Through The Woods / Fred Rogers Company & PIP Animation

Selection of final plants for the pre-school series Through The Woods - which premiered Monday on the Curious World app.

All design and final artwork was completed within two months.

The style evolved from the initial idea of super clean Charles Harpes inspired flat illustrations to a more three-dimensional and angled final product.

Been playing around with the pen tool, illustrator and photoshop. Life is a little hectic and I think I needed to spend some time reminding myself that things will work out, which ever way that is.(Side note: the font isn’t mine, it’s called Bromello, I am currently in LOVE with this font). Have a good day <3  

[09.01.16] my art post- not exactly anything studious but just a little drawing that i did this afternoon to destress myself from this test where i stupidly focused on the wrong thing and didn’t have any clue on some of the questions ;(((

{3/100 days of productivity}


This weekend the Angry Birds Movie premieres! It has been an amazing experience being the Production Designer of this film. I’ve had the honor collaborating with an extremely talented group. I want to thank John Cohen, Catherine Winder, Clay Kaytis, Fergal Riley and the rest of the team for the trust and support.

Here is a small sample of my work from the film. Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing more in-depth details of how we transformed the popular mobile game series into a spectacular world. Now go see the movie!


This daily layout artsy detail is a robin bird! I went bird watching to the Manzanares river (the river we have in Madrid) and got inspired by all the life and biodiversity we got to see.

Journal is a soft cover dotted moleskine.
I used muji pens and zebra mildliners.

101 Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita Production Cel and Key Master Painted Production Background Setup (Walt Disney, 1961). The cels are on a Key Master hand-painted production background. The line overlay is over the master background, although it has slipped slightly in the frame. One corner of the background is OK’d by Anderson. Ken Anderson was Art Direction and Production Design for this movie.