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Steven Universe: Art & Origins

Steven Universe: Art & Origins is the first book to take fans behind the scenes of the groundbreaking and boundlessly creative Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe. The eponymous Steven is a boy who—alongside his mentors, the Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl)—must learn to use his inherited powers to protect his home, Beach City, from the forces of evil. Bursting with concept art, production samples, early sketches, storyboards, and exclusive commentary, this lavishly illustrated companion book offers a meticulous written and visual history of the show, as well as an all-access tour of the creative team’s process. Steven Universe: Art & Origins reveals how creator Rebecca Sugar, the writers, the animators, and the voice actors work in tandem to bring this adventure-packed television series to life.

[Available on July 11, 2017]


i accidentally boarded the mcgenji train and i… don’t think it has any stops i can get off at…..

anyway some soft blackwatch boys…

so hey this is gonna be my last drawing for a while before i enter event heck overwatch and not emerge until it’s done lmfao

see y’all in three weeks


[170517/ 26-100]
*Uses pen to cover smudged ink* aesthetic.
You all really seemed to like my outfit + korean words + character design page so here’s another one because I have lots of fun doing them 🌌🌌🌌
14 Reasons Why You Need To Be Watching "Baroness Von Sketch"
"It's a women's product. Of course there's butterflies."
By Kat Angus

1. When the cast satirized how women are treated by the media.

4. When they made sure women knew a product was made just for them.

6. When they imagined a future with only women in charge.

13. When they took their games very seriously.