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Yesterday’s fluffy guests for the surprise Lunafreya shoot were in fact WOLVES. You have not been kissed until you have been kissed full on the mouth by a wolf.

@somelikeitblue and I did this shoot with a nearby educational facility/team that uses these animals as ambassadors to educate people - often kids - on the role wolves play in our ecosystem, and to debunk myths about them in general. Logan and Cana are so well-behaved and obviously very loved…I can’t wait to show you guys the end product! And shout-out to Lopti for being a trooper as my human tripod even though neither of us could feel our fingers. 

     out. and just like that!!!! i’m awake!
my mother is butchering bohemian rhapsody somewhere in the house and it is 2pm my dudes; let’s party

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The thing that keeps bothering me is why the secrecy about the baby. They've never been like this with any moment in their lives and often over share but now they're doing everything they can to not share her face. If the photos were done for a magazine I think the magazine is going to focus on her (rather than on Jared like usual) so she can gain attention for her new endeavor with the lifestyle/parenting blog. Either way the baby is being used as a marketing tool and that makes me nauseous.

You tell me, nonnie. Now the “Holding for privacy” doesn’t work anymore. G stated the photos will be here soon, admitting she was keeping them for reason. Yes, reason, no S. KEEPING THEM FOR HER SO CALLED BLOG. God almighty, isn’t it ironic that you sent me this ask yesterday and now we got a “COMING SOON” phrase? Coming-soon-she-is-not-kidding, poor baby Odette being treated like those products G gave shout outs on IG (but wait let G took some professional shots first!)

Holy, if fans can’t sense any tiny bit of wrong in this whole thing, now they should. I’m not raging only towards G here but also the similar climate in society. How will your children feel when they grow up knowing their childhood is publicly under everyone’s eyes?

Jay is keeping a mouth shut from the madness but he’s not going anywhere, the baby is his child, he’s half responsible for it. I don’t think he wanted this child tho. I’m now concern on how the contracts will do for this one. Cruel but my speculation is baby girl belongs to G after divorce while Jay can keep the boys.

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Can you pls write a super super fluffy Ethan x fem!reader imagine? The plot can be anything, I'm not picky :)) Ps I love your blog !

Oh I’m feeling so productive today! Shout out to my friend Charlie for unknowingly helping me figure out what to write for this! Also I hope you enjoy and have a good day!

It was nearing Christmas time and you were stuck in an airport, freezing your ass off in a cold chair in a cold building. You blamed yourself really for not booking an earlier flight, but you had forgotten. You had promised your family that you would be home this year, considering you were too swamped with college studies to even think about Christmas.

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Shout out to trans boys who can’t afford to change their wardrobe and get misgendered because they can’t present as male

Shout out to trans boys who are on their periods and need “feminine” hygiene products

Shout out to the trans boys who don’t have much they want to change about themselves

Shout out to the trans boys who have a lot they want to change about themselves

Shout out to demiboys and other male identities that aren’t strictly transgender, for dealing with people who say you aren’t trans if you don’t think you were born in the wrong body or that you can’t be trans if you don’t have dysphoria.

All trans boys are valid and I love you
Stay classy



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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Mook - Staff Cross Talk

Staff Interview [pg. 82-83]

Character Design: Ishikawa Masakazu
Subcharacter Design/Prop Design: Hara Yumiko

EDIT: I think I found out what +alpha processing is ahaha

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Product Shout Out - Stila Plumping Lip Glaze

  • Plumping lip glaze can be worn alone or overtop of a favorite lip color
  • This gloss is sheerer and very shiny, it will visually enhance the size and texture of the lips
  • Apply lip glaze throughout the day to minimize dryness in the lips. They are very cooling to the lips and longwearing
  • Twist 10 to 15 times to activate the lip glaze and 1 to 3 times for each individual use

Quick update: sorry I haven’t been posting much but good news is I’m working on another series I’m super stoked about and am also pushing my online shop forward so p soon you’ll be able to purchase all of my art as prints or on product so shout out ✨ and to the 300 or so who follow me I appreciate your support and hope you have a great day!

art by Manuela | [seriously, please DO NOT remove credits]