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I thought it’d be cool to share some pre-production work that I did when I was working on my film, ‘Dodoba’. Most of these sketches and development drawings were made over the course of 3-4months while I was working on the story while some of them were made during production! 

Here’s the link to the film if you haven’t seen it yet!



Product review: Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground

I’ve had this sample bottle of watercolor ground rolling around in my desk for awhile. When I first got it, I thought it would be great for repairing damaged watercolor paper – if a spot got torn while removing masking fluid, for example – but since the ground didn’t match the paper’s color or texture, it didn’t really work for that.

The ground’s real purpose is for prepping surfaces that normally wouldn’t accept watercolor at all. I decided to test it on some illustration board. (See the picture captions for further notes.)

Overall, the ground wasn’t as absorbent as the cold-press paper I normally use. So even in this simple 3-layer painting, dry paint reactivated unexpectedly, and wet paint did not bleed out smoothly. Pretty major drawbacks. But on the plus side:

  • No wrinkles or ripples! Not even micro-ripples! Can’t say that about paper.
  • Are you used to painting in acrylic? Since this is basically gesso that will accept watercolor, it makes watercolor painting look and feel a bit closer to acrylic painting.
  • I didn’t experiment much with texture here, but you definitely could by applying heavier layers, sponging, sanding, etc. 

While it takes some getting used to, I think the ground has a lot of potential. There may be just enough left in this bottle to try it on one more surface (canvas? wood?). I’ll keep you posted.

p.s. Need a mini rose painting for Valentine’s? Find this one in the etsy shop.

*39/ 100 days of productivity*

25.2.16 //  some research on Salem witch trials for my American Lit exam
- that was so awful, I can’t believe that this mass hysteria really happened -

// -13 to the exam // 


*I messed it up already 😦* *heh, heh, oh no!* *huh, huh, weeee!* *blah, blah, blah, nnnnargghh* *woo, woo, bang, shit* *nnnagerrrrh* *dun duhhh, dun duhhh, huuuuuh* *gotta go super saiyan*

Photograph of KV-5 prototype “Победа” shortly before it tipped over and exploded during pre-production trials, 1943. After the German seizure of Leningrad and subsequent two-pronged advance toward Moscow, Soviet industry went into overdrive, creating increasingly bizarre stopgaps as supplies of raw materials began to dry up.

The KV-5 was one of these. Intended to be a mobile artillery battery, it instead proved to be a massive failure. The first prototype, shown here, fell over during maneuver testing. Poor design of the ammunition storage racks caused the vehicle to explode, killing the crew as well as the photographer.

The second KV-5, “Родина” survived maneuver testing, but the recoil of the upper main guns broke the turret in half during weapons testing. By that time, 50 KV-5s had already been produced. Most saw success, laid on their sides, as roadblocks during the 1945 Battle of Moscow.

Okay I just trialled this product for the first time and please allow me a second of your time to inform you how fucking amazing it is.
It smells like peppermint, it’s like putting candy canes on your skin… Like Christmas has come early and has specifically invited only you to relish in it’s deliciousness.
Then it starts to work and it tingles and wakes your whole goddam face up.
Then when you take it off your skin feels fresh as fuck… Like no oil has ever touched your perfect lil nose or chin.
If you haven’t used this face mask you need to get out and buy some now and put that shit on your face. Don’t walk… Run. Now. Go. Seriously.

A final message to all our friends:

Hey guys, Game Director Evan Starr here again with another blogpost update!

Well alright the title seems a lot more “final” than it is, but here’s a final message from the development team before our demo releases in less than 24 hours: 

Perihelion Productions has been working on fangames for years. The demo that you are about to experience is the product of years of trial and error, blood, sweat, tears, hard work, compromise, cuts, re-dos, and hundreds of variations of everything you see have existed, and I’m sure many more will exist.

What is important to know is that the Pokémon Ethereal Gates demo is just that: a demo. Or rather, it’s an early build of the game that goes up to the second gym. It should look, feel, and play like the classic Pokémon experience you are used to. However, there will be bugs. We will include a list of known bugs in a txt file with the demo file. It is by no means the most polished thing in the world–in fact most of the menus you will interact with have been built within the last 72 hours! Insane, I know! Aaron is crazy!

We put a lot of work into this demo, and we have a ton of work already done for the full game past the demo. In the coming hours I will be posting download instructions for PC, and the current way that we know of for porting it to Mac. The demo download itself will be coming tomorrow afternoon [Eastern Time, US], and we’ll be posting it everywhere so there’s no way you’ll miss it.

Here at Perihelion Productions we are beyond nervous, incredibly excited, sweating buckets, and still hard at work to make sure the demo you end up playing will be the most amazing fangame experience we can deliver.

Much Love,

Evan [on behalf of all six of us at Perihelion Productions]