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Ruelle Chair by Philippe Tabet

The inspiration of this chair are the many French Bistros in the Village’s small streets, called Ruelles. The result is the Ruelle Chair. A  easy to handle, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and stackable piece of seating. It is made of a lacquered aluminium frame with a large Birch Plywood backrest. Philippe Tabet won the Infinti Design Contest with the concept for this Chair, and now Infiniti is bringing it to reality and showing it at this years Milan Design Week at the Furniture section, Salone del Mobile.

lc-ddm  asked:

Something I don't get, is why current-day children's cartoons have that feeling of being half-assed? I mean, I've given cursory glances at what passes off as entertainment for kids, and it's just... jesus. The effort barely shows, more often than not. We, as a species, don't half-ass other children-oriented products, be it booster seats, toys, educational manuals, etc. - so why do children's cartoons just HAVE to get the axe like this?

I get it perfectly well - companies want money. It’s that simple. And nobody is easier to exploit than kids - purely because companies know if a kid kicks and screams, many parents will just give in. Why do you think Frozen merch is still as popular as it ever has been since it first released nearly 4 YEARS AGO?

That’s beside the point though lol, that just illustrates the rehashing and laziness behind kids entertainment companies - and for a lot of kids shows (especially for younger kids who’ll be entertained by jingly keys), they need to process as much as they can as fast as they can and as cheaply as they can to maximise profit. I’d argue the original Thomas the Tank Engine series will never get old, but the new one? Seriously? It looks/sounds/plays out cheap and shitty now and will hold up even worse in a few years. But that’s the attitude - kids don’t care, so why should they? Unfortunately that’s true, however - kids generally like whatever is thrown at them at a young age and unless you expose them to better things and explain to them why they have more effort and such put into them, they equally understand and apply that understanding to everything else they ever absorb with media (I don’t literally mean you have to force kids to like one thing and not another but there’s absolutely nothing wrong in explaining the differences between how shows are made and compare shows together etc). You need the highs to appreciate the lows and blah blah blah.

Unfortunately though lots of parents don’t have the time nor knowledge to show their kids better stuff (not even from the past but also today) - and since kids watch whatever is thrown at them - companies make cheap shitty low-effort crap on a daily basis and kids will all just absorb it, followed by begging and screaming to have merchandise from it. Nobody’s fault, it’s just whatever makes money - it’s been tried in the past lots of times as well but with the advent of Netflix, DVD and satellite TV being more available than ever nowadays it’s easier than ever to shit something out, especially if it’s remade from an already-established and cherished IP.


Kumo Chair by Mitz Takahashi

Kumo is Japanese for clouds. So the goal of the creation of this chair was to combine the aesthetics of a cloud in the sky and the comfort that it appears to have. The materials the the designer Mitz Takahashi used, are a powder-coated steel frame, a stuffed heavy-duty canvas for the seating and water-based clear coated maple dowels to hold the seating.