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Hey, I made a thing 💖 

I really love Ukiyo-e aesthetic and I thought: “Why not to create an illustration of Yuri on Ice in this style?”
So during many days I made this illustration. Also It was a good exercise to improve my skills with Illustrator. I think in future I will realize more art in this style. Anyway, I post it on Redbubble, if you would like to have a look, I’ll really appreciate it 💖

Ukiyo-e: Yuri on Ice

UPDATE 18/09/2017

Redbubble delated my illustration from the website for “copyright problems” ToT I am quite sad about that, but is it reasonable. Anyway some people ask me where they could buy tshirt and other products made with this illustration. I’ve found a new website, and I will upload there the design. Just be patience >o< Thank you to everyone who has supported my art, you don’t really know how I appreciated your love and sharing 💖

UPDATE 03/04/2017

Finally I uploaded again my Ukiyo-e: Yuri on Ice online, now on Society6!
I know that is a little more expensive than Redbubble, but I’ve always read good feedback about this company and also the offer different type of products. Sorry for this incredible delay >O<


Here’s some stuff for my senior thesis, Tales of the Arukigami

The story follows two siblings, Chie and Jun, who embark on a journey across their homeland Aeos in search for the fabled Well of 10,000 Sorrows and seal a darkness that erupted from it years ago. 

The aspects of my thesis are heavily influenced by Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, and probably more.

One of the main characters, Utagawa Chie, is a semi-androgynous nonbinary (DFAB) user of the almost lost technique Reiryoku. They present as masculine while they travel with their younger sister Jun in order to keep cretins and perverts at bay. 

I hope to continue this and turn it into a series after I graduate next year and develop the story further beyond what it already is right now. 

Artwork and Story © Julia C. 2017