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DreamEyes is a contacts supplier with affordable lenses such as circle,fashion and halloween. These circle lens are their Iced Blue which you can get for $27.95 (free shipping). They are perfect for characters that have intense blue eyes,or if you want to have your eyes pop with a vibrant blue. As you can see in the smaller image my eye color is brown. This is with no flash. You also see the difference of size of my eye vs. the contact. In the bigger image, this is with flash, and taken with a professional camera. You can barely see my eye color. (Lighting is your friend!) They are comfortable and do not tire my eyes out at all! If you are not used to circle lens or bigger contacts please be advised that these lens are a bit bigger than normal lens. You might have discomfort if you are not used to them. 

  • Shipping with DreamEyes was faster than most lens places!
  • Their customer support is reliable and sweet! 
  • These contacts are not available for prescription unfortunately. 
  • They are Two-Tone Circle Lens. 
  • Size: 14.5 MM 
  • Base Curve: 8.6 

Please check DreamEyes out! If you want to see my other reviews click here and if you want me to review a product feel free to ask me! I am always accepting sponsors/review offers. 


Spring is here!
…. and so are the bugs.

Not all bugs are gross and unwelcomed guests though; take this adorable Bubble Grub for instance.  A bubbleroon with two separate coloured halves merged together by a creamy shea butter centre. The grub is scented and made of a mix of sandalwood and tonka with two fresh vanilla beans as antennae to steep in the bath with you. What could make this bug even sweeter? The chocolate eyes of course! White chocolate and coco powder is mixed with shea butter to make the waters even more silky smooth and moisturizing. With so much sweets and butter, you’d think you were diving into your dessert rather than a bath. 

*Creamsicle delight! Even the water looks good to eat along with that vanillia-tonka smell!

I am not a large fan of the bubbleroon items but I did like this one quiet a lot. I did like the mix of sweet, earthy smell and the colour was vibrant and lifted my spirits. The amount of bubbles that came from this was on average with LUSH’s other bubble bars but they certainly did last longer. The bubbleroon can be split in half giving you a multiple use item that I always do like. Yes, this little bug won me over so much that I may give the other bubbleroons a second chance.
This grub costs $7.95 and the only shame is why can’t all bugs be as good as this.

Rating: 5/5
For this and other LUSH products, visit:

POW - Products of the Week : Sweet Treats & Eye Candy

Just in time for Valentines Day I couldn’t resist rounding up some of my favorite 💗 shaped and extra girlie products! If you like all things pink and you’re instagram feed with a splash of pastel, you’re probably going to like these super cute Valentines worthy treats :

Monica Hues - Nail Decals

I came across Monica Hues on my search for some cute Valentine’s nail art. She runs an adorable Etsy Shop based in NYC which stocks all of her fun and quirky designs. Easy to use - you peel off the backing, place these on the nail and then wet the back with a little water on a cotton bud to reveal the cool designs. Tip : Coloured decals work best over light or white polish / Metallic decals work best of dark colour polish! Be sure to follow her insta & tumblr for some nail art inspo @ monicahues

Sigma - Lip Switch Pink Lotus 

This is a gorgeous holographic pink gloss that looks like a liquidized neon popsicle! It’s also paraben free and smells like sweets! I’ll have this over chocolates any day!

Sigma - 3DHD Kabuki + 3DHD Kabuki Precision Brush

These brushes are ergonomically desinged to curve around the contours of the face and blend every type of skin product into the skin effortlessly. Use the large 3DHD for foundations and powders and the smaller precision brush for councillor and contouring. Oh and they’re pink!! 

Sigma - Love Struck & Euphoric  Lip Base

Sigma’s Lip Base work as a three in one product. Use as a lip pencil, lip primer or lipstick. Love Struck is fantastic for those who like a blue toned pink shade to compliment rosey skin while Euphoric work great on more olive skin tones. 

Too Faced - Soul Mates Bronzer Blush Duo

This blush and bronzer all in one is adorable. It comes in a huge heart shaped compact with a mirror and adds just enough warmth to any skintone. 💗


I’ve always been a fan of the cruelty-free/hand made products at Lush. They never disappoint - always bringing out an array of gorgeous smelling pretty treats for the bathroom. This year they’ve got so many tasty treats in store I couldn’t just feature one! Whether you’re planning a pamper night in for yourself or looking for a little something for someone else Lush have got you covered :

The Kiss Lip Gloss & Lip Scrub 

Get your lips kissable for V-Day by exfoliating them with The Kiss Lip Scrub!  Castor sugar and sea salt will slough away any dead skin while Sicilian Mandarin oil gives a flavour literally good enough to eat! 

Once their soft and smooth apply a little The Kiss gloss for a soft pink sheen! Agave syrup gives this a lovely sweet taste with just enough colour for those who like a softer makeup look!

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar

This is the perfect bath time treat - crumble this bubble bar into your bath to release the aromas of lemon grass, bergamot and yang yang. Bonus glitter makes your bath all sparkly too!

Cupids Love Soap 

Fruity figs, bergamot oil and passion fruit make up this tasty soap. I will be the first to admit I’m just a sucker for anything with little hearts on it. This is too pretty to not put in your bathroom.

Prince Charming Shower Gel 

If you’re planning a cozy night in make sure you smell delicious by using this marshmallow and vanilla based shower gel. Pomegranate juice gives a little spice to the mix while the other ingredients keep the scent warm. 

Nailberry - L'Oxygen Raspberry Polish 

Nailberry have launched a new polish with a “breathable” formula. Ethanol free and fast drying, the polish allows air and moisture to pass through the formula resulting in healthier nails. The product is still chip resistant and pigment is just as bold as the normal range. I thought this deep red would make the perfect colour for Valentines Day! 

Mac - Red Red Red Eyeshadow in Strike While Haught

Red eyeshadow - it’s not for the faint of heart * excuse the Valentines Day pun.*  Despite being the perfect compliment to green or blue eyes, red shadow still has mostly a fan base of only true makeup fiends. However, red can work beautifully in combo with a smokey eye (used as a crease colour) and has the power to really pop eye colours. If you can get your hands on one of these you’ll be lucky as this limited edition colour is only on counters while stocks last (any makeup artist worth his/her salt will probably be the first to snap these up!)

Sigma - For Cute! Powder Blush

Here is a Matte Bright Pink Blush for those of you who like less on the eye and lip and more on the cheek! The pigment is intense so apply a little to the apples of the cheek and buff out softly. Also try setting this over a bright pink lipstick to give it even more pop.

Allura - Heart Nail Files

Allura is a budget brand nail company that is stocked in Poundland. I came across these the other day and gave them ago as I’m a sucker for packaging. For £1 you get 6 files which have a medium grit and work great for buffing and filing jagged edges. Affordable, cute and they work really well!

Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder

Picked myself up a nice little coffee grinder today. The reviews said it does great with herbs too, so I’m gonna try it!

Gonna try and make myself some powdered Galangal Root to test it out.

*sound of machine whirring*


Okay, witches, listen up!

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Grinder.


It just went through half a cup of dried Galangal Root in under a minute on the Espresso setting. That would’ve taken me close to half an hour of manual grinding and it STILL wouldn’t have been all down to powder.

This thing is AWESOME. It’s not terribly loud, the removable components are dishwasher-safe, and it shuts off automatically. It even comes with a little brush for cleaning.

Product Review: Aquatop Nano-Sky 4G

In June of 2014, I purchased the Aquatop Nano-Sky 4G aquarium for my first planted setup dedicated to shrimp. In just a month, a male super delta betta named Keene came to live in the space as well.

Since many people have commented on the aquarium and asked about it, here is my personal review on the NS-4G to help decide if it’s the right tank for you and your pet:

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Easter Is Gone, Now It’s Time For Mom

Hello everyone! Well, as I was away on Holiday, I missed the opportunity to review the last of the Easter items. But now is not the time for tears as a new wave of limited items have arrived.

After filling up on all that chocolate, it’s time to give some sweets and praise to the one who raised us. Mother’s Day is May 10th and that gives us a full month of preparation to make this the best day all about her.

POW : Products of the Week - DIY Nail Decals


This week I’ have some very special products to feature. Special because they’re not only fun, affordable and adorable, but they were born of a creative who has an eye for all things kawaii and has worked hard to make her creative talents a dream come true business. 

It was here on tumblr I came across a lovely nail technician called Nancy MC Nails who creates the most adorable and  quirky nail art I’ve seen in awhile. Just check out her Moonmin Nails : 


Upon coming across her blog I discovered that she’d collaborated with a really cool brand called DIY Nails. They create “nail decals” (nail art transfers activated by water) which stay in place. Read : E-A-S-Y Nail Art! This led me into the wonderful world of uber cool nail enterpraner Tammy Koslowski

DIY Nails founder Tammy said “I started DIY Nails in early 2011 as a hobby. When I was painting nails at vintage fairs lots of girls would comment that they didn’t have time for an appointment but really wanted some nail art. I painted a few sets of false nails with my most popular designs to take along with me and they all sold out on the first day! After their success, I set up a small online shop and I still can’t believe it’s grown into the site you’re looking at today!”

I have to say as a nail art lover, but not always the cleanest at creating tiny intricate designs the nail art decals she’s made are just GENIUS! I’ve played with nail art stamp sets as well as nail art pens and for someone who is “okay” but impatient when it comes to these tiny little tricks I would say the decals are the best idea on the market. They come in all kinds of adorable designs from 90’s retro yingyang and smiley faces to hearts and donuts and even Walt from Breaking Bad!  Pretty much any design you can think of she has created and she collaborates regularly with up and coming nail techs to keep on trend and in demand!

The best thing about the decals is they are really easy to use. You’ll Need a few things : 

  • A little pot of water
  • Small Scissors (eyelash scissors work well)
  • Base Coat (I used Rimmel Nail Nurse) 
  • A colour of your choice (I used Ciate Mini Ferris Wheel)
  • Topcoat (I used Seche Vite)
  • DIY Nail Decals

Start by painting your nails as normal with a base coat and colour of your choice. 

Step 1  After the base coat and colour are dry, cut out the desired nail decal from the nail decal sheet

Step 2 Place the nail decal into a little pot of water for 5-10 seconds

Step 3  Carefully remove the decal from water and lay it over your nail with the decal image facing down and the white paper facing up -  then slide the white paper off the nail (you’ll find the nail decal stays in place but you may need to adjust it in a similar way  to applying false lashes - there is a little play time to get the decal manoeuvred where you want it.)

Step 4 Let it set for a few minutes and then paint with topcoat of your choice (I used Seche Vit top coat.) 

Considering how short my nails are at the moment I’m really pleased with the outcome. I think certain polish colours will definitely work better than others for certain designs but with so much choice and with  a few of the same design in each pack there is room to play! 

To keep up to date with all the DIY Nails tutorials & new collections follow them on their social media here :  Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. To purchase any Nancy MC Nail Decals head here

A Personal Review: Tetra vs. Hydor Aquarium Heaters

Keeping your betta nice and warm is a must, so make sure a heater is on your betta shopping list!

If you want your betta fish to be healthy and thriving, maintaining the water temperature is just one of the many factors to take into consideration. However, finding the right heater can be a royal pain because there are many to choose from.

My goal today is to give you some insight into heaters that I have personally used to better assist you with deciding what type of fish tank heater to use in your own aquarium(s). So, without further adieu, here is a review of both the 50W Tetra Submersible and 25W Hydor T11702 Theo Submersible:

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Cleansing oil is formulated coconut oil to gently remove tough water proof makeup while protection and moisturizing skin. Effectively removes the following makeup: Eyeliner, Mascara, Lipstick, BBcream, Eye brow.

[Direction] Apply oil to all areas of the face. Massage thoroughly and rinse with warm water to remove excess.

If you have dry skin(&combination skin) and feel dry after cleansing I will highly recommend Etude house Real art cleansing oil(moisture)! cleansing is so perfect as well as  very moisture. other beauty blog said It’s better than using expensive cleansing oil, I think so too!! : )