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Yesterday’s fluffy guests for the surprise Lunafreya shoot were in fact WOLVES. You have not been kissed until you have been kissed full on the mouth by a wolf.

@somelikeitblue and I did this shoot with a nearby educational facility/team that uses these animals as ambassadors to educate people - often kids - on the role wolves play in our ecosystem, and to debunk myths about them in general. Logan and Cana are so well-behaved and obviously very loved…I can’t wait to show you guys the end product! And shout-out to Lopti for being a trooper as my human tripod even though neither of us could feel our fingers. 

A post to all the talkers out there

I'mma make something clear today I appreciate my fans and my friends and this post is to all the slackers who like to talk but forget they take orders from the ones they work for I'mma make something clear to all who say lyonsdenempire is going down keep fuckin dreaming so a question to the crowd who likes to talk did y'all make a company or do y'all follow the orders of one do you all ever built something to succeed or did y'all join a party to be great did y'all ever once had the mind of a stepping stone or the mind of a follower no offense to the ones who are members of other companies because they work hard this goes to the ones who are apart of something but have the chit chat and ain’t reach no where as yet I must change my company name for what and for who to impress I must do what y'all say for what if it’s advice yall seek to give then give it as advice not what y'all would want to do and expect the way y'all want and let’s make another thing clear I’m lazy ? Unlike y'all who spends everyday on imvu I have a real life I have work the day before Friday Thursday was my college graduation so let’s get something straight I do more and have more responsibility that half of y'all who join everyday just to fool around and again no offense to the ones who work hard so I appreciate it if u cut the chit chat and focus on y'all work instead of going into a session to talk shit about other people and about they company thank you lyonsdenempire isn’t going anywhere it will remain here and it will be great these are the words of the owner himself for those who think they know everything but yet they work like rookies my members work hard they show dedication so show them respect as if u wanted respect to fall on you as well this is a adult community and I aspect everyone to act mature and focus on what they do and not focus on shit talking and down talking people who work hard thank u for y'all time shouts out to my company @lyonsdenempire shouts out to shasty for coming back with her company @mcnastiproductions shouts out to Jessica @moaneyyx with her company @xxdiamondenterprisexx shouts out to my bestie Krisa @krisamaevu with her company @savagehustlers with her bro @kiingreapa out to my sis Vic @gem-spot with king with they company @higher-level-production shouts out to my bro Tre @mrtremainerashad with his modelling company he’s remaking shouts out to my bestie @beelikemarrie even if we still on silent and Alyssa @ ladytorturexxx with they company @imperialxxxstacy shouts out to Brandon and Carmen @branzz and @majestyvu for they company @lowlifeent-vu shouts out to the rest @wrath115 with @royaltyent and @climaxproductions @islayz-productions and to the others I cannot remember so we’ll shouts out to y'all as well and to the hard working members in each company continue y'all hard work and to my.members @stat-imvu @vildagod @imvul00ters @chanelvu @purplekvshvu @lyonzempireceo @leannalefey @thicklicious-vu

@izack91 @tyejackons08 @blackchocolate-vu shouts out to my close friend and admirer @savage36assassin with her company @freakiment and I will be posting really soon ty all for your time @lyonsdenempire and shouts out to a close friend @anjeliik with her company rogue modelling

Shout out to trans boys who can’t afford to change their wardrobe and get misgendered because they can’t present as male

Shout out to trans boys who are on their periods and need “feminine” hygiene products

Shout out to the trans boys who don’t have much they want to change about themselves

Shout out to the trans boys who have a lot they want to change about themselves

Shout out to demiboys and other male identities that aren’t strictly transgender, for dealing with people who say you aren’t trans if you don’t think you were born in the wrong body or that you can’t be trans if you don’t have dysphoria.

All trans boys are valid and I love you
Stay classy



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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Mook - Staff Cross Talk

Staff Interview [pg. 82-83]

Character Design: Ishikawa Masakazu
Subcharacter Design/Prop Design: Hara Yumiko

EDIT: I think I found out what +alpha processing is ahaha

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Product Shout Out - Stila Plumping Lip Glaze

  • Plumping lip glaze can be worn alone or overtop of a favorite lip color
  • This gloss is sheerer and very shiny, it will visually enhance the size and texture of the lips
  • Apply lip glaze throughout the day to minimize dryness in the lips. They are very cooling to the lips and longwearing
  • Twist 10 to 15 times to activate the lip glaze and 1 to 3 times for each individual use

Quick update: sorry I haven’t been posting much but good news is I’m working on another series I’m super stoked about and am also pushing my online shop forward so p soon you’ll be able to purchase all of my art as prints or on product so shout out ✨ and to the 300 or so who follow me I appreciate your support and hope you have a great day!

art by Manuela | [seriously, please DO NOT remove credits]