1/3/16 [6:11am] i couldnt sleep so im finally getting around to posting this on tumblr 😚i reorganized my pen case [previous setup here] + i reorganized my desk so i tested a bunch of stationery i had and sorted through everything [i literally had two other sheets omg i hAVE TOO MANY PENS] 🍟// taken from my ig: @studyign_com [ 36/100 days of productivity ]


getting ready for another year of graphic design studies more like preparing for a funeral (but black is such a happy color indeed)


1/11/16 [4:45pm] ~clockwise~ mini stationery haul ~ highlighting + annotating a jfk speech for english ~ reviewing chemistry lecture notes + donut ~ studying for an ap biology test // taken from my ig: @studyign_com !!!! [ 38-42/100 days of productivity ]

"Jackson" by Sudjino (now with more Colton)

That’s right! Remember our “Jackson” piece of art where we had our fantastic stand-ins, Trevor and Tyler, posing with Jackson? Well with Colton visiting the TW set last week, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for this photo! So here’s a special bonus pic for the artist, sudjino, and all of you as well!

Thank you, Colton for giving us a glance at Jackson Whittemore once more! 

(Rest assured smachajewski that if Gideon ever visits set, we will get a pic for “Villains of Teen Wolf: Deucalion” as well!)