford. It’s great. 



Finished up a super cute new little pattern.  I love Dungeons and dragons and table top games but often I find there just isnt enough froo froo-ey stuff So I made this! And expect there to be more :) 


who’s it going to be? 


Gugulethu Sophia Mbatha is a British stage and film actress from oxford England. She gained prominence in a recurring role on Doctor Who, playing Tish Jones. She later garnered attention in American productions, beginning with a supporting role in the Tom Hanks comedy Larry Crowne, and starring roles on the television series Undercovers and Touch.

She earned critical acclaim for her performances in the British period drama Belle (2013) and the romantic drama Beyond the Lights (2014), receiving numerous accolade nominations from critics worldwide. Her performance as Kelly was critically acclaimed in “San Junipero” episode of series Black Mirror.

✨#SupportBlackWomen: Onya'e Naturals {#PBGMoneyMonday}

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Jasmine, who is also I a photographer and graphic designer, started looking into the idea in college as a part of a project. She researched pure ingredients from the kitchen that would be helpful for the face, body and hair. What emerged eventually became a mini skincare line! Jasmine currently has products like a bentonite clay mask, a hydrating sweet rose toner, lavender peppermint and mint rose lip balms, and a decadent skin salve with ingredients such as coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and sweet almond oil.

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Have a great week, Queens!! 👑💫✨


Once in a blue moon I support a product on Indiegogo. My favorite? This sweet little Ellum Solar light. It’s motion sensored!


BgA has reached 3 million+ views on their new MV, “Dong Saya Dae”! Please support them by helping them reach 10 million views for their MV this week! Do this by streaming it on YouTube. Please don’t download it, as it doesn’t help increase the views. We must achieve this goal and show how many dedicated fans they have gained through their hard work and energy poured into making this happen! Let’s show them we can do this, BgA Army! Where you all at? 


Balance Ball Chair

British company Gaiam UK has made a fantastic chair called Balance Ball Chair which combines ergonomic back support, comfort, and fitness. The chair is a very efficient tool for supporting and strengthening your core muscles while improving your posture.

@WGAEast Diversity Tax Credit aiming to “tangibly” increase number of women and people of color in writing and directing roles faces opposition: Thede urges public support


The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore writer and performer Robin Thede is using her platform to support the Writers Guild of America, East’s proposed amendment to the Empire State Film Production Credit. The diversity tax credit is facing opposition, despite aiming to “tangibly increase the number of women and people of color in writing and directing positions” by allotting around $5 million of New York’s $420 million credit for film and TV production to projects that hire qualified women and people of color in writing and directing roles.

She is urging people to voice their support for the WGAE’s amendment — which passed the New York State Assembly but still needs to pass through the Senate — by emailing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and two key state senators by June 16.

“I know it requires more than a retweet or just pressing the ‘like’ button, but aren’t we all craving a little more sophisticated communication these days? Your small effort can literally make TV and film better and help provide opportunities to countless qualified writers and directors. And it’s free!”

People who side with health insurance companies in thinking that profits are more important than sick people getting treatment make me fucking ill.  I don’t give a damn if treating sick people loses billions of dollars a year.  It should still be done.  Why?  Because people are more important than money.